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3:02pm: Over half a million people are on the wait list to access the stock trading app with $0 commission fees. More
2:58pm: The founder of Alibaba, now the richest man in China, spoke Tuesday on a wide range of topics, including how to spend money and his vision for the future. More
12:36pm: Despite record stock prices, billionaires boosted their cash holdings by an average of $60 million over the past year. More
12:16pm: Warren Buffett may be feeling rotten after investing in a British grocery chain that's gone bad. More
11:35am: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio asks world Leaders attending the UN Climate Summit to stop pretending that climate change is fake. More
11:27am: Prominent economist Mohamad El-Erian says central banks have made the markets exuberant More
11:13am: General Electric is the worst performer in the Dow this year. An analyst thinks the company needs to take a page from the AT&T playbook and split into several smaller companies. More
11:01am: Put on these wearable gadgets, and you'll have superhuman strength, sight, hearing and health. More
11:00am: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is accused of hiring people to hold parking spaces for construction workers at his $10 million home in San Francisco. More
10:54am: An annual global survey shows business and engineering students choose Google as their most desirable workplace. More
10:06am: EA's soccer series is already the best-selling sports video game in history. More
9:38am: The comic book "Lean In" is about the empowerment of women and their uphill battle in the male-dominated business world. More
8:56am: A growing number of banks, including Citi and Bank of America, are launching accounts without paper checks. More
8:43am: Google chairman Eric Schmidt says company is dropping out of ALEC, a conservative political group, because it is lying on climate change. More
8:16am: Shares in drugs companies take a beating after the U.S. made it harder for American firms to slash their tax bills by buying foreign rivals. More
8:08am: There's plenty of data out there, but keep an eye on housing, manufacturing and people's spending. More
7:48am: Jimmy Choo, the luxury retailer known for its pricey shoes, has announced plans for an initial public offering in London. More
6:59am: Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma is now China's richest man, just days after his company posted the world's biggest IPO ever. More
5:38am: Popular messaging app Line, known for its cute emoticons, is shelving plans for an IPO this year. More
5:29am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
7:15pm: The number of homeless students enrolled at U.S. public schools is at an all-time record. More
6:36pm: The Obama administration takes first steps to make it harder for companies to use foreign mergers to reduce their U.S. tax bills. More
5:36pm: Ferrari is recalling 3,000 of its exotic 458 sports cars because people get trapped inside the front storage compartment. More
4:44pm: The positive ripple effects from the world's largest IPO -- like a real estate boom and luxury car sales -- are mostly being felt in China. More
4:32pm: Stephen King and J.J. Abrams will be bringing a new series to Hulu More
4:18pm: Hundreds of protesters blocked traffic near Wall Street to protest the role big business plays in climate change. More
3:10pm: Rutgers survey finds that the job market for long-term unemployed is still bleak. More
3:01pm: The climate change debate is heating up, but it's not easy to cleanse your portfolio of dirty energy. More
2:35pm: SEC won't say who got the award, or who committed the fraud. More
2:31pm: After the first seven weeks of review, attorney Ken Feinberg has tied 21 deaths to a serious flaw in GM cars. He will continue to accept death claims for another three months. More
1:39pm: UPS announced Monday that it's bringing its in-store 3-D printing service to nearly 100 stores across the country. More
1:20pm: Even though more credit card numbers were compromised at Home Depot than Target, Home Depot's stock is at an all-time high and the CEO probably won't lose his job. More
12:31pm: Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos from 2011 might have faulty fuel pumps that could cause vehicles to stall. More
11:55am: Shares of several defense contractors are at all-time highs. Investors are betting on more military spending to fight ISIS. But is the rally almost over? More
11:39am: Best Buy could emerge as one of the biggest winners from booming iPhone 6 sales. More
11:16am: The British Royal Mint has launched a new online bullion trading service in a bid to attract investors to the precious metal. More
11:08am: Alaska reporter Charlo Greene quits live on air to fight for legal marijuana in her state. More
11:03am: Oil made them wealthy, but now Rockefellers disdain coal, tar sands. More
10:59am: Deen buys her old Food Network shows and plans to air them, along with new shows. More
10:19am: One day after a major climate change march in New York, environmental activists are targeting Wall Street for contributing to global warming. More
9:46am: Want to protect yourself from hackers? Take advice from hackers. More
