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15 best financial sites and apps

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best in financial tech larky
  • Company: Larky
  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: Online, iOS

Did you know you get discounts just by belonging to a certain health insurance provider or alumni association?

Larky aggregates nearly 2,000 memberships and finds discounts that you qualify for. If you get health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, for example, you can get discounts at more than 100 local and national retailers.

You can also opt into Larky's geo-location service, which tells you whether you're near any stores that are offering discounts based on your memberships.

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Andrew Bank came up with the idea for Larky after discovering that his membership at a children's museum in Ann Arbor, Mich., scored him free admission to an unaffiliated children's museum in Florida, saving him $75. That made him curious about all the other deals he was missing out on.

Bank and his partner Gregg Hammerman, launched Larky last year. So far, Larky has about 50,000 users. On average, users save $1,000, the company says. -- B.E.

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