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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Young tourists flock to Iran

Hostels are becoming more and more popular in Iran, catering to a growing number of young international tourists traveling on a budget.

Published 3:57 PM

The Arizona Republic front page played Trump rally with a different approach

For the staffers deployed to the Phoenix Convention Center, where the rally took place, this photo reflects what they experienced Tuesday night first hand on the front lines.

Published 3:38 PM

Ferrari unveils new 200 mph convertible

The V8-powered Ferrari Portofino will replace the California T, Ferrari's entry-level model.

Published 2:52 PM

Uber has gone 64 days without a CEO

Uber's new CEO can't arrive soon enough.

Published 2:37 PM

This auto safety feature is annoying -- but don't turn it off!

Lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring have both proven to prevent lots of dangerous crashes, a study says.

Published 2:11 PM

Harvard study: Exxon 'misled the public' on climate change for nearly 40 years

For nearly 40 years ExxonMobil publicly raised doubt about the dangers of climate change even as scientists and execs inside the oil giant acknowledged the growing threat internally, according to a Harvard University study.

Published 1:06 PM

The Twitter #hashtag is 10 years old

And it's still the best way to follow conversation on the service.

Published 12:43 PM

SpaceX just teased a chic new spacesuit

SpaceX just gave the world its first glimpse of the snazzy ensembles astronauts may one day wear when they travel to the International Space Station.

Published 12:21 PM

Salesforce CEO bemoans 'horrors of the last week'

Marc Benioff kicked off his remarks to investors by denouncing 'pure hatred' in Charlottesville and Spain.

Published 12:20 PM

These super-rich families are investing their fortunes to help others

Some of world's richest families have signed up to a pact: They will invest parts of their vast fortunes in ways that improve the lives of others.

Published 12:16 PM

Will Republicans kill the estate tax?

The GOP's years-long quest to repeal what Republicans derisively refer to as the "death tax" may be realized if tax reform happens. But the arguments to repeal the estate tax overlook a few key details.

Published 12:15 PM

Tourists are returning to Paris after attacks

Paris is on track for its strongest tourism year in a decade as visitors shake off terror fears and return to the capital city with gusto.

Published 12:07 PM

Elon Musk unveils SpaceX's new spacesuit

On Wednesday morning, Elon Musk posted a photo to Instagram of himself wearing one of the suits SpaceX plans to outfit astronauts with on a journey to the International Space Station.

Published 12:05 PM

Trump playing 'bad cop' in NAFTA negotiations

President Trump said in Arizona Tuesday night that he will probably withdraw the United States from NAFTA at some pointin the future.

Published 11:57 AM

U.S. companies still hoarding cash overseas

Investors are growing more hopeful that companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google owner Alphabet may soon be allowed to move cash they have in foreign countries back to America at a lower tax rate. But it may not be that simple.

Published 11:54 AM

Mnuchin's wife mocks woman over wealth

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton apologized for a social media post -- and her subsequent exchange with a commenter -- that sparked an online uproar. CNN's Kate Bennett reports.

Published 11:48 AM

6 things you should be saving for -- but aren't

These expenses are common, so why not save for them?

Published 11:05 AM

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 phone aims to rebuild consumer trust

Samsung revealed the Note 8 at an event in New York on Wednesday.

Published 11:03 AM

Samsung unveils the hopefully non-combustible Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 8, the first phone in its Note line since the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7.

Published 11:00 AM

Do you need an annuity?

Wondering whether an annuity is right for you? Ask yourself these three questions first.

Published 10:58 AM

One man's approach to confront his online harassers: empathy

Dylan Marron's new podcast "Conversations with people who hate me" aims to understand what fuels hatred on the internet.

Published 10:18 AM

Here are the charities that have dumped Mar-a-Lago

At least 13 groups have scrapped plans to hold events at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort since his remarks about Charlottesville.

Published 10:17 AM

Germany repatriates $31 billion in gold from Paris and New York

Germany's central bank has repatriated gold bars worth $31 billion from Paris and New York.

Published 10:11 AM

Sarahah is the latest anonymous app under fire

In the world of anonymous apps, things never stay nice for long. Sarahah is hoping to change that.

Published 9:58 AM

$700 million Powerball drawing could set a record

Will the biggest lottery winner in American history be crowned tonight?

Published 9:51 AM

Amazon eyes yet another industry: education

Amazon wants to help teachers design a writing curriculum.

Published 9:10 AM

The difference a night makes in Trump speeches

President Trump's speech on Afghanistan strategy was very different in tone from his rally in Phoenix just one night later.

Published 8:33 AM

Best Buy no longer eclipsed by Amazon

Best Buy's stock has soared this year thanks to strong sales of video games in its stores and healthy online sales as well.

Published 6:23 AM

Trump predicts NAFTA termination

At a rally in Phoenix, President Donald Trump mentioned the renegotiation of NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, saying, "I think we'll probably end up terminating NAFTA at some point."

Published 5:41 AM

Here's how reporters are responding to Trump's new amped-up attacks

President Trump has called journalists "liars" and "sick people" who are fomenting "division" in the country.

Published 5:40 AM

Samsung's big reveal; Lowe's earnings; Stocks muddled

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:18 AM

Advertising slump: WPP shares plunge on zero growth warning

WPP shares plunged after it warned that its vast advertising business may not grow at all this year.

Published 5:00 AM

Walmart teams up with Google to tackle Amazon

Watch out, Alexa! Walmart and Google are joining forces to offer hundreds of thousands of products through voice shopping.

Published 4:25 AM

Robert Lee: ESPN under fire for taking announcer off UVA game

By trying to avoid an embarrassing ordeal, ESPN has embarrassed itself. 

Published 3:26 AM