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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

China: Trade talks with the US are back on

The Chinese Commerce Ministry announced Thursday that a delegation will travel to the United States later this month for trade talks.

Published 10:18 PM

Tinder exec: I had to protect the company from my own story

A lawsuit filed by ten current and former Tinder executives accuses former CEO Greg Blatt of groping and sexually harassing a vice president of the company.

Published 9:35 PM

Coast to coast, and in between, local news is standing up to Trump's press attacks

From The Martha's Vineyard Times to the Dallas Morning News, the papers will all run editorials as part of an effort first proposed by the Boston Globe earlier this month.

Published 7:14 PM

Uber cuts its losses, and revenue soars 63%

Uber released its earnings report on Wednesday. "We had another great quarter," CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said.

Published 6:50 PM

A Mark Zuckerberg-backed nonprofit is helping separated migrant families

Silicon Valley immigration advocacy group FWD.us is fighting for Dreamers and booking flights for reunited migrant families.

Published 5:12 PM

Facebook reinstates suspended data firm following investigation

A data firm suspended by Facebook last month as part of an investigation into how it handled user data is now allowed back on platform.

Published 4:56 PM

Kansas newspaper goes from endorsing Trump to denouncing his attacks on the press

The Topeka Capital-Journal will publish a very different editorial than it did in the days before the 2016 election, as it joins nearly 350 other publications in standing up to Trump's media attacks.

Published 4:40 PM

Big Oil is racing to pump all the oil out of Texas

The oil industry is shelling out billions of dollars in a series of acquisitions in the Permian Basin, the hottest oilfield in the world.

Published 2:49 PM

Over FAANG? Tech investors should focus on these stocks next

It might be time for savvy tech investors to start thinking outside the FAANG box.

Published 2:19 PM

Corona owner makes $4 billion bet on cannabis

Constellation Brands just bought a 38% stake in cannabis company Canopy Growth. Don't count on marijuana-infused beers and other alcoholic beverages in the US just yet. But it's a big global growth opportunity.

Published 2:11 PM

Goldman Sachs says it's advising Tesla

Elon Musk said Monday that Goldman is helping Tesla as it tries to go private.

Published 1:59 PM

McCall: Buy Bitcoin on the dip

Penn Financial Group's Matt McCall explains why investors with an appetite for risk should buy Bitcoin, and where he thinks FAANG stocks are headed.

Published 1:31 PM

Macy's momentum may be slowing

CNN's Paul R. La Monica explains why Macy's same store sales weren't good enough to keep investors happy.

Published 1:30 PM

What's driving the Dow's worst day in months?

Cuttone & Co's Keith Bliss explains why trade concerns and Turkey's crisis are sending stocks lower.

Published 1:12 PM

Corona, Modelo brewer invests $4 billion in marijuana company

Constellation Brands, which owns popular beer brands like Modelo, Corona and Pacifico has just invested $4 billion in Canadian marijuana grower Canopy Growth. Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton tells Richard Quest what the partnership could mean for the future of the cannabis and alcohol industries.

Published 12:48 PM

How much of a pay raise you can you really ask for?

The key to negotiating a salary is knowing your value. That way you can feel confident in how much to ask for.

Published 11:25 AM

Macy's momentum may be starting to slow

Macy's had been a Wall Street darling lately but sales are slowing a bit. Consumers are still spending a lot though. Overall retail sales surged in July and it looks like Amazon (surprise!) was a big winner.

Published 11:16 AM

An ex-refugee is shaking up the money transfer business

Former refugee Ismail Ahmed knows how difficult it can be to send money home. So he started a company to make it simpler.

Published 11:10 AM

Verizon's 5G sales pitch: Free TV

Verizon wants 5G to become a serious competitor to broadband internet. It thinks free TV will give 5G the boost it needs.

Published 11:08 AM

Turkey raises tariffs on US products amid currency crisis

In response to the US doubling tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum, Turkey has raised tariffs on several US product categories including cars, cosmetics, tobacco and alcohol.

Published 10:00 AM

The UK is trying to rein in CEO pay. It isn't working

The median pay for chief executives of the 100 most valuable companies on the London Stock Exchange increased 11% last year to £3.9 million ($5 million). Workers got a 2% hike.

Published 9:35 AM

Tiffany is remodeling to draw more Millennials

The company is polishing its 80-year-old crown jewel.

Published 9:34 AM

Why Chile is leading South America in lithium production

Chile is outpacing Bolivia in extracting the important metal.

Published 9:24 AM

I went camping for the first time in Airstream's tiny new luxury trailer

CNNMoney's Peter Valdes-Dapena tries out camping, and Airstream's pint-sized Nest trailer, for the first time.

Published 8:04 AM

Tencent has a major gaming problem

Tencent said that its net income for the three months ended June was 17.9 billion yuan ($2.6 billion), a decline of 2% compared to the same period last year.

Published 7:25 AM

MoviePass just lost $132 a share and it's trading at 5¢

Helios and Matheson reports jump in losses and limited cash on hand due to ongoing problems at MoviePass.

Published 7:19 AM

Turkey hits back; Tencent earnings; Sears offer

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 4:50 AM

Y Combinator wants to find the next Facebook -- in China

The Silicon Valley startup accelerator has tapped former Baidu executive Qi Lu to launch and run its China program.

Published 4:26 AM

New Zealand bans foreigners from buying property

The country has passed a law banning foreigners from buying into most parts of its property market in a bid to cool red-hot house prices.

Published 2:52 AM

Turkey ramps up US spat with huge tariffs on cars and other goods

Turkey on Wednesday intensified its clash with the United States, announcing heavy new tariffs on some American products including cars, alcohol and tobacco.

Published 1:11 AM

Autonomous vehicles are coming. Now comes the hard part.

The techies are doing their part. Now governments must figure out their own role.

Published 12:01 AM