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Weirdest workwear
The oddest outfits people have worn to the office.
October 21, 2005: 1:58 PM EDT
By Les Christie, CNN/Money staff writer
Is this appropriate office attire?
Is this appropriate office attire?

NEW YORK (CNN.Money) - What's the strangest outfit or article of clothing you have ever seen anyone wear at work?

That's the question The Creative Group, a west-coast based staffing service firm, asked 250 U.S. advertising and marketing executives. The Creative Group stipulated that the outfits had to be worn on days other than Halloween.

Some of the responses, while beyond the standard business suit attire, were only a bit unusual a disco dress, yellow snakeskin boots and shoes that light up when you walk, for example.

But others went way beyond kooky.

"Keep in mind that these are advertising and marketing agencies," says Julie Sims, of the Creative Group. "They tend to be very creative."

Here's a couple of lists of some of the most unusual attire people have worn to work.

Entire outfits:

1) Scuba diving outfit. This was not a staffmember of the Cousteau Institute.

2) Clown suit. Could this have been a subtle criticism of management?

3) Sumo wrestling gear. Nobody ever sat on this guy's chair ever again.

4) Campbell Soup kid outfit. I hope this worker had fat, rosy cheeks.

5) Pajamas. It was either this or be late for work.

6) Yoga wear. Maybe it helped this person's concentration.

7) A full body banana peel. Could it have helped slide this worker out the door?

8) Santa Claus. Hope it was the boss wearing it during bonus time.

9) The Cat in the Hat. Only appropriate while eating green eggs and ham.

10) A pirate. Arrr.


1) Bedroom slippers. No information about curlers or bathrobe.

2) Black vinyl jacket, kilt and boots. Sounds kinky.

3) Fur skirt. See above.

4) Straw hat. Only appropriate for doing a tap dance routine.

5) Sombrero. Wait a second! I think I know this person.

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