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Hot gadgets for the holidays
Check out a sneak peek at some nifty, noteworthy and eccentric tech wares on offer for the holidays.
September 13, 2005: 5:53 PM EDT
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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - A video camera just for kids, a DVD player that lets you project movies onto a wall, and a robot that mops your floors are just a few of the tech gadgets on offer this holiday season.

At a recent consumer electronics trade show in New York, reporters got a sneak peek at what the electronics makers are hawking this season. Included in the usual array of flat-screen TVs, high-end computers and fancy cameras were a few new and noteworthy products that may appeal to consumers.

Consumers looking to please the gadget-grabbers in their lives will have two MP3-playing cell phones to choose from as both Motorola and Sony Ericsson debut cell phones that double as MP3 players.

And some electronics makers are venturing into new territory in order to capitalize on hot markets. To that end, there's cell phone giant Nokia's 770 Internet tablet, a hand-held Web browser that's much smaller than a laptop and priced to be cheaper than a low-end notebook computer.

On the home front, parents wary of loaning the family video camera to little budding auteurs can offer them Mattel's Vidster, a video camera that retails for less than eighty bucks and lets kids set film to music.

Check out the gallery for a closer look at some of the new gadgets.  Top of page

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