IHOP declares 'national pancake day'

ihop national pancake day

Dig in: It's national pancake day.

So says IHOP, which should know, considering it is the International House of Pancakes.

It's a made up occasion, of course, but before you flip out, know that IHOP says March 3 is the tenth annual national pancake day.

To celebrate, IHOP (DIN) is offering customers a free short stack -- three pancakes, for the uninitiated -- of its buttermilk variety.

Diners will be asked to leave a donation for a charity like Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, and IHOP said that over the years, it has collected $16 million for charities.

If the occasion has creped up on you, IHOP says customers can come in between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. and ask for the offer. It is available at most locations.

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If you don't make room for a plate, approach social media at your own risk: #NationalPancakeDay was already trending on Tuesday morning.

Like other made up celebrations, there's little rhyme or reason behind why March 3 was selected. Others, for example, celebrate national pancake day on September 26, part of the equally arbitrary national breakfast month.

But that doesn't make the moment any less delicious.

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