Akron, Ohio

Akron, Ohio
  • % of monthly income spent on housing: 16%
  • % of monthly income spent on commuting: 8%
  • % of monthly income spent on utilities: 4.9%

Housing is pretty affordable in the Midwest, especially in Ohio, where four of the top 10 most affordable housing markets are, according to Trulia.

"Ohio was hit particularly hard with the recession and prices are rebounding, but they're still quite low relative to incomes," said Ralph McLaughlin, a housing economist at Trulia.

Middle class homeowners in Akron, where the median listing price was $120,450 in August, spend 16% of their income on housing, a 1.2% decrease from last year.

First published September 16, 2015: 7:35 AM ET
Source: Trulia
To determine affordability, Trulia calculated how much a median income household would spend on housing, utilities and commuting in the 100 largest housing markets in the U.S. To determine housing affordability, Trulia assumed a 30-year fix rate mortgage with a 4% interest on each metro's median home price based on Trulia's August listings. Property taxes and insurance were also included in the calculations. Trulia used data from the 2013 American Community Survey to determine the median monthly household expenditure on utilities (water, electricity and gas) and commute time to work in each metro.

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