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6:03pm: Spanish-language television channel Univision says it is ending Sabado Gigante's 53-year run. More
5:13pm: On Friday, Megan Smith hosted the first White House Tech Meetup, which emphasized the power of tech to create change and expand opportunities for under-served communities. More
4:50pm: Employers in New York City can no longer use credit checks to screen potential hires. More
3:56pm: Millennials are flocking to the world-famous music festival in the desert. But the hottest ticket in town doesn't come cheap. More
3:51pm: Lucas will finance 100% of the project at Grady Ranch and wants Marin County teachers and police officers to be able to live there. More
3:41pm: Stock prices slumped for Comcast and Time Warner Cable following Bloomberg report. More
3:37pm: MasterCard launched its mobile payments app Qkr with its first US restaurant Thursday, but it's playing a long game. More
2:44pm: GoPro founder Nick Woodman was awarded a huge pay package of $285 million in 2014, making him the highest paid U.S. executive. More
2:07pm: Starbucks to set to bring S'Mores and Mocha Coconut Frappuccino flavors to stores at end of April. More
1:30pm: The home of some of the most iconic toys has teamed up with a crowdsourcing platform for inventors to find the next great toys. More
1:29pm: PepsiCo dominates in the brewing fight over bottled teas. More
12:56pm: GW Pharmaceuticals is a biotech developing a cannabis-based drug to treat epilepsy. It looks legit ... unlike the scores of speculative penny pot stocks out there. More
12:39pm: It sounded like Chris Roberts, a cybersecurity professional from Denver, was about to use his laptop to force the plane to deploy the emergency oxygen masks. More
12:25pm: Markets are starting to freak out again over Greece as the government runs out of time to unlock the funds it needs to avoid default and stay in the euro. More
12:22pm: 2015 aluminum F-150 gets 5-star rating from government crash tests, up from four stars for earlier steel model. More
11:18am: Apple's software business could be the 'secret sauce' that carries the iPhone maker to even more records. More
11:02am: Ugly day on Wall Street as Dow tumbles 279 points. More
11:00am: The investment, announced Friday in a blog post by Vessel CEO Jason Kilar, comes a few weeks after the service opened to the public. More
10:49am: American Express is the worst stock in the Dow this year. The company is being hurt by the strong dollar, and investors are worried about it losing key partners. But Warren Buffett is still a fan. More
10:30am: A survey found that households are spending too much on dining out and entertainment, which is keeping them from saving less than they should. More
10:05am: Instagram has clarified its nudity policy, including when exactly nipples can be shown. More
9:42am: A survey of McDonald's franchise owners shows they are not happy with the company's turnaround plan. More
9:23am: Losing your job comes with an extra sting if you live in Belarus. More
8:38am: Verizon FIOS to start offering 'Custom TV' service that lets customers pick packages of similar network offerings, a step towards a la carte service More
8:17am: iRobot is developing a robotic lawnmower that could interfere with telescope signals, astronomers say. More
7:28am: Using cameras that watch the driver, as well as the road, researchers are developing technology that can predict dangerous driving errors. More
7:18am: Ashlynne Haycock, an orphan of military parents, has helped more than 600 families pay for college and deal with debt in the past year working a nonprofit called Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, or TAPS. More
5:51am: Thousands of Bloomberg screens went offline in banks around the world Friday leaving many traders without access to market data, news and dealing systems. More
5:50am: Morgan Stanley says now is the time to buy energy stocks. Offshore drilling giant Transocean soared 13% this week. More
5:34am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:46am: A passport from a country on good diplomatic terms with its peers is a powerful tool, allowing holders to travel across borders with ease. More
12:37am: IBM has sent a letter to the governor of Louisiana warning that a pending religious freedom bill would create a hostile environment for the tech company's employees. More
7:43pm: It's the second big layoff at Schlumberger this year. The oil services company cut 9,000 workers in January. More
7:10pm: Seeking to make it easier to compare hospitals, the federal government has started awarding star ratings to hospitals based on patients' reviews. More
