Median Salary
Rank Job title Best Jobs rank Median salary*
1 Anesthesiologist 11 $292,000
2 Physician/Ob-Gyn1 22 $222,000
3 Psychiatrist 24 $177,000
4 Nurse Anesthetist 15 $157,000
5 Sales Director2 10 $140,000
6 Actuary N.A. $129,000
7 Finance Director 29 $121,000
8 Software Architect3 N.A. $117,000
9 Attorney/Lawyer 18 $115,000
10 Insurance Broker N.A. $114,000
From the November 2009 issue
Notes: All pay data from
Methodology: We looked at jobs from the top 100 with the highest median salaries. When there were multiple job titles from the same category, we selected the job with the most familiar job title.
* Median salary is for an experienced worker (at least two to seven years in field). Top pay represents the 90th percentile.
1 Other highly paid M.D. positions include Emergency Room Physician, General Practitioner and General Surgeon.
2 Other highly paid positions in this field include Product Management Director.
3 Other highly paid positions in this field include Software Development Director and Business Management Software Consultant.
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  • Satisfying work
  • Good pay and benefits
  • Flexible hours
  • Growth opportunities
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