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'How I'm using my tax refund'

From paying off student loans to hosting a crawfish boil in New Orleans, here's how six people are using this year's tax refund from the IRS.

Oktoberfest in Germany

tax refunds angela almasy
Almasy (on the right) and her friend will travel to Oktobertfest this fall.
  • Name: Angela Almasy
  • City: Cleveland, Ohio

Thanks to her $2,800 tax refund, Angela Almasy will be going to the Oktoberfest festival in Germany without worrying about sinking deep into credit card debt.

"I might have still done it, [but I] would be suffering [financially]," she said. "It definitely makes it easier to go knowing that I have the tax refund money to use."

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Almasy credits the size of her refund to a variety of tax deductions, including her graduate school tuition and interest she paid on her undergrad and grad school loans.

Last year's refund wasn't too shabby, either. It helped her pay for a trip to England and Ireland.

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