Recession realities: Stories from the frontline

Jobs. Foreclosures. Service cuts. Here's what the downturn looks like up close.
By Tami Luhby, senior writer, and Amy Ambatielos, video producer

A new road and 25 jobs
A small construction company is taking the state's first economic recovery project to the streets. more
Shovels in the ground: Stimulus at work
Rhode Island has claimed millions of the $1 billion it expects.'s coverage of the tiny state with big economic problems continues. more
What the recession feels like
The people of Rhode Island are feeling the pain and finding solutions. Here's what the recession looks like up close. more
Seniors losing their lifelines
States are cutting services. A Rhode Island senior center that keeps Eva Gomez connected might close - 'I'd feel sad because I'd have to stay home all day.' more
Saving a city - one house at a time
A federal program offers billions to rescue communities from the plague of foreclosures. For states like Rhode Island, it's barely enough to go around.  more
Out of work, back in school
More Americans like Alan Moniz are retraining for new careers. Moniz, 31 years in manufacturing, is starting over in health care - 'It takes a lot of work.' more
America's Money Crisis
AIG bonuses in the cross hairs
House Oversight Committee hears testimony from bailout overseer on nearly $1.8 billion in bonuses promised by troubled insurer AIG. More
Ben Bernanke and the Fed have lent and spent trillions, but as the recovery takes hold, they'll have to rein some of that back in. More
Troubled lender to small businesses is trying to slash $5.7 billion of debt off its books through an exchange offer, or face bankruptcy. More
The SBA's emergency loan program is ramping up, but not fast enough to keep small business owners happy. More