ursula mead
Founder Ursula Mead
  • What it's doing: Crowdsourcing ratings of company policies

How can candidates really know how accommodating a company is toward its female employees? Turn to the women (or men) who already work there for intel.

Startup InHerSight spotlights the inner workings of companies by crowdsourcing anonymous feedback from employees.

"Our position is to measure what's going on and present constructive data," said founder Ursula Mead, 34, who is running InHerSight with a developer and designer (who both happen to be male). "The people who know what needs to be done are the women working for those companies."

Mead is bootstrapping the company -- in addition to working full-time as a product manager and being mom to a three-year-old daughter.

She launched the Alexandria, Va.-based firm just over a year ago -- and says there are thousands of reviews of thousands of companies already on the site.

"A lot of early support came from working moms," said Mead. "They have more experience with things like maternity leave, and the need for flexibility [in the workplace]."

First published March 30, 2015: 4:10 PM ET

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