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10. Royal Gold Inc.

10. Royal Gold Inc.
Financials: Latest Results
Rank: 10 (Previous rank: 89)
CEO: Tony Jensen
Headquarters: Denver, CO
Employees: 16
Industry: Other
Revenue: $69.8 million
(four quarters to 12/31/08)
Return to investors: 13.3%
(three years to 12/81/08, annualized rate)

Royal Gold is a precious-metals company that doesn't mine, buy, or sell gold or silver. Instead, it buys rights to the royalties paid out by precious metal mines in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and West Africa. Mine companies benefit by getting to raise capital without selling equity, while Royal Gold avoids capital and operating costs and legal or environmental liabilities.
From the July/August 2009 issue of Fortune Small Business magazine
Source: Zacks
Revenue is for the most recent four quarters ended on or before 12/31/08.

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