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We're having a baby through crowdfunding!

These six couples share what it's like to raise money through crowdfunding web sites for adoptions and fertility treatments.

'Our prayers have been answered'

crowdfunding adoption fertility raons
  • Name: Chris and Glenda Raon
  • Amount raised: $10,846
  • Estimated expenses: $25,000 for a domestic adoption

Married for more than a decade, Chris and Glenda Raon endured years of heartbreak, spending nearly $30,000 of their own money on unsuccessful fertility treatments. But then in February, they received a phone call from a friend alerting them that a baby girl was up for adoption.

"Our prayers of becoming parents have been answered," they wrote on their adoption fundraising page on, which they set up in March.

Friends and family helped the couple meet their $10,000 fundraising goal in two months, half the time they had expected. Dipping into their savings for the rest of the funds, the couple hopes their adoption of Madalynn will be finalized by September.

"A lot of people can say they have your back, but to see it in action is definitely a different experience," Chris said.

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