6:43pm: Five Walmart stores across the country have been temporarily closed for repair. All workers were notified Monday that they would lose their job immediately. More
6:13pm: Having trouble getting your baby to sleep? Rest Device's Mimo baby monitor promises to help parents get a better night's sleep. More
5:56pm: Travelers on international flights on United Airlines can expect a three-course meal in economy this summer, plus free beer and wine. More
4:25pm: It's because of the Brian Williams controversy that Richard Engel's 2012 kidnapping in Syria is now under new scrutiny. Here's how the kidnapping story has changed. More
3:45pm: Wikileaks on Thursday published a searchable database of every email and document that was stolen from Sony by hackers last year. More
3:04pm: Fans went crazy for the latest teaser from Disney's "The Force Awakens" on Thursday. More
2:21pm: In the U.S., Asians had the highest percentage of high school graduates enrolled in college in 2014, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More
2:00pm: Apple has removed the April 24 launch date for the Apple Watch from its website. More
12:57pm: Mattel's stock has slumped along with Barbie sales. Don't blame tech. It's a lot more than that. More
12:56pm: New comScore numbers show Bing gained share of desktop searches in the United States, crossing the 20% mark in March 2015. More
12:55pm: Want to type on a laptop? A tablet? A smartphone? A smartwatch? Here's the fastest way to enter text on all of them. More
12:53pm: Get ready for pink giraffes and pastel palm trees. An affordable Lilly Pulitzer collection will be on sale at Target from April 18 through May. More
12:11pm: The Mexican-American anchor was included in Time's 100 most influential people donning one of the magazine's covers. More
11:51am: Saudi Arabia announced that its stock exchange would open to foreign investors on June 15. More
11:50am: The richest schools are getting better returns on investments, most of the donations and hold most of the wealth held by the nation's schools. More
11:14am: Bill O'Reilly says he was an 'idiot' to not expect questions about his credibility. More
11:14am: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback inked a bill preventing welfare recipients from using public money to pay for cruise ships, tattoos and fortunetellers, among other things. More
10:46am: The IPO market has lots to celebrate today. It's only fitting that Party City is the life of the party. More
10:31am: Netflix is on fire. One Wall Street analyst just upgraded his projection for the stock from $400 to $900. More
9:24am: Russia has banned an American movie about a Soviet serial killer after officials said it was "historically inaccurate." More
9:03am: Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to close loopholes in the tax code that she says encourage big banks to behave badly. More
8:57am: Netflix wants to get into China. Here are three reasons why that's going to be a huge headache. More
8:33am: Ben Bernanke will advise Chicago hedge fund Citadel on monetary and economic policy. More
8:26am: Business is booming again at Goldman Sachs and the company's bankers and traders are being rewarded handsomely. Nice work if you can get it. More
7:36am: Virtual reality technology allows engineers to get inside a Jaguar engine, without ever rolling up a sleeve. More
6:42am: Rhea Shannon lost her Dad to the war in Afghanistan, and was facing a $54,000 student loan bill. Barely two hours after CNNMoney told her story, she got a phone call from an angel offering to help get it wiped away. More
6:26am: Britain grew faster than any other G7 economy last year. But the recovery is still not being felt by many people. More
4:57am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
11:32pm: Japan now owns more U.S. government debt than any other country, ending China's six-year run as the top foreign holder of U.S. Treasuries. More
10:10pm: Chinese stocks are red hot, even as their economy is cooling off dramatically. The exuberance for stocks isn't being backed up by the fundamentals. More
7:03pm: A judge has ruled that the automaker won't face hundreds of lawsuits from a faulty ignition problem tied to 84 deaths. More
5:54pm: Etsy is now the largest certified socially-responsible company, or B Corporation, to go public in America. More
4:30pm: The streaming service added 4.9 million new members ending the first quarter of 2015. More
3:46pm: Saadia Muzaffar, a force in the Canadian tech scene, says pay transparency is a major step in closing the gender gap. More
3:15pm: Gyrocopter pilot spoke with Tampa Bay Times reporter before setting off for the U.S. Capitol More
3:09pm: Shake Shack stock is sizzling. But the stock isn't as appetizing as its burgers. It looks insanely overvalued. More
