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12:37pm: Oil prices came crashing down Thursday to trade below $70 per barrel after OPEC announced it was leaving oil production levels unchanged. More
8:20am: The European Parliament has voted to break up Google and weaken its dominance across the region. More
6:56am: OPEC countries failed Thursday to agree to a cut in oil production that was desperately sought by some member states worried about the recent drop in prices. More
6:08am: Tired of buying a tie or golf stuff for that businessman or woman? Etsy, the online craft hub, might have you covered. More
7:28pm: At malls and department stores across America, the faithful are lining up and camping out for deals. More
6:48pm: Some pilots had to alter their course to avoid drones they encountered. Two pilots encountered drones while flying over college football games and another pilot saw one while flying over the Hollywood sign. More
5:40pm: Warren called it "hypocritical" for the White House to oppose corporate inversions but nominate a person who has worked in this area. More
3:58pm: Mike Kail is now Yahoo's CIO. But he was once a top IT guy at Netflix, and his former employer is now accusing him of kickbacks. More
3:56pm: Black Friday isn't just for shopping. Some Walmart workers are planning protests at 1,600 different store locations. More
2:58pm: Code.org's new tutorial teaches kids to write computer code to get Disney's Elsa and Anna to ice skate around the computer screen. More
2:54pm: Investors love Hasbro and hate Mattel. A trip to a toy store shows why. More
2:45pm: Federal safety regulators are demanding that Chrysler and Takata, maker of the exploding airbag, immediately step up efforts to recall cars nationwide. More
1:43pm: More retailers are launching their Black Friday deals a day early, and some shoppers are saying enough is enough. More
1:35pm: The British government has concluded that two violent Islamists avoided intelligence agents and killed a soldier -- all because a tech company didn't tip them off. More
1:22pm: Several makers of police body cameras say orders have grown in recent months, particularly in the time since a police officer in Ferguson shot 18-year-old Michael Brown. More
12:15pm: The secret to making a lot of money is to save a lot and invest over many years. More
12:04pm: Retail and restaurant workers in San Francisco may soon benefit from an expansive, first-of-its-kind bill of rights for retail workers, which the city's Board of Supervisors passed unanimously this week. More
11:47am: BlackBerry will pay $550 for your iPhone, if you switch to a Passport. More
11:23am: Natalie's Cakes and More has raised $84,000 through GoFundMe. More
11:13am: Butterball is a popular turkey. But if you want to invest in shares of co-owner Seaboard, be prepared for some sticker shock. More
10:58am: A controversial plan to tax expensive properties in the U.K. could keep Angelina Jolie from becoming a Londoner. More
10:44am: Black Friday is spreading to Europe -- although some shoppers need a little nudge to understand why they are getting a deal. More
9:13am: A number of companies are working to bring supersonic service back to passenger air travel. More
8:17am: Tea maker Tetley has insured one of its most valuable assets for $1.6 million - the tongue of its top tea taster. More
7:19am: Airlines are a notoriously difficult industry for investors, but these stocks have been soaring and that's unlikely to stop. More
6:41am: More retailers start their deals on Thanksgiving, but it's merely shifted some customers from Black Friday to Thursday. More
6:01am: Wealthy Gulf oil producing countries are in a strong position ahead of the OPEC meeting -- unlike Russia, they're not worrying about prices yet. More
6:00am: Over four decades, we've cut air pollution by nearly 70%, while our economy has tripled in size. More
5:27am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:37am: China National Tobacco Corp. makes more than one-third of the world's cigarettes, and produces 43% of tobacco globally. More
9:57pm: "The Suze Orman Show" is ending on CNBC, and its host has her sights set on a new television home. More
6:15pm: In 2012, nearly 138,000 inmates filed for a total of $1 billion in fraudulent refunds, according to a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. More
6:07pm: Building a seven-figure nest egg is no easy feat. But if you're experiencing doubts about your abilities or facing new issues you don't want to handle alone, then it makes sense to seek the assistance of a financial adviser or planner. More
5:41pm: Stringing a few lights in the trees and adding a wreath to the front door is nothing compared to the elaborate lighting displays created by professionals -- for a price. More
5:18pm: The 163-year-old New York Times now has an "editor for innovation and strategy." More
4:07pm: Retailers are repeating Black Friday deals from year to year, and offering the same discounts at other times. More
3:42pm: Schools were closed Tuesday, but Ferguson's public library stayed open to give children a place to go. So far, it's received donations 'in the 5 digits'. More
