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The double flush
The double flush
Putting in a double-flush system is an easy way to cut water use.
Company: Brondel
Price: $79
When available: Now

Don't want to spend the money purchasing and installing a whole new Stealth? This device turns any toilet into a double flusher, cutting water use as much as 50%. The lower-volume flush alternative can be used on about 80% of toilet visits, according to Brondel spokeswoman Sara Kimball.

She said the system has been available, mostly online, for less than a year. It fits 90% of residential toilet models.

"There's a water savings calculator on our web site," she said. "The savings are based on the tank size and flush characteristics of your toilet and the number of residents using it."

The device should pay for itself in lower water bills in less than a year. The average consumer will save about $100, according to the company.

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Last updated September 08 2010: 5:19 PM ET
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