2:47pm: A barrel of oil hit $56 Wednesday, the first time in 2015 that oil has peaked that high. Oil's rally is sending energy stocks soaring. More
2:45pm: Washington D.C. falafel shop crafts pot-pairing menu to celebrate legal weed and 4/20. More
1:40pm: Reddit is launching its first-ever newsletter this Sunday called Upvoted Weekly More
1:21pm: Eric and Lauren Oxford's $3,500 IRS refund was stolen, and it will take months for them to get the money. More
1:15pm: Investors often buy bonds because they believe they are safe. But there are some big risks in the Treasury market that you can't ignore. More
12:37pm: The boom in U.S. oil and natural gas production could mean U.S. will export more energy than it imports as soon as 2019. More
12:12pm: The typical U.S. tax refund is $2,800. Image what could happen if you invested just a portion of that. More
12:01pm: Boosting a number here, reducing a number there. Whether inadvertently or intentionally, a lot of us may end up reporting a little bit of fiction on our federal tax returns. More
11:29am: The FBI in investigating an Internet post made Monday that allegedly revealed the home addresses of current and former top CIA, FBI and DHS officials. More
10:39am: Politico will arrive in several more states this year as part of what the company says is a bid to rebuild statehouse political coverage. More
10:36am: The millennial-favored app Acorns just raised $23 million from investors to fund partnerships and global expansion. More
10:26am: Study shows that 96% of TV ads so far in 2016 presidential campaign have been negative. More
10:22am: A leading U.S. gun maker is seeing better than expected sales in recent weeks. Its stock jumped 13% on the news. More
9:43am: Kind says its snack bars are healthy, despite the FDA's warning letter requiring the bars to remove their 'healthy' labels. More
9:31am: European Central Bank President Mario Draghi was attacked by a protester Wednesday during the bank's regular briefing for journalists in Frankfurt. More
8:30am: Even though Delta reported a profit and said lower fuel prices are a big plus, the airline still plans to cut some international flights later this year due to the strong dollar. More
8:24am: Hundreds of low-paid workers kick off national day of protest More
8:22am: Remember that 100 billion barrel oil find in Britain? Turns out the company got it wrong. More
8:20am: Study by economists finds both star players and marginal players are at high risk of filing for bankruptcy. More
7:35am: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg works fewer hours than the typical CEO, but he says that 'depends on what you count as work.' More
7:16am: OPEC has chalked up its biggest monthly increase in production in nearly four years as the cartel fights to maintain market share despite the price slump. More
7:02am: If you're behind on retirement savings, there's no need to panic. It's never too late to improve your retirement outlook, if you're willing to embark on a bold catch-up plan. More
6:37am: The European Union has charged Google with violating antitrust laws by favoring its own shopping search results over rivals, a move that could result in a fine of up to $6 billion. More
5:22am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:32am: The United States has depleted its annual supply of EB-5 immigrant investor visas for the second year in a row after a huge wave of applications from rich Chinese. More
3:00am: Home buyers in these 10 markets can't drag their heels when it comes to buying their dream home, and 8 of them are in California. More
2:45am: Nokia confirmed Wednesday that it will buy Alcatel-Lucent, a deal that will create a telecom-supply giant. More
1:20am: The world's most innovative drone maker is not based in Silicon Valley. It's in China -- and it could be worth $10 billion. More
10:15pm: China's economy grew at its slowest pace since 2009 in the first quarter, increasing pressure on the central government to roll out stimulus measures. More
10:02pm: Todd Mitchem, co-founder of High There, was inspired to launch his startup by his mother's battle with cancer. More
8:54pm: Grumpy Cat has millions of social media followers, shots of her famous frown go viral, and fans clamor to catch a glimpse. Face it: Grumpy Cat is a celebrity, and guess what? She makes more money than you do! More
6:53pm: President Obama had advocated raising the minimum wage to $10.10, but advocates have now set the bar at $15. Will Hillary Clinton support that large a hike? More
6:15pm: The Department of Education found that the for-profit college was misrepresenting job placement rates for graduates. More
6:00pm: People using Periscope to illicitly stream HBO's "Game of Thrones" to their friends are now on notice ? literally. More
