10 least stressful jobs

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Maybe it's time for a career change to one of these 10 fields from Money and PayScale.com's list of America's best jobs.

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9. Civil Engineer
Civil Engineer
Best Jobs rank: 6
% who say the job is low stress: 53.3%

Similar to traffic engineers, civil engineers help design infrastructure. And they say there's no better feeling than seeing something you thought of -- like a bridge or a highway -- working just as you planned.

What's more, the chance to work anywhere -- be it in government, private sector, or academia -- and in any city of their choosing allows these engineers to handpick their assignments.

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Last updated October 11 2010: 7:50 AM ET
Source: CNNMoney.com/PayScale.com survey of more than 40,000 workers
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