2:27pm: Sales of iPads and other tablets are slumping badly in 2014, and won't likely be a big hit during the holidays as they were last year. More
1:13pm: Jet fuel prices are down about 18% since August, but don't expect a break in your air fare any time soon. More
12:57pm: Baker is still baking, a day after shop windows smashed by rioters. More
12:03pm: St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch and President Obama put a spotlight on the media during the Ferguson grand jury announcement Monday. More
11:50am: Shares of Tiffany and Signet -- owner of Kay, Jared and Zales -- have been glittery all year long. A good sign for the holidays? More
11:47am: Uber is taking down blog posts that show how it tracks users' one-night stands -- and the prevalence of prostitutes in your favorite pick-up location. More
11:42am: Air pollution costs Europe up to $235 billion a year -- roughly the GDP of Connecticut -- according to a new report. More
11:42am: Apple widened its lead at the most valuable company on the planet Tuesday. More
11:30am: Drone pilots are in high demand as companies prepare for federal regulators to open up airspace to unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes. More
10:57am: Growth in the third quarter is revised higher as both consumer spending and business investment show greater strength. More
10:44am: It's a little scary to think about how much that bird on the Thanksgiving table has been genetically modified over the last several decades. At a farm in Pennsylvania, the birds are more similar to what was on the table a century ago. More
10:43am: Super rich Russian buyers are streaming back into the London property market, searching for new homes for their millions as the domestic economy falters and currency tumbles. More
9:24am: Financial aid often doesn't cover the cost of tuition, rent and food. That's why the number of food pantries on college campuses for students has soared. More
8:41am: The mobile carrier has agreed to change the way it handles customers who hit monthly data limits. More
7:49am: Some workers say the extra pay, employee discounts and being a part of hustle and bustle make it well worth missing out on turkey dinner. More
7:14am: KLP, Norway's largest pension fund manager, is the latest to divest from coal companies. More
7:08am: Wall Street stock pickers tend to be a very bullish bunch, but so far they sound pretty timid about 2015. More
6:10am: Good news: The super rich won't have to wait in traffic on the way to their private planes this Thanksgiving, thanks to Blade Bounce. More
5:57am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
2:46am: Twitter CFO Anthony Noto appears to have accidentally tweeted a message about a potential acquisition. More
9:05pm: Watch out, Scotland! Japanese whisky is no longer an insider secret -- it's grown into a $6 billion industry, competing with even scotch for the spotlight. More
7:47pm: Eight of the accidents involved Takata airbags, which can explode and hit passengers with shrapnel. More
6:26pm: A Texas judge on Monday set aside Candice Anderson's guilty plea in the death of her boyfriend in a 2004 crash. More
5:54pm: Drone regulation is coming to the United States, and the rules might be too severe for everyday businesses. More
5:00pm: The Cowardly Lion costume from Wizard of Oz sold for more than $3 million Monday. More
4:20pm: A week and a day after announcing it would switch to a "discretionary time off" policy that would remove limits on how many paid days off salaried employees could take, Tribune Publishing has rescinded the program. More
4:05pm: The richest of the rich earned much more in 2010 than in 2009, and their federal income tax bill as a percent of their income fell. More
2:53pm: The Clydesdale horses, with their signature white feathered legs, have been featured in Budweiser ads for decades. More
12:28pm: PriceJump is the best app to help you get the lowest prices for your holiday shopping. More
12:14pm: Digital Ally makes cameras that police officers can wear. They may get used more in the wake of Ferguson. But this is an incredibly risky stock. More
12:04pm: Forget stocks and bonds, the 1% are buying up land, especially timber plots. More
11:32am: The "vast majority" of travelers with guns in their carry-ons claim that they "forgot" about the guns when they went to the airport. More
11:18am: Wyclef Jean on Taylor Swift's dispute with Spotify, the future of music and his new song with Avicii. More
11:00am: Google removes 'Ass Hunter,' a homophobic video game, from its Android app store following a backlash from users. More
10:44am: The U.K.'s first "bio-bus" is powered by biomethane gas, which is generated through the treatment of human feces and food waste. More
10:12am: The Balvenie Fifty is a whiskey that has been aged 50 years, and is being offered in a limited quantity at a hefty price tag. More
10:11am: Russia's finance minister warned Monday that his country is losing up to $140 billion per year because of falling oil prices and sanctions with Western nations. More
10:05am: high-end stores are experimenting with new technologies that offer retailers an eye into what customers are doing both inside and outside the store. More