5:05pm: Redesigned seats on new Boeing 737s will roll out in mid-2016 that offers wider seats and extra legroom. More
4:55pm: Tens of thousands of low-wage workers are expected to go on strike Wednesday in what labor activists are calling the biggest push yet to demand wages of at least $15 an hour. More
4:49pm: Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, cuts his pay from nearly $1 million so company can afford to make $70,000 the minimum wage. More
3:46pm: Visually impaired Netflix viewers now have option to hear what's happening on screen. More
3:33pm: With Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian about to go on trial in Iran, the newspaper's top editor says it is "simply appalling" that Rezaian is not receiving fair access to a defense attorney. More
2:39pm: The popular claymation series from the late 90's is getting a reboot on MTV's sister network. More
1:08pm: India is holding its ground during a shaky time in the global economy. While most emerging nations have struggled mightily against the strong U.S. dollar and falling commodity prices, India is above water. More
12:53pm: Hillary Clinton's trip to Chipotle is telling, both for presidential politics and the dining world. Bill used to stop at McDonald's. More
12:49pm: Coke is bringing back its popular campaign and offers 1,000 names printed on bottles. More
12:42pm: The United Nations HeForShe initiative asks men to stand up for wage equality on Equal Pay Day. More
12:12pm: The marijuana industry sold $2.7 billion of legal weed last year, but many pot shops are stuck without a bank account to keep it in. More
12:11pm: Sony's streaming video service Crackle is bringing back some of its standout shows, like Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," and launching its first one-hour scripted drama. More
12:07pm: You'll be able to rent an Apple Watch -- but should you? More
11:37am: Retail sales finally bounced back in March. But the gains were not as big as economists expected. Consumers still aren't spending ... and that will hurt economic growth for the first quarter. More
11:28am: As speculation swirls about Brian Williams' fate at NBC, his predecessor Tom Brokaw is calling for patience. But he says this is a "really, really serious case." More
10:34am: Apple has outlawed selfie sticks at its upcoming WWDC developers conference. More
10:14am: HarperCollins, one of the world's biggest book publishers, has signed a new distribution deal with Amazon, forestalling a Hachette-type public spat. More
9:01am: Despite a poor start to the year the U.S. economy should still expand by 3% in 2015 but slower emerging markets will drag on global growth, according to the International Monetary Fund. More
8:55am: A new report from internet security firm Symantec provides an alarming picture of how difficult it's becoming for computer users to stay safe online. More
8:28am: Ben & Jerry's is celebrating "Free Cone Day" on Tuesday, giving away free ice cream at its hundreds of locations across the nation. More
8:18am: Manuscript by Alan Turing, father of the early computers who was subject of movie 'The Imitation Game,' was sold in New York. More
7:53am: The man who brought KFC to the United Kingdom now says he would never eat there again More
7:48am: Boeing and Lockheed Martin's Vulcan rocket is designed to compete with SpaceX. More
7:44am: 3D printing pioneers say the technology can return us to our pre-industrial roots -- where customized designs trump mass production. More
7:34am: So much for being 'under assault' by regulators. JPMorgan Chase reported a big profit that topped Wall Street's forecasts. Maybe CEO Jamie Dimon will finally stop complaining. More
7:17am: Ninkasi Brewing Company sent six vials of yeast into space. The result? Ground Control, an imperial stout that goes for $20. More
7:15am: When women make only 78 cents to every dollar a man earns, the impacts last a lifetime -- including in retirement. More
6:01am: Finnish telecommunications company Nokia has confirmed it is trying to buy French competitor Alcatel-Lucent. More
5:36am: An alarming 50% of financial professionals say they are completely unhappy in their current jobs, according to a survey. More
4:48am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:27am: While the world has grown accustomed to images of near-apocalyptic pollution in Beijing, the world's worst air can be found in New Delhi. More
6:25pm: Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am is partnering with Coke and W Hotels on a line of bed sheets made from old Coke bottles. More
6:18pm: Hillary Clinton's campaign announcement sounds strikingly similar to liberal-darling Elizabeth Warren, but will Hillary's policies be equally as progressive? More
