laura mather unitive
Founder Laura Mather
  • What it's doing: Detecting unconscious bias with software

Words and phrases like "fast-paced environment," "work hard, play hard" and "ninja" all discourage women from applying to jobs. Who knew?

Startup Unitive, founded by computer scientist Laura Mather, has developed a software solution to detect unconscious bias in the hiring process.

The latest Silicon Valley buzzword, unconscious bias occurs in instances like when a manager is predisposed to hire someone who looks like the last person who filled the role.

Unitive's software uses years of research to detect bias before it even occurs: when employers create job postings and review resumes.

"The companies that invest in this now are going to be ahead profit-wise, innovation-wise," said Mather. "And they probably aren't going to have as many lawsuits."

Unitive's first product, a recruiting and hiring suite, will be on the market in April. It'll cost enterprise companies "six figures per year."

First published March 30, 2015: 4:10 PM ET

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