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10:16pm: Most people would be surprised by how good GM's current crop really is, but there are still some weak spots. More

4:54pm: Ford's stock soared as it gained share against GM, Chrysler and Toyota earlier this year. But analysts worry the run is near an end -- even if profits return soon. More
Sep 10: Buyers will be allowed to return their car or truck within 60 days if they're not satisfied. More
Sep 9: Congressional oversight panel says that much of the money lent to GM and Chrysler will never be seen again.  More
May 6: Detroit residents always get asked why they stay. 13 locals answer that question - and reveal their favorite treasures of the Motor City. More
Ripple Effect
Kokomo, Ind., fights to attract new industry and create jobs in this Midwestern town.  More
Autoworkers say if nothing is done to save their jobs, the town of Kokomo Ind., is done.  More
If young Detroiters can't find jobs, an exodus could be in the works. But a few say they'll stay. More
Kokomo, Ind., is filled with engineers and skilled laborers, and is betting on technology and green energy to take it into the future. More