6:13pm: This year, 233,000 foreigners applied for the H-1B, the most common visa for high-skilled foreign workers. Only 85,000 will get visas. More
4:16pm: It's becoming a reliably consistent routine, if not a requirement, for Republicans seeking their party's presidential nomination: launch a White House bid, then sit down with Sean Hannity. More
4:08pm: Flow Hive, a new contraption that makes it easier to keep bees, has proven to be wildly popular -- but that might not be a good thing. More
3:59pm: FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver says Vox.com steals charts from other sources 'all the time.' More
3:39pm: Customers who bring their Taco Bell receipt to McDonald's will get a free Egg McMuffin at participating locations in Pennsylvania. More
2:21pm: 21-year old's dominant win at the Masters could bring Spieth $5 million to $10 million in endorsement deals according to experts. More
2:05pm: All the fuss is over when the Fed will begin hiking rates. June? September? But the key is what comes next. More
1:50pm: It's 2015 and gender pay inequality persists. Plus, it's worse for some, like women of color or those with children. Here's what you need to know. More
1:10pm: Hillary Clinton's new logo controversy is the most surprising part of her campaign for president. More
12:31pm: On Friday, a zoo in the Netherlands posted a video showing an annoyed chimpanzee knocking a drone to the ground. More
12:11pm: America's oil production boom keeps on going despite the plunge in prices. More
12:06pm: Pepsi is expected to announce a new partnership with the NBA, replacing Coke as the basketball association's exclusive food and beverage sponsor. More
11:34am: You have a few options, besides pawning everything you own, having your wages garnished or your bank account seized. None of the payment plans are a breeze, but they're better than the alternative. More
11:26am: Shares of Pandora rose following speculation that Spotify could be valued at more than $8 billion. It's an odd reason for Pandora to be rallying though. More
11:23am: Canada is still a resource dependent economy. That's bad news when oil and gas prices plunge. More
10:28am: A company willing to pay a dividend is showing a strong business model and cash flow. Here are the top 5. More
9:30am: New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has asked 13 major retailers for information on their use of so-called "on call shifts," where employees are given barely a few hours notice on when they have to work. More
9:21am: There's a serious lack of lesbian visibility in the tech world. Organizations like Lesbians Who Tech and StartOut, which support lesbian-backed startups, are working to change that. More
9:04am: Airline quality declined almost across the board in 2014, according to latest rankings and authors of study say it won't get better soon. More
8:33am: Saudi Arabia boosted its military budget by 17% to nearly $81 billion in 2014, the biggest increase among the world's top defense spenders. More
7:39am: The percentage of those without insurance has fallen sharply in the last two years due to Obamacare law. More
7:36am: Posting revenge porn will land people in jail for two years in England and Wales, after a new law went into effect. More
7:14am: Rules are still hazy about where you can buy pot and who can smoke. It gets more complicated for those who want to sell it. Here's what you need to know. More
7:00am: A group of hackers with suspected ties to Beijing has spent the past decade targeting rival governments, journalists and companies across Asia, according to a new report. More
6:22am: Sprint will come to your house and give you a new cell phone. More
5:36am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
10:01pm: China looks set to report its worst quarterly growth since the financial crisis, according to a CNNMoney survey of economists. More
1:16pm: Long before Hillary Clinton became an official candidate, she had certainly been covered like one. Who's who on the Hillary beat. More
12:54pm: Donald Trump got tied up in an epic Twitter war with T-Mobile CEO John Legere. More
12:22pm: Rand Paul has launched LibertyNotHillary.com, a site and social media campaign dedicated to his opposition of Clinton. More
11:56am: The first four episodes of Game of Thrones have been leaked online despite HBO's attempts to combat rampant piracy. More
11:10am: CBS named its political director, John Dickerson, as the new host of "Face the Nation" on Sunday. The news was announced on air by broadcasting legend Bob Schieffer. More
10:17am: Investing pros polled by CNNMoney believe the bull market in stocks still has a little room to run despite a number of major challenges ahead. More