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10:18pm: U.S. food chains are constantly looking for ways to appeal to local tastes -- think red bean Frappucinos and mango pizza. More
5:26pm: Comcast is bringing streaming TV to college campuses -- and hoping to hook future subscribers along the way More
5:14pm: The Heartbleed bug is to blame for the hospital hack that stole 4.5 milliion patient records. If true, brace yourself for similar, mega data breaches. More
4:48pm: Reselling old jeans on eBay is a great professional move More
4:44pm: Embattled by economic shifts and unfriendly laws, unions are reorganizing ? now with you. More
4:43pm: Why you should care: Because the future of humankind lives in cities. More
1:20pm: Sprint announced a new unlimited data plan for smartphone users on Thursday as part of its bid to win back customers. More
1:04pm: Sears was once the biggest retailer in America. Now, it can't turn around plummeting sales and a low stock price. More
11:48am: After a less-than-stellar crash test performance, Honda will swap out bumper beams on owners' Fits. More
11:29am: When YouTube started to remove gory videos of journalist James Foley's beheading this week, the next stop for some Internet surfers was LiveLeak, a streaming video website that specializes in hosting graphic videos that other sites won't touch. More
10:35am: The August stock market rebound is in full effect. It's been nearly a month since the last record close. More
10:19am: Mortgage rates have dropped to their lowest level in over a year. More
10:01am: This Canadian startup founder faced the threat of deportation because he was on the wrong visa. Problem is -- there's no startup visa for entrepreneurs. More
9:47am: Traffic lights are easy to hack, and they're unlikely to be fixed, according to computer researchers. More
9:39am: The settlement covers civil claims with the Department of Justice and six states. More
9:38am: Wealthy, Catholic areas are more likely to see high private school enrollment. More
8:52am: Family Dollar says it's sticking with smaller bid from Dollar Tree. More
8:41am: Facebook has developed a new data storage prototype that uses Blu-ray discs. More
8:41am: Researchers slip weapons past full-body scanners. More
8:40am: The financial inequality between black and white Americans is staggering. More
8:34am: Super-fast gigabit Internet speeds are coming to a town near you. More
8:10am: Former FBI agent Ken Springer does thorough background checks on companies that hedge funds, pensions and others want to invest in. More
7:48am: The world is aging rapidly and that's bad news for the global economy, according to a new report by Moody's Investor Service. More
7:11am: If you needed more evidence that the iPhone 6 is nigh, here it is. More
6:26am: United Parcel Service has discovered a computer breach that affects more than 50 of its stores. More
6:11am: Russian officials have shut four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow, including the first to open in the city nearly 25 years ago at the end of the Cold War. More
5:09am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:40pm: The Argentine bond saga continues. Now the South American nation is trying to get the bonds moved out of U.S. jurisdiction. More
5:33pm: This month, Delaware became the first state to pass a law giving heirs the right to access the online accounts and assets of someone who has passed away. More
5:14pm: The nation's second-largest bank is about to pay a record amount to put to bed an investigation into mortgage-backed securities issued during the financial crisis More
5:12pm: Just 13 months after Twinkies made their celebrated comeback to store shelves, one of the four bakeries that make the cream-filled treats is closing. More
2:53pm: Intellectual Ventures, a patent troll company, has laid off 19% of its staff. More
2:51pm: Gun maker reduces factory force at nearly 200-year-old plant by 105 jobs. Some will go to Huntsville, Ala. More
2:00pm: Median income is up 3.8% since 2011, though it's still down since the economic recovery began in 2009. More
1:28pm: Warren Buffett's investment firm will pay nearly $900,000 to settle allegations it did not tell federal regulators before taking a major ownership stake in a company, the government said. More
12:25pm: Investors 'expect more' from Target. The company slashed its profit forecast for the rest of the year. More
12:21pm: Netflix has reached a deal with Time Warner Cable to boost video-streaming speeds. More
12:15pm: Google search chief Amit Singhal listed the top 10 Google innovations over the past 10 years. More
10:55am: Get ready for a barrage of hospital hacks. The health care industry isn't protecting your data. Here's why. More
9:56am: Macy's must pay a $650,000 fine to settle complaints that it's staffers wrongfully accused minority shoppers of stealing. More
8:38am: Hedge funds loaded up on health care stocks and Apple in the second quarter. They ditched big banks. More
8:06am: Twitter is taking down accounts sharing images showing the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley by Islamic militants. More
7:42am: Billionaire Richard Branson and 15 major business leaders from around the world are calling for an end to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. More
6:00am: Beer sales in Russia are losing their fizz as the economy grinds to a halt, hurting Western brewers such as Carlsberg. More
4:56am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
8:50pm: As more students jump from school to school, it's becoming harder for colleges and universities to solicit the all-important alumni donations. More
8:17pm: When hairdresser Mark Bustos isn't cutting the hair of fashion designers and real estate moguls, he's traveling around the world giving free haircuts to the homeless. More
6:05pm: High-end babysitting services offer dreamy services to parents in New York, but they'll cost you. More
5:42pm: Two months after Dov Charney was fired as CEO, he's still at the company, collecting his full base salary amid early signs of a turnaround. More
4:38pm: Shares of Elizabeth Arden tanked 23% Tuesday after the company said it lost $156 million in the most recent quarter. More
4:28pm: U.S. stocks have mounted an impressive comeback in recent days, fueled by easing geopolitical headaches More
