Gas Prices

Iran just can't stop pumping oil

Sanctions may have cut Iran's oil exports by a million barrels a day. Yet the country is still producing oil at full tilt, as cutting back is complicated and potentially harmful.  More

Obama to allow more Arctic drilling

Obama administration outlines plans for more Arctic oil drilling, but says new leases won't be granted until 2016 to allow more time for studies.  More

Stimulus-by-the-gallon: Lower gas prices

With gas prices down about 40 cents a gallon since early April, stimulus is coming in the form of more dollars in consumers' wallets to help counter economic headwinds. More

Mass transit use jumps amid high gas prices

Ridership on the nation's buses and trains has its one of its biggest quarterly jumps ever, as high gas prices and a rebounding economy entice commuters to mass transit.  More

Airlines seek to slash fuel costs

With jet fuel prices near record highs, airlines are cutting routes, replacing aircraft and going high-tech to save money. More

Summer gas prices - as good as they'll get

While prices are off 2012 peak, they're still higher than normal, and are unlikely to drop further. More

Oil boom strikes Kansas

Quiet Kansas farm towns are quickly transforming into boomtowns as new technologies make drilling along the southern border of the state more attractive. More

How Iran could double its oil output

Many analysts think Iran could double its oil output to nearly 7 million barrels per day. The catch is lifting sanctions. More

Gas price relief misses the West Coast

Gas prices have been steadily falling in most of the nation, but West Coast drivers are still paying top dollar at the pump. More

Keystone isn't the only pipeline

At least a dozen new pipeline projects are slated to carry oil from the mid continent to the Gulf Coast, potentially lowering gas prices but coming with an environmental toll. More

Turning natural gas into diesel fuel

The country is awash in natural gas, but diesel prices are near all-time highs. It's possible to make one from the other. More