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We're having a baby through crowdfunding!

These six couples share what it's like to raise money through crowdfunding web sites for adoptions and fertility treatments.

'Asking for donations is not easy'

crowdfunding adoption fertility singletons
  • Name: Tanner and Missy Singleton
  • Amount raised: $3,650
  • Estimated expenses: up to $30,000 for 3 IVF procedures

Missy and Tanner Singleton's efforts to become parents have already cost them $20,000.

"After years of failing to conceive, six failed inseminations and a heartbreaking miscarriage we are now moving on to IVF," they wrote on their fundraising page on "Asking for donations is not easy, but with your help we can overcome the financial challenge."

Unwilling to go into debt to afford the procedures, estimated to cost as much as $30,000, Missy said they saw the campaign as the only viable option. The couple is doing their part to save as well. They've cut their cable subscription, sold clothes on eBay and use coupons to eat out.

Many friends and family members have donated to the campaign. But others have been upset by its public nature, and the couple plans to end the campaign early.

Still, Missy said she is glad she was honest about their personal and financial struggle. "Social media has afforded us the opportunity to educate others [about] what a struggle it is to go through infertility," she said.

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