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Same-sex ruling: 'A huge relief'

Couples talk about what the Supreme Court's historic decision means for their money.

'So much happier' despite higher tax bill

same sex couples doma kevin oleary brian esser

Brian Esser and Kevin O'Leary
New York City

The couple: O'Leary, 37, is a senior writer for Us Weekly, and Esser, 38, is a lawyer at Baker Hostetler. After meeting through a mutual friend and going on their first date in January 2001, O'Leary relentlessly tried to convince Esser to leave Washington, D.C., and move to New York City.

Esser finally gave in and the couple tied the knot in Connecticut in June 2009. Two years later, they adopted a son, Keith.

Watch Esser and O'Leary react to ruling

Financial impact: The couple has been paying income tax of close to $1,000 per year on the health benefits that O'Leary receives through Esser's employer-sponsored plan. Those taxes will likely disappear now that the Supreme Court has decided to overturn DOMA.

Since the two earn similar incomes, however, filing jointly as a married couple could boost their federal tax bill by as much as $5,000. "There will be tradeoffs, but on balance we will be so much happier," O'Leary said.

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