Student loan horror stories

Big decisions made in college about student loans continue to haunt these graduates.

11 years later, debt still tops six figures

student loan debt samaiyah robinson
  • Name: Samaiyah Robinson
  • School: Seton Hall University - 2002
  • Student loan balance: $107,000

Robinson launched her career at Merrill Lynch after getting a degree in business administration. She believes the degree has helped her land jobs easily. So, even though she owes $900 a month in loan payments, Robinson doesn't regret going to school. She currently works as an executive assistant at a big pharmaceutical company in New Jersey.

As a college student, Robinson said she had no idea about the consequences of borrowing so much.

"I feel like I probably won't pay these student loans off in my lifetime, but I've got a degree from Seton Hall and it looks pretty good on my resume," she said.

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