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World's Top Employers for New Grads

For an exclusive CNNMoney list, research firm Universum Global surveyed business students at colleges around the world to see where they most want to work.

10.  Procter & Gamble

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The biggest draw to P&G, home to the likes of Tide, Pampers and Charmin, is the P&G brand itself.

"One thing we've found is that people like to work on a product that their friends and family know about," said Mark Biegger, P&G's chief of human resources.

It also helps that these brands are global. Biegger said that P&G's focus on giving new hires opportunities to move around within the company appeals to young people.

"At a company as big as ours, they can start at Pampers in the U.S., and then go to work at Tide in Europe. They don't need to start over at a different company."

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