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Week at a glance: All stories

1:39am: The new "Captain America: Civil War" trailer premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. More
12:04am: According to a CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll on race in America, a much larger percentage of blacks and Hispanics say they've experienced discrimination in the workplace. But proving discrimination is another thing. More
11:30pm: Despite advances, the divide between blacks, Hispanics and whites remains large when it comes to incomes, home ownership, wealth accumulation, unemployment and poverty rates. More
11:25pm: The financial deck appears to be stacked against blacks and Hispanics in America. They earn considerably less. They are more likely to be unemployed or in poverty and they are less likely to own a home. Yet despite all this, blacks and Hispanics are far more optimistic about being able to live the American Dream these days than whites. More
10:48pm: Newsrooms across Chicago and the country made varying decisions about airing the recently released Laquan McDonald shooting video Tuesday. More
10:43pm: Singapore is expected to add an average of 37,600 millionaires a year through 2020. More
9:38pm: Watsi crowdfunds donations to cover healthcare costs of those in need. And it's seeing a surprising trend: micro-donations via the popular Chinese social networking app, WeChat. More
5:50pm: Tom Kalenderian, executive vice president at Barney's, says every gentleman should invest in 3 types of shoes. More
5:36pm: Musk congratulates Bezos, then launches a tweet storm at the Amazon founder. More
5:20pm: To understand Donald Trump, you have to understand where he's getting his information. His sources seem to include sketchy Internet rumors and inaccurate stories. More
4:53pm: Iran is getting ready to return to the top ranks of global oil producers. More
4:31pm: Musk congratulates Bezos, then launches a tweet storm at the Amazon founder. More
4:24pm: Your new credit card might be safer, but it could lead to more headaches at the check-out line this holiday season. More
3:55pm: A long-term highway funding bill in Congress plans to use billions from the Fed to help fund projects. More
3:10pm: Disney workers filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after they were replaced by foreign workers. More
2:28pm: The NFL accounts for 22% of the three network's all day live and same day average viewership. More
2:00pm: The Blackphone was designed to protect people's privacy from hackers and spies. Now ISIS members want to use it too, according to the findings of one researcher. More
1:36pm: Jeff Bezos gained fame and fortune by selling stuff on Amazon, but he's got a lot of other enterprises, from rocket ships to a newspaper. More
1:33pm: There's a good chance you can save money by refinancing your student loans. More
1:16pm: Jeff Bezos gained fame and fortune by selling stuff on Amazon, but he's got a lot of other enterprises, from rocket ships to a newspaper. More
12:58pm: German prosecutors have launched another investigation into Volkswagen -- this one about possible tax issues stemming from the emissions scandal. More
12:52pm: Luxury jewelry chain Tiffany reported sales and profits that missed forecasts. Its outlook was weak. The company blamed the strong dollar and a pullback by tourist shoppers. But lower-end rival Signet also disappointed Wall Street. More
11:44am: Microsoft's female workforce shrank two percentage points in the past year. The company attributes the decline to recent Nokia-related layoffs. More
11:34am: Jeff Bezos joined Twitter in 2008 -- but finally tweeted for the first time on Tuesday about his rocket company. Bezos joins a list of billionaires who are on Twitter -- but in name only. More
11:32am: Albie Hecht, the president of CNN's sister channel HLN for the past two years, is stepping down. More
11:25am: Janet Yellen publicly released a letter to Ralph Nader in which she defends the Fed's decision to keep interest rates near zero for several years. More
11:00am: Adele's new album "25" has broken the record for the most sales in a week and she did it in a little over three days. More
8:37am: The U.S. economy grew by 2.1% between July and September, an upward revision from the first estimate of 1.5%. More
8:25am: Google 'a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' to see the 'Star Wars' Easter egg. More
7:56am: Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies have become the solutions of choice, with other options taking a back seat. More
7:37am: The Turkish lira dropped and stocks declined, after a Russian warplane crashed near the Turkish-Syria border. More
7:19am: Bezos' Blue Origin successfully flies its New Shepard rocket into outer space and then lands it upright on landing pad in West Texas. More
6:47am: Preventing terrorist plots is harder than ever. And technology is both the problem and the solution. More
