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What's in a first name? Money, actually
Barclays' survey of affluent customers lists the most common high-earner first names.
June 29, 2005: 4:42 PM EDT
By Jeanne Sahadi, CNN/Money senior writer

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - We've heard tall men get paid more than short men, skinny people get paid more than fat people and smug marrieds rake in more than their Bridget Jones colleagues.

Now, apparently, your first name has something to do with your earning potential.

In a highly unscientific and self-promotional survey, Barclays looked at the names of 60,000 of its premier-banking customers, who all earn more than 100,000 a year. (That's about US $182,000.) From that list, they culled the first names that came up most commonly.

David, Susan: Good news. You win.

But don't feel bad, John, Elizabeth, Michael, Sarah, Peter, Jane, Paul or Helen. You all rank in the top 5 for your gender.

How relevant the Barclays list is to earning potential in the United States isn't clear. Certainly many of the top names are broadly used on both sides of the pond. But it's less clear whether Simon, Ian, Martin and Nicola would be shoe-ins for the biggest raise on the plains.

That British accent, however, could really lock it up.

For those who are curious -- or expecting a child whom you'd be happy to raise in Britain -- below are the top 20 names of highest earners.

Keep in mind, the law of averages may have a hand in all this. It's probably not just a coincidence that some of the names that top Barclays' list were also among the most popular baby names in in Britain in 1964. David was the No. 1 name back then, and 41 years later, in his prime earning years, his is the ruling name among top earners. So by that logic, there may well be more Davids than any other name eking out a modest living, too.  Top of page

For boys:
1. David 11. Christopher
2. John 12. James
3. Michael13. Simon
4. Peter14. Anthony
5. Paul 15. Ian
6. Andrew16. Nicholas
7. Richard17. Phillip
8. Robert18. William
9. Mark 19. Jonathan
10. Stephen20. Martin
For girls:
1. Susan 11. Margaret
2. Elizabeth 12. Caroline
3. Sarah 13. Mary
4. Jane 14. Linda
5. Helen 15. Catherine
6. Patricia 16. Karen
7. Jacqueline 17. Janet
8. Alison 18. Christine
9. Anne 19. Lisa
10. Nicola 20. Jennifer


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