I signed up for Obamacare!

Many Americans are thrilled that their Obamacare insurance plans kick in on Jan. 1.

An empowered consumer

elaine post
  • Name: Elaine Post, 64
  • Residence: West Hills, Calif.
  • Job: Writes training programs for businesses

I signed up for a bronze plan with L.A. Care at $461 a month. Although I don't qualify for a subsidy, it's $272 less than I would pay if I continued on COBRA.

I decided I'm better off with a high-deductible ($5,000) plan since I rarely have go to the doctor except for preventative care. I'd rather deal with the high deductible if I need it, rather than pay the extra money out of pocket every month for premiums. In November, I will go on Medicare.

When I first got laid off, I tried to get private insurance through the big companies. They all rejected me outright or wanted to charge me really really high premiums for not very good insurance. I had what I thought were not very serious pre-existing conditions, but apparently they were enough to disqualify you.

The whole process of shopping for insurance was nightmarish. I spent an hour and a half at least on the phone with people who interviewed me and asked me about every single detail about my health. It was very intrusive. Rather than try to sell me insurance, they were trying to not sell me insurance.

One of the things I love about the situation now is that I feel like I'm a consumer. I like that I don't have to be at the mercy of insurance companies. I feel empowered. It's my choice, not theirs to choose me.

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