6:40am: Everyone in the energy industry is suffering as crude oil prices have slumped. But some are hurting more than others, including the U.K., Brazil, Canada and the U.S. More
5:35am: Global food giant Nestle has confirmed that its Thailand seafood suppliers are engaged in abusive labor practices. More
5:05am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:45am: Ford is recalling nearly half a million vehicles over a potential fuel tank issue. More
10:18pm: The Hong Kong subsidiary of one of China's largest brokerages said Monday that it can't find its CEO, sending shares of the company tumbling. More
6:31pm: Hispanic legislators have asked NBC to apologize for allowing Donald Trump to appear on "Saturday Night Live," but the network appears to be unwilling to apologize for something "SNL's" Lorne Michaels created. More
6:14pm: Yanely Gonzalez will turn 18 a year from now, just in time to cast her vote for the first time. And this U.S.-born daughter of undocumented immigrants from Mexico knows exactly what she will be looking for in a candidate. More
6:11pm: NBC has agreed to give equal time to Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham and James Gilmore to compensate for Donald Trump's "Saturday Night Live" gig. More
5:25pm: Daily Beast editor Noah Shachtman has called for a boycott of Donald Trump's businesses. More
5:09pm: Google is looking to make it easier for house hunters to find a mortgage. More
4:46pm: It's been a record year for travel in the U.S., thanks to an improving economy and cheap gas prices. More
4:10pm: Adele nearly broke *NSYNC's single-week sales record in three days. More
3:48pm: Saudi Arabia faces a revolt within OPEC as its strategy has failed to deliver a knockout blow to U.S. shale. More
2:34pm: Target is prepared to have its best Cyber Monday yet, and the head of Target.com says the digital deals day is not "obsolete." More
2:13pm: Elisabeth Hasselbeck has announced that she is leaving "Fox & Friends" to raise her three children. More
1:50pm: Fuel prices are down more than 30% from a year ago, but shipping companies FedEx and UPS still add a fuel surcharge onto your shipments. More
1:44pm: U2 has rescheduled its Paris concert, postponed because of the Paris attacks. The concert will be aired by HBO. More
1:31pm: HBO posted promo art for the upcoming season six that included a bloody Jon Snow. More
1:13pm: Big brands including Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts and H&M are launching in Africa as they chase profits in emerging markets More
1:01pm: Investors are betting that the yoga apparel maker could be a good fit for Nike or Under Armour. But analysts aren't so sure a takeover makes sense. More
12:51pm: Homeownership in America peaked in 2004 when nearly 70% of adults owned their homes. Today that number has fallen to under 64%. More
12:23pm: IKEA said it will donate 1 euro ($1.06) to the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, for every LED product sold. More
12:15pm: The U.K. eavesdropping agency, known as GCHQ, will recruit over 350 people in the next year, as part of its big push to get more tech talent on board. More
11:14am: Chipotle's stock has rebounded following the latest news from the CDC about E. coli. But analysts are starting to sour on the burrito king's outlook and some fear it could lose market share to Qdoba and others. More
9:24am: This year will be the worst year of economic performance for Latin America since the recession. It's also arguably the worst region among emerging markets. More
9:06am: The U.K. is bulking up its military spending in the face of ISIS and Russia. More
8:33am: Alibaba founder Jack Ma is said to be in talks to buy a stake in Hong Kong's leading English-language daily newspaper, the South China Morning Post. More
8:05am: Walmart is starting its Cyber Monday online holiday shopping sales at 8 p.m. on Sunday this year. More
7:34am: There's a growing number of billion dollar companies that funded by 'tourist investors.' Everyone says these startups are overvalued -- but how is that going to play out? More
7:30am: A merger deal between Pfizer and Allergan could be the largest merger of drug makers in history. More
6:41am: It's quite possible that no man is better-versed in "power hair" than Andre Walker. More
5:47am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:28am: Fiat Chrysler is offering dealership workers and their family members the opportunity to earn a degree from Strayer University for free. More
1:12pm: The world has so much oil that 'traffic jams' are forming of oil tankers that have nowhere to offload their oil. More
12:01pm: Argentina elected a new president Sunday, and the winner could end a decade-long fight between hedge funds and the government. More
11:59am: "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" may have had the lowest opening of the series, but it still broke the $100 million barrier. More
4:19pm: Stock markets have been hit with headwinds this year. Is the so-called 'Santa Claus' rally a reality or myth? More
