Can you pass the Brexit test?

Britain will vote on June 23 on whether to stay in the European Union. It's a decision that will affect the country for decades to come.

CNNMoney editor-at-large Richard Quest takes his caravan on the road to get a sense of the nation's mood about the EU. The question is, how well do you know Europe? It's time to test your knowledge with Quest!

What's the U.K.'s net contribution to the EU budget each year?

£9.8 billion
£155 billion
£666 million
£20 billion

How many people live in the EU?

700 million
300 million
500 million
120 million

The U.K. joined the EU in:


Who said the U.K. should leave the EU?

Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Christine Lagarde
Madeleine Albright

How many Brits live in other EU countries?

1.2 million
3.2 million
5.2 million

Which of these comes free to all British and EU citizens living in the UK?

University education
Public Transportation
Hot water

How big is the EU economy?

950 billion euros
27 trillion euros
2 trillion euros
14 trillion euros

Roughly how many Londoners were born outside the U.K.?


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