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Battle of the business plans

1. Vote for your favorite! Which business idea from which school do you think is best?
DC50 surveying tool, BYU 21% website, Columbia 6%
Group home, Gonzaga Univ. 2%
Verge Records label, NYU 2%
Laparascope defogger, Ohio State Univ. 5%
Framecaster video technology, UC-Irvine 5%
In-vitro fertilization procedure, UCLA 20%
Collectica online community for collectors, Univ. of Chicago 1%
SecureSurfer web security products, Univ. of Georgia 7%
Online listings of local rentals, Univ. of Iowa 19%, Univ. of Miami 2%
MuscleMorph devices for artificial limbs, Wharton 10%
Total responses to this question: 4286