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15 best financial sites and apps

Smart new websites and apps that will change the way you save, shop, bank, invest and more.

Save with every purchase

best in financial tech savedplus
  • Company: SavedPlus
  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: Online, iOS, Android

Feel better about spending money by saving a little every time you swipe your card.

With SavedPlus, you can automatically siphon a percentage of every purchase you make into your savings account, IRA, investment account or a prepaid card.

Say you set your savings at 10% and buy $100 of groceries -- another $10 from your checking account will go toward your savings or retirement account.

Saving happens automatically and in such small increments, that it's barely noticeable.

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You can set a limit on the transactions that transfers apply to. For example, you can exclude transactions of more than $500. A minimum balance requirement can also be applied so that no money is transferred if your balance is low, protecting you from costly overdraft fees. And you can link to an account at any bank.

The app has been saving the average user about $350 per month since launching in May, according to the company. So far, 1,000 users have signed on. -- Blake Ellis

  @CNNMoney - Last updated January 03 2014 07:18 PM ET

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