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Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Financials: Latest Results
Top 50 rank: 7**
Rank in Airlines: 3 (Previous rank: 1*)
Overall score: 6.89
Why it's admired
As oil prices soared last year, Southwest kept flying affordable. Unlike many of its rivals that piled on fees, the airline didn't make passengers pay for things like in-flight soft drinks and snacks, or their first two pieces of checked luggage. If that's not admirable, what is?

Still, after 17 years of gains, Southwest has endured two straight quarters of losses. But that's not stopping the company from trying new markets: Southwest just announced plans to start serving Boston's Logan Airport in the fall. Says CEO Gary Kelly: "We just try to be really good at what we do." ĖA.A.

Address: 2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: 214-792-4000
Website: www.southwest.com

Nine key attributes of reputation Industry rank
Innovation 2
People management 2
Use of corporate assets 2
Social responsibility 1
Quality of management 2
Financial soundness 1
Long-term investment 5
Quality of products/services 4
Global competitiveness 11
From the March 16, 2009 issue
*Rank in America's Most Admired survey last year.
**This year companies whose industry scores are equal when rounded to two places will receive the same rank, i.e., they will tie. In cases of ties, companies are listed in alphabetical order.
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 People management  Financial soundness
 Use of corporate assets  Long-term investment
 Social responsibility  Product/services quality
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