3:15pm: Members of the Wall Street Journal's editorial board sat down with Donald Trump days after the candidate, as the Journal put it, "went bananas" over an editorial mocking Trump's views on trade. More
1:47pm: The Cadillac Escalade that TV character Tony Soprano drove sold for over $119,000 at auction. More
10:32am: The United Auto Workers union voted to ratify a new contract with Ford on Friday. More
7:02pm: Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, will take two months off when his daughter is born, which is half the amount Facebook offers new parents. More
6:51pm: Elon Musk's SpaceX got its mission from NASA to take a crew to the International Space Station. More
6:47pm: Leadership of the UAW says new four-year deal with General Motors is approved despite opposition from skilled workers. More
6:03pm: Apple Pencils are still in short supply, the company says, and eBay sellers are asking as much as $500 for them. More
5:53pm: Samsung's Gear VR is worth a try if you're interested in how virtual reality works. More
5:30pm: A new law may soon be enacted that will let the State Department revoke, deny or limit the passports of U.S. citizens who have more than $50,000 in seriously delinquent tax debt. More
4:59pm: Wearable tech firm Jawbone lays off 60 people and appears to be the latest unicorn in hot water. More
3:41pm: Despite rumors to the contrary, the iPhone 6S is not actually waterproof. More
3:25pm: The CDC said that an outbreak of E. coli that appears to be linked to Chipotle has spread beyond Washington and Oregon. Chipotle has promised to take quick action, but shares plunged on the news. More
3:24pm: CNN has suspended one of its correspondents for posting an opinionated tweet about a congressional bill that could limit the entry of Syrian refugees into the United States. More
2:03pm: Ghost Security Group formed after the Charlie Hebdo attacks to gather digital intel on ISIS and send to the authorities. More
1:45pm: After the terror attacks in Paris on November 13, the city is attempting to rebound and reassure tourists. More
1:26pm: Pfizer is planning the 2nd biggest corporate merger in history with an Irish company in an effort to lower it U.S. tax bill. More
1:22pm: Tesla said problem found on seat belt of one Model S in Europe led it to recall all 90,000 of the cars on the road. More
12:50pm: Abercrombie & Fitch has cut back on all the scantily clad models and other sexual imagery in its ads and stores. And customers seem to approve. More
12:42pm: The final installment in "The Hunger Games" series aims for big box office this weekend. More
12:27pm: Friday is the deadline for Volkswagen to tell U.S. regulators how it will fix the nearly 500,000 diesel cars that cheat on emissions tests. More
12:03pm: Constance Carpenito has won big payouts from the Massachusetts Lottery three times at the same store. More
11:34am: Amateur trader creates GoFundMe account that raises $5,000 after he loses a ton of money on a dangerous bet gone bad. More
11:20am: Elon Musk says Tesla is making major push to hire software engineers to work on self-driving cars. More
10:56am: Europe's central bank is 'ready to act quickly' to boost inflation, while the Fed is looking to raise interest rates. Is euro-dollar parity next? More
10:31am: There's a new option for people who need some alone time after Thanksgiving dinner this year -- virtual reality. The $100 Samsung Gear is now on sale. More
10:14am: Martin Shkreli, the poster child for price hikes in the drug industry, is now CEO of a public company called KaloBios that is developing drugs to treat cancer. More
9:52am: Volkswagen is cutting back on its investment plans next year as it continues to grapple with the cost of its emissions scandal. More
9:47am: Facebook users called on the company to turn on the Safety Check feature for the hostage situation in Mali. More
9:06am: Air France has suspended flights between Paris and Mali's capital Bamako after gunmen took control of a Radisson Blu hotel in the city. More
8:26am: Members of one of Britain's most exclusive golf clubs are rebelling against demands by its new Chinese owners to double annual dues and impose a $155,000 joining fee. More
7:42am: Microsoft unveiled its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Xbox One bundles. More
7:19am: GlassPoint Solar is launching one of the biggest solar projects ever -- and it's being used to power an oilfield in the Middle East. More
7:18am: The Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali, where gunmen held 170 hostages Friday, is run by a big, global company with more than 1,300 hotels around the world. More
5:31am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:04am: Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton explains why money can buy happiness, it just depends how you spend it. More
3:09am: Chinese officials have busted the country's largest-ever underground banking ring, involving transactions totaling $64 billion. More
2:22am: The Lexington Urban County Council voted Thursday to boost the city's minimum wage from the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour over the next three years. More
