Moving in with parents to pay off $86,000
student loan debt courtney umhoefer
Name: Courtney Umhoefer
School: Ohio State University - 2011
Student loan balance: $86,000

Umhoefer went partly to the University of Wisconsin and Ohio State to get her degree in consumer financial services.

She now has a job helping financial advisers with research and trades at a small wealth management firm. But with monthly student loan payments of $950, she has about $400 left over each month for rent, food and other basics.

After living on her own for two years, she has recently decided to move back in with her parents to save money.

"I'm not saving for my future. I can't see myself having children or getting married or saving for a house. I feel stuck," she said.

- Last updated October 15 2013 05:02 PM ET