• America's most dangerous jobs

    America's most dangerous jobs

    The American workplace is less dangerous than it was last year, but at these 10 jobs every day is a gamble.

  • Surprising six-figure jobs

    Surprising six-figure jobs

    Clearing trees. Performing magic tricks. Pet sitting. Repairing other people's credit. These people are earning $100,000 or more.

  • 25 highest-paid men

    25 highest-paid men

    Apple's Tim Cook tops the list, with a whopping $378 million in total compensation. See who else earned big in 2011.

  • 40 under 40: The job creators

    40 under 40: The job creators

    Organizations headed by some of these top young minds in business have grown this past year, many of them hiring at an impressive rate. Here are seven examples.

  • Entrepreneurship is 'weaker than ever'

    Entrepreneurship is 'weaker than ever'

    The true source of net job creation in the United States -- startups, not small businesses -- are failing to make new jobs like they used to.

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