7 college grads: How I'm surviving the jobs crisis

Nearly half a million fewer young adults had jobs in August than in July. But numbers don't tell the whole story. Recent grads share what they've faced in the job market.

Good degree, no interviews

Sarah Bajtner
  • Name/age: Sarah Bajtner, 25
  • Job Status: Dying to put her nursing degree to work

Even with a degree from a top-tier nursing school, Sarah Bajtner has had trouble landing a job. In fact, she hasn't even gotten a chance to interview since she graduated in May.

"I've applied to well over 30 positions and have gotten a call for maybe one, and it ended up falling through before the interview phase," she said. "Most of the jobs require you to have all of this experience, but no one's even allowing me to get that experience."

Bajtner says she's worried about money. But what's really bringing her down is that she's not doing what she was trained to do.

"I just want to be a nurse," she said. "That's desperately what I want. It's what I love to do. And the fact that that's becoming very difficult is frustrating."

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