Colgate University

highest paid grads colgate university
Colgate University is located in Hamilton, N.Y.
  • Starting salary: $54,000
  • Mid-career salary: $126,600
  • % who think their job is meaningful: 53%

Located in upstate New York, Colgate's grads often end up working in New York City or Boston, where there are a lot of high-paying jobs.

Helping them to get a leg up is a tight alumni network with a big presence in lucrative fields such as finance and business.

At least 150 alumni work at IBM, J.P. Morgan and Google combined, the school claims.

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First published March 5, 2015: 1:12 PM ET
Source: Source: Data used in the College Salary Report came from surveys completed by roughly 1.4 million college graduates of 1,002 colleges and universities, which represent 75% of all bachelor's degree recipients in the U.S. Graduates with advanced degrees were excluded from the results. Only full-time, civilian workers based in the 50 states and District of Columbia were counted. The ranking is based on mid-career results, which comes from median salaries of graduates with 10 years of work experience. Whether a job is meaningful is based on the percentage of graduates who answered "Very much so" and "Yes" to the question: "Does your work make the world a better place?"

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