Name Company FSB 100 Rank
Anderson, Steven CryoLife Inc. 23
Aubrey, Kenneth Image Sense Systems 94
Bailly, R. Jeffrey UFP Technologies Inc. 47
Baker, Daniel NVE Corp. 13
Barrett, Bruce Somanetics Corp. 83
Battat, Emile Atrion Corp. 51
Braun, Richard Medtox Scientific 61
Brown, Donald Interactive Intelligence 16
Brunngraber, Eric Cass Information Systems 65
Butler, J. Neal KMG Chemicals 56
Byrne, Timothy United States Lime & Mineral 41
Camp, David Key Technology 29
Carlson, Allen Sun Hydraulics 30
Chagnon, Anna Bitstream Inc. 39
Chase, Peter Chase Corp. 40
Cittadini, Peter Actuate Corp. 84
Clifton, Matthew Holly Energy Partners 99
Cloues, Edward Amrep Corp. 76
Coker, Daniel Amerigon Inc. 87
Crump, S. Scott Stratasys Inc. 67
Daly, Stephen Hittite Microwave 17
Darby, Ken Vicon Industries 49
De Hont, Raymond J. Met-Pro Corp. 44
Doll, Dennis Middlesex Water 89
Dunsmore, Joseph Digi International Inc. 88
Evans, Thomas Bankrate Inc. 9
Evans, Ronald North American Galvanizing & Coatings 12
Everett, Stephen Dialysis Corp. 70
Ferguson, James Span-America 78
Finke, John Hickory Technology 63
Forrest, Greg Xeta Technologies Inc. 100
French, Christopher Shenandoah Telephone 90
Frist Jr., Robert HealthStream 33
Gatoff, Eric Nathan's Famous 72
Gemperl, Karl Elecsys Corp. 36
Gerdes, Larry Transcend Services 7
Ginsburg, Scott DG Fastchannel 5
Gorder, Mark Intricon Corp. 55
Gotschall, Jeffrey Sifco Industries 52
Greenberg, Daniel Electro-Rent 98
Hadeed, Charles P. Transcat Inc. 57
Hakimoglu, Zeynep ClearOne Communications 82
Hawkins, James Natus Medical 31
Hays, Michael National Research 28
Henry, James Henry Brothers Electronics 32
Herbert, James Neogen Corp. 21
Herington, Harry NIC Inc. 77
Herschberg, David Globecomm Systems 46
Higginbotham, John Integral Systems 37
Higham, Jay IntegraMed America 75
Hill, Ralph Apco Argentina 25
Hill, Howard RF Industries 80
Hui, Alex Chi-Ming Pericom Semiconductor 74
Hunt, T. Kendall Vasco Data Security International 15
Jensen, Tony Royal Gold Inc. 10
Keltjens, Jan Angiodynamics 69
Kraeutler, John Meridian Bioscience 34
Lines, James Graham Corp. 27
Lucia, William HMS Holdings Corp. 3
McDevitt, Michael Medifast Inc. 26
Meier, Bradley Universal Insurance Holdings 2
Miller, Lawrence StoneMor Partners 54
Montopoli, Duane Pennichuck Corp. 66
Neumaier, Kevin Ecology & Environment Inc. 50
Owens, Gary OYO Geospace 91
Pardo, Brian Life Partners Holdings 1
Parrish, O.B. Female Health 8
Petty, William Exactech Inc. 24
Prociv, Theodore Versar Inc. 14
Pudil, Mike WSI Industries 48
Raina, Robin Ebix Inc. 4
Rhian, Jack American Medical Alert 59
Romano, Stephen American Ecology 11
Sala, Lawrence Anaren Inc. 85
Saxelby, William Landauer Inc. 62
Schneider, Joseph Lacrosse Footwear 68
Schwan, Howard CTI Industries 93
Severson, Clint Abaxis Inc. 45
Shifrin, Kenneth American Physicians 6
Shumaker, William Kewaunee Scientific 96
Sinsheimer, Paul Financial Federal Corp. 79
Smith, Courtney Specialty Underwriters 81
Snyder, Robert Orchids Paper 35
Soto, Raymond Bolt Technology 43
Southworth, Richard Spectrum Control 71
Speaker, Andrew Mercer Insurance Group 38
Staunton, III, William Ramtron International Corp. 60
Sullivan, John Mesa Laboratories Inc. 18
Taylor, Dian Artesian Resources 97
Thornburg, Eric Connecticut Water Service 64
Trahan., George Hi-Shear Tech 22
Weiler, Robert Phase Forward Inc. 20
Westling, Charles Datalink Corp. 58
Whang, Jong Amtech Systems 86
White, Robert Breeze-Eastern 92
Whitener, Wayne TGC Industries 95
Willis, IV, Charles Willis Lease 19
Witte, Jochen Versant Corp. 42
Woltosz, Walter Simulation Plus 53
Zoullas, Sophocles Eagle Bulk Shipping 73
From the July/August 2009 issue of Fortune Small Business magazine
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Top 3

New York 13
California 10
Minnesota 9
Texas 9
Sophocles Zoullas 35.8
Scott Ginsburg 6.9
John Higginbotham 6.5
IntegraMed America 197.8
Datalink Corp. 195.6
Eagle Bulk Shipping 185.4
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