10 hardest working countries

Where in the world do workers toil the most each year? The United States is high on the list, but a few other countries work even harder.


  • Average annual hours: 2,092
  • Average annual wages: $35,406

Korea's labor force is still deeply tied to traditional gender roles. About 75% of Korean men work in paid jobs, while only 53% of women do so.

At home, men spend an average of 45 minutes per day cooking, cleaning or caring -- one of the lowest levels of male domestic work among industrialized nations. This is five times less than the average Korean woman, who spends 227 minutes per day on domestic work.

As Korea's working age population ages, it is faced with a dual challenge: too few babies and too little female employment, the OECD says.

Source: OECD. Data reflect wage and salary workers, not the self-employed.
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