4:02pm: Apple is on fire. The tech titan hit an all-time high over $100 a share on signs the iPhone 6 will be a huge hit. More
4:01pm: The odds of finding a reasonably affordable place to live shouldn't rank on par with the odds of winning the lottery, but in many areas of the country, rents outpace incomes so quickly that the odds aren't in a lot of families' favor. More
3:50pm: Why you should care: Because everyone needs to shake up their neighborhood coffee shop routine. More
3:45pm: Steve Ballmer quits Microsoft's board to spend more time running the LA Clippers. More
3:18pm: Uber has hired David Plouffe, the former campaign manager for President Obama. More
2:47pm: The take-home coffee will come in a variety of flavors including those that are already available in McDonald's restaurants like "premium roast," French vanilla and hazelnut. More
1:44pm: After devouring European assets early this year, U.S. investors are now avoiding them like the plague. More
1:30pm: State agency says bank fails to comply with rules against money laundering. More
12:50pm: Aeropostale is bringing back Julian Geiger, its CEO from 1998 to 2010. The stock is up nearly 20% since the announcement. More
11:39am: Uber introduced a trial service Tuesday offering on-demand delivery of medicine, toiletries and other drug store products. More
11:23am: Greggs bakery took to Twitter to urge Google to remove a profane logo from search results. More
11:11am: The new "valet mode" includes data, video and audio recording. More
10:08am: Investors trying to find details on BHP Billiton's multi-billion dollar "demerger" were scrambling Tuesday as the company's website crashed. More
9:55am: Many retirement savers spend more time researching which car to buy or where to go on their next vacation than they do investigating the investments in their 401(k), according to Charles Schwab survey. More
9:37am: Small business owners say the economy is still their biggest challenge, which keeps them from expanding and hiring, according to a CNNMoney-Manta survey. More
8:22am: Low-income consumers struggling to pay their insurance premiums may soon be able to get help from their local hospitals or United Way. More
8:08am: Pittsburgh food company announces recall of "small batch" from Chinese supplier. More
8:07am: Some of the brightest minds in finance are sounding the alarm about the risk of a market bubble. More
5:01am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:46am: Verizon took top honors in a new ranking of nationwide network performance by market research firm RootMetrics. More
1:36am: President Xi Jinping has pledged to limit executive pay at China's powerful state-owned companies. More
12:40am: Buying a home? You still have to compete against the big money bringing all-cash. But it's getting a little easier. More
9:35pm: Silicon Valley has a reputation as a boys club. That's not the case in China, where some tech firms are making progress on gender diversity. More
8:37pm: On Monday, Sprint announced it was jacking up the data it offers in its family pack options. The new plans will be offered starting on Friday. More
7:22pm: Retirement giant Fidelity investments has agreed to pay $12 million to settle two lawsuits over the 401(k) plan it offers its workers. More
6:28pm: Local Subway and Quiznos franchises are losing up to 60% of daily sales because of crowded parking lots and fearful residents. More
6:08pm: Workers in San Diego will see a higher minimum wage starting in January and will receive five paid sick days a year. More
4:02pm: Despite conflicts around the globe and concerns about overpriced stocks, the market is surging again. More
3:25pm: The mobile trucks will serve coffee and snacks to students at Arizona State University, James Madison University and Coastal Carolina University. More
3:08pm: A spreadsheet reveals that Time Inc. weighed whether the content some employees created was "beneficial to advertiser relationship." More
1:32pm: New York banking regulators suspend PwC for 2 years and fine it $25 million for changing language in a report to make it less likely to raise red flags. More
1:08pm: Shares in Taser International are up 25% as investors bet trouble in Ferguson will spark a boom in the company's wearable cameras. More
1:05pm: Internet Explorer might be getting a name change, Microsoft engineers say. More
12:38pm: Chief executives of big British companies were paid 131 times their average employee wage in the last financial year, according to new research. More
12:13pm: Former VP clashes with Al Jazeera over Current Media deal. More
10:58am: Hackers have taken 4.5 million Social Security numbers from patients who attended any one of Community Health Systems' 206 hospitals this year. More
10:50am: The ALS Association says it has raised $15.6 million for Lou Gehrig's disease from the Ice Bucket Challenge. More
9:50am: A Japanese group raised thousands of dollars by selling jeans made with distressed denim that was gnawed and clawed by lions and tigers. More
9:03am: European farmers will be paid to destroy fruit and vegetables, or give them to charity, to prevent prices collapsing after Russia banned imports. More
8:02am: New parents be warned: The average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 has reached nearly a quarter of a million dollars, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. More
7:17am: The advocacy group pressured Target, Chilli's, Sonic and Chipotle until those companies asked customers to keep their guns at home. More
6:54am: Dollar General bids $78.50 per share, or $9.7 billion, for Family Dollar More
4:58am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
10:37pm: Leonard Schleifer's went from being a snow shoveler in Queens to the founder and head of one of the world's top biotech companies. More
11:43am: Jack Dorsey, who goes by @Jack online, has documented and commented on the gatherings and frustrations in the suburban St. Louis community. More
9:18am: Stock market optimists have a strong case. But so do the naysayers. Here are the important things to consider when looking at the market right now. More
12:45pm: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has made Seattle's Escala apartments famous...and expensive More