Absurd airline fees

Pay $40 to be the first to board? Or $25 for your carry-on bag? These are some of the latest in a slew of fees some airlines are charging to drum up billions in extra revenue.

Preferred seating fees

absurd airline fees reserved seat
Many airlines now charge a fee for so-called "preferred seating" or "premium economy" seats.

Want to make sure you'll sit with your fiance or grab that aisle seat? Get ready to pay up.

Most airlines now offer so-called "preferred seating" where customers pay a fee for a few inches of extra legroom or to sit near the front of the plane. As more seats are blocked off as preferred, some customers may feel forced to pay the fees to make sure their family is seated together or to avoid the dreaded middle seats, Hobica said

Airlines say this is another example of "unbundling," where customers choose the "extras" that they are willing to pay for.

"The idea is allowing the customer to purchase what they're actually using," said Davien Anderson, a US Airways spokesman.

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