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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Can Trump bend the Fed to his will?

The president has made his opinion clear: He wants the Federal Reserve to stop raising rates.

Published 3:39 PM

Serta Simmons' plan to fight Casper: Merge with Tuft & Needle

The mattress company is merging with online startup Tuft & Needle to fend off digital rivals.

Published 2:46 PM

Cannabis stocks soar to new highs

Canadian cannabis stocks Cronos and Tilray are surging after announcing plans to sell legal marijuana in Canada. The investment by Corona owner Constellation Brands in fellow cannabis company Canopy Growth is helping too.

Published 1:31 PM

Uber finally hires a chief financial officer as it preps for IPO

Uber, which anticipates it will file for an IPO next year, has been without a CFO since 2015. It left a key position open at the most valuable privately-held US startup.

Published 1:09 PM

Tesla wouldn't be as private as Elon Musk wants

Elon Musk says Tesla would be better off without the scrutiny of quarterly earnings. But a private Tesla might still have to report results.

Published 11:58 AM

The rise of diversity and inclusion jobs

How many problems can one team fix?

Published 11:07 AM

Toll Brothers' record shows the American housing boom has no end in sight

Concerns about rising interest rates leading to a slowdown in housing may prove to be for naught. Builder Toll Brothers just reported strong results and a healthy outlook.

Published 10:45 AM

Goldman Sachs will pay for mothers to ship breast milk home

Goldman Sachs will now pay for women employees to ship breast milk home when they're traveling for business.

Published 10:38 AM

WhatsApp's new CEO meets Indian officials after lynchings

WhatsApp needs to do more to combat fake news in its biggest market, India's technology minister said Tuesday.

Published 9:37 AM

How Costco thrives in the Amazon era

Costco has defended against Amazon by perfecting its 35-year-old warehouse club model.

Published 9:34 AM

JPMorgan Chase will offer free online trades to customers

Facing growing competition from free trading services, the nation's largest bank will start offering 100 free online trades a year to its customers.

Published 9:24 AM

Microsoft stops Kremlin-based hackers

Microsoft announced parts of an operation linked to Russian military intelligence targeting the US Senate and conservative think tanks were thwarted. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports.

Published 9:14 AM

How Brexit could smash the British pound a second time

The British pound is expected to drop sharply in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit while the reaction from UK stocks will be more measured.

Published 7:23 AM

What killed coal? Technology and cheaper alternatives

President Donald Trump is on a mission to revive America's embattled coal industry by slashing environmental regulations.

Published 7:18 AM

Maersk to send first container ship through Arctic

The world's biggest shipping company plans to send a container vessel from East Asia to Europe via the Arctic Ocean for the first time.

Published 7:08 AM

Australia has a lot to lose in the US-China trade war

Australia's economy thrives on selling goods to countries around the world, particularly to China. Deepening trade tensions pose a growing risk.

Published 5:28 AM

Trump criticizes Powell; Stocks steady; Kohl's earnings

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:04 AM

Reliable Sources: VMAs winners; Trump talks to Reuters; 'truth isn't truth' fallout

MTV's biggest night of the year, the Video Music Awards, was an A+ spectacle with both pop culture and politics headlines...

Published 12:47 AM

Google's data collection is hard to escape, study claims

A new study examines just how much information Google collects about people each day.

Published 12:26 AM