9 apps every business traveler needs now

You don't need a personal assistant or a corporate travel department. These apps will change how you get around, saving you time -- and money.


business apps hipmunk

It's a drag to have an out-of-town meeting and spend an hour in traffic getting there. Hipmunk makes sure that doesn't happen by finding hotels (or Airbnb options) near your meeting place. Want to blow off steam after work? It accounts for that too. A "heat map" highlights spots that are close to restaurants, shopping -- even "vices," like bars, casinos and adult entertainment.

Not limited to accommodations, Hipmunk also allows you to search for flights that work with your schedule. (The app syncs with your calendar so you don't even have to put in additional info.) Beyond the standard search features, it even lets you sort by "agony," a score based on things like length of the flight and number of stops.

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