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401(k) millionaires Markoski
David Markoski first hit the $1 million mark in his late 40s.
  • Name: David Markoski, 56
  • Job: Senior vice president at a health care firm
  • Savings: More than $3 million

By meticulously saving and tracking his budget for decades, David Markoski saved $1 million by the time he was 47.

Since then, his nest egg has more than tripled, with Markoski stashing 25% of his income each year in a 401(k), IRAs and other investment accounts.

"[My investments were] growing exponentially and just got me excited to do even more," he said.

Getting to this point, however, has required quite a few trade-offs.

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He has long opted for road trips instead of expensive plane tickets, older cars and $15 no-frills gym memberships versus higher-end luxury health clubs.

He's never been to Europe, one of his dream destinations, but he enjoys knowing that he can retire very comfortably.

"I realized that if I put the discipline together... that I would be able to retire as a millionaire," he said.

First published September 23, 2014: 6:23 PM ET

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