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10 things you'll pay more for in 2013

From satellite TV to baseball tickets, here's what you'll be shelling out more cash for this year.

Baseball tickets

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Baseball fans may have to dig deeper into their wallets this year. The cheapest tickets for the Mets' opening day cost $63 -- more than double last year's cheapest seats.

Baseball fans may be forced to pony up more money to see their favorite teams play.

Already reeling from a losing 2012 season, New York Mets fans will face, on average, higher ticket prices this upcoming season, especially for the most popular games. Under a so-called "dynamic pricing" model, the cheapest tickets for opening day or the home games versus the Yankees will run $63 — more than double last year's cheapest seats.

The new pricing structure appears to be geared at encouraging fans to buy ticket packages as opposed to single tickets. Mets officials declined to comment about the price hikes.

Other teams raising ticket prices include the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners. Meanwhile, high profile teams like the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs have maintained or even lowered ticket prices.

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