2:18am: A luxury apartment in Hong Kong has been purchased for a record $66 million. More
9:09pm: NBC agreed to give equal time to some of Donald Trump's GOP rivals to match the time he had on air during his "Saturday Night Live" gig. More
8:58pm: Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine said on "CBS This Morning," while sitting next to Mary J. Blige, that some women find it difficult to find music. More
8:16pm: James Murdoch says the ad model has to change and he applauds the "Empire" Pepsi "ad." More
7:14pm: According to a study published Thursday by Pew, there are more Mexicans currently leaving the United States than there are coming into the country. More
6:30pm: How Democratic candidate for president, Bernie Sanders, defines "democratic socialism." More
5:22pm: Following last year's lawsuit to get a right to bid for military launches, Elon Musk's SpaceX has field all to itself for first contract. More
4:14pm: MSNBC and Bloomberg TV are talking about both using "With All Due Respect." Staff at both networks are unhappy. More
3:57pm: Spotify employees are getting half a year of paid parental leave under the company's new policy and the option to take three years off. More
3:47pm: KaloBios is a drug company that was going to shut down. But controversial pharma exec Martin Shkreli appears to be coming to the rescue. He must really like the company's cancer drugs. More
3:14pm: Dealing with heartache is easier when you're not haunted by reminders of love lost on social media. More
2:06pm: The IRS, state tax agencies and tax preparation industry say that while they're doing even more to prevent refund fraud and tax-related identity theft, those efforts won't be enough unless individuals also take steps to protect their personal, financial and tax data. More
2:03pm: Olivia Munn took to social media to call out Fox Sports, ESPN, and the Washington Post over Aaron Rodgers reports More
1:54pm: New version of the Chevy Volt can travel about 40% farther on a single electric charge, helping it grab its second award for Green Car of the Year. More
1:48pm: Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan give $20 million to help schools get high-speed Internet access. More
1:33pm: 'Good Morning America' marked its 40th year on Thursday. Brian Stelter, in an unpublished chapter from his 2013 book, explains how GMA's launch demonstrates some vital lessons of morning TV. More
1:29pm: Several retailers are reporting disappointing results and lowered or downbeat outlooks heading into the holiday season. More
1:18pm: Adele's latest album "25" will not be on any music streaming service. More
12:59pm: The first fossil fuel free ETF launched Thursday. The fund's rigorous screening process excludes not only fossil fuel companies, but also tobacco, weapons or gambling stocks. More
12:49pm: As part of its initiative to bring stores to racially diverse neighborhoods, Starbucks broke ground on its Ferguson location. More
12:34pm: France's fragile economy is at risk of slipping back into stagnation in the aftermath of the deadly attacks in Paris. More
12:02pm: Disgraced former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle sentenced to 15 years on child pornography and sex with minors charges. More
12:00pm: The nation's largest insurer, UnitedHealth, said it is scaling back its marketing of Obamacare exchange plans and may exit the program completely. More
10:41am: The Australian government has blocked the sale of a massive private cattle ranch to foreign buyers, saying it was "contrary to the national interest." More
10:29am: After an awkward start, Match Group started trading as a public company on Thursday. Wall Street now values the owner of Tinder at $3.2 billion. More
9:10am: India's film censor has cut two kissing scenes in the latest James Bond movie "Spectre." More
8:52am: Jack Dorsey's Square mobile payments startup priced its IPO well below the expected range -- and at a huge discount to its last valuation from VCs. Is this a sign that the unicorn bubble has burst? More
8:50am: Canadian miner Lucara's market value jumps by nearly $150 million after it unveils the biggest gem quality diamond in more than a century, and two other exceptional stones. More
8:24am: Single cup coffee maker Keurig reports another decline in sales and profit but results are better than expected and dividend increase lifts shares. More
5:35am: Towns and neighborhoods with good public elementary schools are a big draw for parents. But a new analysis finds a majority of them cost too much to live in for families with average incomes. More
4:54am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:41am: Facebook is testing a new tool that will make it easier for charities to raise funds on the social media platform. More
3:47am: Talk about some deep pockets! China's consumers are projected to spend up to $6.4 trillion a year by 2025, according to a new report. More
1:55am: Problems abound for the global economy and stocks. Keep an eye on these 3 big warning signs. More