6 things you'll pay less for in 2013

It's not all bad news this year. Used cars, vacation packages and fancy laptops are all expected to cost less this year.

Flatscreen TVs

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Prices on the largest LCD TVs could be slashed by nearly 11% this year.

When it comes to LCD TVs, the bigger the TV, the bigger the price drop.

The price of 50-plus-inch models could drop by nearly 11%, said Paul Gagnon, director of North America TV Research at industry research firm NPD DisplaySearch.

The price cuts come after years of even deeper discounts. For example, on Black Friday, Walmart offered a 32 inch LCD TV for only $148, while higher-end 55-inch models retailed for $800.

Plasma TVs between 40 and 49 inches, meanwhile, could also be marked down by as much as 11%, while larger models may see slight price bumps.

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