9:29am: A recent visit to a RadioShack to preview their holiday shopping plans shows that it may be tough for the retailer to turn its finances around any time soon. More
7:50am: "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" easily sets record for best opening of the year but falls short of forecasts in another sign of weak year for Hollywood. More
7:18am: Obamacare premiums for 2015 are going up, but you can likely find a cheaper one if you shop around. More
5:16am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:38am: More than 600 Kmart workers signed a petition asking that the store allow employees to at least request the day off. More
12:34am: China's central bank surprised investors last week with its first rate cut in more than two years. But get used to that -- analysts say more cuts are in the pipeline. More
11:14pm: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation will cut 400 jobs and close five radio production centers as the national media brand grapples with a smaller budget. More
5:58pm: Regin is malware has been lurking in computers for as long as six years, according to Symantec. But experts don't know much about where it is from, what it does and who has been targeted. More
1:05pm: Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer are among the network anchors who secretly met with Officer Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson. More
9:33am: Here's how to profit on low energy prices, regardless of what OPEC decides when it meets on Thanksgiving Day. More
8:16am: Dean O'Malley walked away from a high-paying job in finance to start a risky venture in the new jetpack industry. More
7:53pm: This arrangement, announced Friday, illustrates how the lines have blurred between traditional TV networks and newfangled options like Netflix. More
4:23pm: The European parliament is calling Google a monopoly in need of a breakup. More
3:32pm: The Obama administration is touting that its immigration action will boost wages. But the hike amounts to only $170 a year by 2024. More
2:55pm: Obama doesn't have the authority to create a startup visa, but part of his reform announcement could include a workaround for entrepreneurs: 'parole status.' More
2:49pm: The university plans to hike tuition by 5% every year for the next five years. The move comes as state funding for the university system has dried up in California's budget crunch. More
2:25pm: A look back at the hot stories and images from the world of business this week. More
1:37pm: A collection of interesting design, data and interactive links. More
1:08pm: Google has a new service that will give websites an alternative to advertising by asking users to contribute a few dollars every month. More
12:43pm: Americans are having to choose between economic security for their families -- and actually seeing their families. More
12:39pm: CNN and 7 other channels owned by Turner Broadcasting are back on the Dish Network's channel lineup ? for now ? after a month-long blackout. More
11:36am: The mobile payments company Square is planning to accept Apple Pay. More
11:34am: 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' is expected to open big this weekend, and could quickly become the biggest hit of 2014. More
11:32am: Gourmet burgers are all the rage with consumers and investors. Will the successful debut of Habit lead to IPOs from Shake Shack and other better burger joints? And more trouble for McDonald's? More
10:45am: Stocks raced higher on Friday thanks to more emergency actions from central bankers in China and Europe. More
10:19am: Corporate culture expert Bruce Weinstein lists four reasons why the embattled car-sharing service is ethically challenged. More
10:07am: You're only as good as your closet in the morning. Here are nine expert tips for creating an organized and efficient closet. More
9:55am: Companies and global investors are sizing up Iran's economic potential in anticipation of a deal that could end years of isolation. More
9:18am: On Jana Rich's client list: Jack Dorsey and Dick Costolo of Twitter, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Dropbox, Uber, Square, Eventbrite. More
8:33am: Comcast says new app will send alerts when technicians are close to arriving and let customers rate quality of service. More
8:24am: The Obamacare penalty for not having health insurance is going up in 2015. It will be $325 or 2% of income, whichever is greater. More
8:10am: The stock market is having a great 2014, but three top analysts discuss which companies they're dumping. More
7:47am: China's central bank has surprised markets by cutting its benchmark interest rates for the first time in two years. More
7:43am: London mayor Boris Johnson may be contemplating cutting up his U.S. passport after being presented with a hefty tax bill. More
7:42am: It's not dinner with family, but thousands of businesses will order turkey and mashed potatoes from Boston Market for the workers they've scheduled on Thanksgiving. More
6:52am: A CNNMoney analysis finds some states like California have a lot of workers stuck in part-time jobs. More
6:15am: China is hosting the "World Internet Conference" but its citizens aren't able to access huge swaths of the world wide web. More
5:30am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More