'Extremely proud'

doma anniversary debra jennifer

Debra and Jennifer Abbott-Walker
Fairfield, Conn.
The Abbott-Walkers have saved big money on taxes this year now that DOMA has been overturned.

Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom and Debra works full-time, and the ability to merge their incomes and file jointly reduced their overall tax liability by about $1,500. They no longer had to pay the extra $1,000 in tax on the health benefits Jennifer receives from Debra's health insurance plan. And for the first time, Debra was able to claim both Jennifer and their son as dependents on her tax form.

Here's where the Abbott-Walkers were a year ago

"We were both extremely proud when we completed our tax forms for last year," said Debra. "This seems a strange sentiment, being proud when you file taxes, but for us it was. I guess that is the perspective that you have when you feel discriminated against."

First published June 24, 2014: 11:23 AM ET

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