9:08am: European companies just can't get enough of their U.S. rivals: two German firms splash $25 billion in cash for drugs and energy companies. More
9:00am: A new poll commissioned by Netflix finds that 21% of Americans see no problem with being TV "spoilers" More
8:57am: Apple sold a record number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones during the first weekend. More
7:05am: Gen Xers have higher salaries than their parents, but they have so much debt that they have a hard time saving, investing and buying homes. More
5:07am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:02pm: Big pocketed borrowers are paying lower average rates on jumbo loans and lenders are now requiring down payments of just 10% -- and, in some cases, waiving the mortgage insurance, too. More
4:39pm: As world leaders gather in New York for talks on climate change, hundreds of protesters are expected to target Wall Street Monday to agitate for the environment in a campaign called #FloodWallStreet. More
12:02pm: 7,000 Ravens fans traded Ray Rice jerseys for one with another player's name. The team gave vouchers after it ran out of replacement jerseys. More
7:29am: The market keeps going up and up. These 3 factors could lift it further. More
12:10pm: The automaker is recalling Cadillac XTS and Chevrolet Impalas because of a problem with the electronic parking brake arm. More
8:31am: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given more money than many western nations. More
4:15pm: A collection of interesting design, data and interactive links. More
4:06pm: Law enforcement officials say Frank Tamayo was the middleman in a $5.6 million insider trading scheme that involved him eating pieces of paper to cover up the crime. More
3:15pm: As Occupy Wall Street goes on its debt-abolishing tear, thousands of people across the country are begging them to forgive their loans. More
3:04pm: DipJar is the latest step in the evolution away from cash. More
2:45pm: P&G, a major NFL sponsor, will still contribute $100,000 to fight breast cancer but won't be part of the league's events next month. More
2:15pm: The CEO of one of the hottest companies right now got a lot of inspiration from a 1994 movie. More
2:07pm: It's really good to be Larry Ellison. The Oracle founder is stepping down as CEO, so maybe he'll have more time to enjoy his glamorous life. More
1:58pm: Amazon shares pop Friday after Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma indicates he's be open to a joint venture with Amazon More
12:06pm: Yahoo finally hit the Alibaba IPO jackpot. Will it take some of the cash it's getting from selling part of its Alibaba stake to buy AOL? Or maybe an online ad tech firm? More
11:59am: Alibaba, the biggest IPO to ever hit Wall Street, made a huge splash in its debut on Friday. More
11:54am: Scotland's clear rejection of independence has eased fears that it could suffer the kind of decline seen in Quebec after it failed to break away from Canada. More
11:24am: It's the best Mustang ever, and it should be. But this one leaves the others in its dust. More
11:18am: Bankers advising Alibaba on its IPO aren't charging top dollar, but they are thrilled for whatever fees they can get. That's because high-profile startups are shunning IPOs, turning to private investors for cash. More
10:52am: Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale Friday, with fans lining up for hours outside Apple Stores around the world. More
10:27am: Healthcare.gov, the Obamacare website, still is plagued with bugs and lacks security. More
10:16am: Oasis Beverages promises not to tinker with Pabst beer. More
8:35am: Global diamond jewelery sales hit a record of $79 billion last year, driven by Chinese consumer demand. More
8:08am: Doctors who passed on a career at the VA because of pay will soon have a reason to give the agency a second look. More
7:36am: Online furniture retailer Made was in such a hurry to win business in a new Scotland, it pushed out the wrong email to customers. More
6:34am: Federal spending is projected to grow by more than $1.4 trillion over the next decade, but only 2% will be dedicated to spending on programs for children, and then only in health. More
5:53am: British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline has been convicted of bribery in China and slapped with nearly half a billion in fines. More
3:33am: Investors breathed a deep sigh of relief Friday as Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, averting months of turmoil that would have hurt the economy. More
2:43am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
7:02pm: When it comes to retirement savings, the gap between the rich and poor is growing dramatically. More
6:43pm: Everyone seems to have an opinion - but not the media mogul. More
5:46pm: Alibaba officially secured its place in history as the largest U.S.-listed IPO of all time. The deal values the company at $168 billion. More
5:37pm: Attack is not the largest in history but it is bigger than the Target hack of late last year. More
4:20pm: Oracle founder Larry Ellison will become chairman of the board after stepping down as its chief executive. More
2:02pm: Cereal makers like General Mills, Kellogg and Post are all suffering as people shift what they're eating for breakfast. More
1:57pm: The restaurant's red star logo was controversial among the Vietnamese-American community More
1:14pm: The retailer is adding 10% more workers this holiday season than it did last year, but rivals Target and Kohl's is hiring more. More
12:41pm: Apple says it has addressed customers' privacy concerns. But its security record says otherwise. More
11:40am: PepsiCo CEO Nooyi says Goodell is man of integrity and she's confident he'll do the right thing to deal with domestic violence crisis. More
9:59am: Politico said Thursday that Susan Glasser, the editor of its weekly magazine, will also take charge of the news outlet's main newsroom in Washington. More
9:57am: Immigrant entrepreneurs leverage connections abroad to boost international exports -- and non-immigrants could stand to learn from their tactics. More
9:54am: Amazon released a cheaper Kindle as well as a tablet aimed at children, two of six new devices unveiled by the company Wednesday. More
9:41am: NASA has turned over the shuttle program to two companies, Boeing and Elon Musk's SpaceX. The agency wants to pursue something far sexier. More
7:56am: Apple says new operating system for iPhone and iPad won't allow it to bypass your password to get data - even if police have warrant. More
6:46am: Only 49% of Americans have any money in stocks at all. Wealthy, white, college-educated individuals are the most likely to invest. More
5:15am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:45am: Sony stock tumbled Thursday after the firm warned investors it expected to lose billions this year. More
10:13pm: Alibaba founder Jack Ma could earn as much as $867 million from his company's market debut. More
7:05pm: Profit was nearly cut in half for Pier 1 Imports during the most recent quarter. More
6:11pm: Young adults don't seem to be in a hurry to get married, have kids -- or buy a home. In fact, many of them are still living with their parents. And that has pushed the homeownership rate among this group to a new low of 13.2%, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data. More
5:02pm: Apple's new HealthKit platform, set for release in conjunction with the new iOS 8, has been delayed by a bug. More
4:36pm: The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is being called the 'most powerful muscle car ever,' but it's not the gas guzzler you'd expect. More
4:23pm: The bike's owner is hoping for a $1 million price More
3:35pm: Breast implants and other medical supplies are the most recent items on a long list of scarce products in Venezuela. More
2:42pm: The Adrian Peterson scandal is a big headache in the lucrative world of fantasy sports. More
2:14pm: The Federal Reserve is probably not going to raise interest rates until the summer of 2015 at the earliest. More
1:54pm: Porsche and BlackBerry have collaborated on the design of a new smartphone. More
1:52pm: Communications Workers wins right to represent 9,000 customer service agents at nation's largest airline, and most are based in the South. More
1:20pm: TMZ's weekday sports show on the Reelz channel will focus on the celebrity status of athletes, rather than the games they play. More
12:52pm: U.S. inflation came in below expectations. That's good news for Americans and certainly a lot better than what's happening in Europe, Japan and Argentina. More
12:24pm: If Scotland votes to break away from the United Kingdom, the remaining nations -- England, Wales and Northern Ireland -- will face the tough task of rebranding. More
12:12pm: FedEx and Kohl's both announce plans to ramp up hiring this holiday season, one day after UPS unveiled a major hiring binge. More
10:39am: Attorney General Eric Holder wants to amend U.S. law to raise the amount that whistleblowers receive for sharing information with law enforcement. It's currently capped at $1.6 million. More
9:45am: Apple's iOS 8 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is here. Here's how to get it -- and why you might want to wait. More
9:39am: Frederick Hutson launched Pigeon.ly in 2012 to help inmates communicate with their friends and family. He's on target for $1 million in sales this year. More
8:45am: Audi, Google get green lights from the state best known for automobiles. More
8:28am: Despite the Vikings announcing that star running back won't be with the team while dealing with child abuse charges, he'll continue to be paid. More
7:39am: When will the Fed raise rates? It all depends on whether the phrase 'considerable time' is or isn't in the Fed's statement. More
6:46am: One of Hong Kong's flashiest tycoons has purchased 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms in a single go. More
5:33am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:13am: Things aren't looking good for Sony -- the Japanese company expects to lose billions of dollars this year, as the global smartphone race heats up. More
4:07am: One of the world's best-known fund managers has hit out at Alibaba's corporate structure in the lead-up to the Chinese e-commerce giant's IPO. More
12:14am: Occupy Wall Street offshoot Strike Debt says it has abolished nearly $4 million in private student loan debt for students who attended Everest College, part of Corinthian Colleges. More