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5:39pm: New York headlines took a straight forward and direct approach with NYC's Ebola news. More
4:39pm: Drug makers, airlines and entertainment companies are among the stocks that some investors say could be impacted by the worst Ebola outbreak in history. More
3:01pm: If you're looking to fly this holiday season, the clock's ticking to get the best prices. More
2:46pm: Shares of Facebook recently topped $80. They've more than quadrupled from their post-IPO lows of two years ago. Can Mark Zuckerberg keep the momentum in mobile going? More
2:17pm: Senior official says "investigation is not over". More
2:15pm: A collection of interesting design, data and interactive links. More
2:03pm: With oil and gas prices falling, some in Washington are questioning whether it makes sense to hold 106 days worth of supply in storage. More
12:08pm: Honda CEO, Chairman and 11 other executives take pay cuts after company hit by recall failures. More
11:55am: Many AT&T U-Verse customers across the country woke up to an emergency alert on their TVs. More
11:17am: Wall Street is tired of Amazon losing money. Investors want Jeff Bezos to be more focused and disciplined with the company's long-term investments. More
10:40am: Icahn fights union over battle for Taj Mahal More
10:22am: European states have stepped up their efforts to fight Ebola, pledging one billion euros in total. More
9:04am: Tumblr CEO David Karp says he's still the boss after Yahoo's purchase, and he's happy with the progress the company has made so far. More
8:33am: Consumer products company moves to make battery unit stand alone. More
8:01am: Underpaid interns for 'Saturday Night Live' will finally cash in after court settlement. More
7:22am: Obese Brits will be offered cash incentives to lose weight as part of a plan to save billions in healthcare costs. More
5:09am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
9:39pm: Many Chinese want to swap Beijing pollution for greener foreign shores, but it seems plenty of expats are happy to head in the opposite direction. More
8:06pm: The company lost more than $14 billion in value. More
7:45pm: Big purchases often come with big expectations. So it's no wonder that in a recent survey 80% of homebuyers said they regretted at least one thing about their home. Here are ways to improve those odds. More
7:35pm: AMC Networks is effectively taking over the BBC's cable channel in the United States in a $200 million deal announced on Thursday. More
7:02pm: The FCC has paused its review of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger; Comcast still expects the deal to get approved by early 2015. More
6:53pm: Buffett's investment firm lost big on Coca-Cola and IBM this week, but that's about the extent of his losses this year. More
5:43pm: The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire also announced more than $12 million for new efforts. More
5:32pm: Sears Holdings closing stores across U.S., most before Christmas, and cutting more than 5,000 workers. More
5:31pm: Why you should care: Because if there's any chance that the lifespan of produce can be naturally doubled, we're all ears. More
5:09pm: Using technology developed for the military and implemented in Iraq, schools have installed alarm systems that detect gunfire. More
4:49pm: However, earnings slipped on restructuring plans More
3:41pm: Corporate America gave investors the gift of strong earnings Thursday. More
1:05pm: The IRS is raising contribution limits for 401(k)s by $500 to $18,000 next year. Contribution limits on IRAs and Roth IRAs will remain the same, however. More
11:50am: Filmmakers are experimenting with virtual reality technology from companies like Oculus VR to create a new kind of cinematic experience. More
11:39am: For Lucasfilm, the force was too strong in the name of Empire Brewing Co.'s 'Strike Bock' beer. More
11:36am: Dunkin' Brands reported sluggish sales and warned that growth is going to remain slow. The coffee and breakfast wars are clearly having an impact on Dunkin' and other restaurants. More
11:09am: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a Q&A at Beijing's Tsinghua University entirely in Chinese. More
10:15am: Concern about the stock market has sent interest rate of 15-year mortgage to lowest level of the year. More
9:55am: Reynolds American, maker of Camel cigarettes, says starting next year employees will no longer be able smoke at their desks or in conference rooms. More
8:31am: Concerns about liquidity in the fixed-income market have some top investors wondering about safe alternatives. More
8:06am: As it awaits approval of its merger with Time Warner Cable, Comcast continues to show solid growth, both in profit and in numbers of new customers. More
7:55am: GM earns more than $1 billion after recall costs essentially wiped out profits in first half of the year. More
6:14am: Regulators are about to reveal the results of an extensive health check of Europe's top 130 banks, indicating which may need a cash infusion. More
5:48am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:38am: China's rising middle class is embracing pet ownership and turning the pet care market into a $1.5 billion industry. More
12:31am: Star bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach believes oil will plunge to $70 because Saudi Arabia loves 'turning the screws' on rival Iran. More
9:47pm: Las Vegas might have first class shopping, dining and nightlife. But for serious gambling, head to Macau. More
8:02pm: Game 1 of the World Series saw the Royals taking on the Giants, it also saw the lowest ratings in MLB history. More
6:33pm: The mandatory Ebola-related quarantine is over, but Dr. Nancy Snyderman and the crew members who traveled to Liberia with her are not coming back to work yet. More
5:40pm: Still in search of the perfect Halloween costume idea? How about going as a million bucks. More
2:35pm: Domino's pizza used to suck. Now people like it and the stock is at a record high More
2:17pm: Captain America's bike exceeds auctioneer's estimate. More
12:24pm: Uber canceled its free rides with hot girls promotion in Lyon, France before it ever launched. More
12:19pm: The Moscow airport snow plow driver involved in the crash that killed French CEO Christophe de Margerie earlier this week denies he was drunk. More
12:11pm: It's hard to find a glaring weakness with Apple's stock. The innovative spirit is back too. So why is Apple still not in the Dow? More
11:09am: House lawmakers urge the Labor Department and Federal Trade Commission to investigate Jimmy John's. More
10:49am: Trendy power couples can now get their fashion fix with a 30-day tour of the 12 most in-vogue global cities, including Paris, London, Milan, New York, Istanbul and Barcelona. But it costs a pretty penny. More
10:42am: Turkey's finance minister is cautiously optimistic about the future despite slowing growth and regional unrest. More
10:23am: Apple Pay is double charging some Bank of America customers, and getting the charges taken off is a headache. More
8:52am: Social Security checks will get a little bit bigger next year as benefits rise by 1.7% -- which translates into $22 more each month for the average retired worker. More
8:42am: There's a sense that with Ben Bradlee's passing, an idea has died too, an idea about print journalism and impact and government accountability. That's a premise Bradlee would have ripped up. More
7:04am: The midterm elections are around the corner, and the economy remains a top concern. With unemployment down and inflation low, why do people still feel the economy stinks? More
5:15am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
8:42pm: Joseph Weisenthal, executive editor of Business Insider, is leaving the site for Bloomberg. More
7:21pm: Consistently checking whether you're savings is projected to last you through retirement is one of the best ways to create a smart and responsible retirement income plan and manage it along the way. More
6:30pm: His Berkshire Hathaway investment house holds big chunks of Coke and IBM, both of which have taken a drubbing this week. More
6:19pm: In the oil boom towns of North Dakota, Texas and Colorado there's a big demand for new homes -- but there's no one to build them. That's because construction companies keep losing skilled workers to the oil companies, which are offering big bonuses and six-figure salaries. More
6:12pm: Lay's announced that the flavor beat out more than 14 million others in a new contest. More
6:00pm: Rush Limbaugh claimed that "people at the highest levels of our government" think Americans deserve to be infected with Ebola as retribution for slavery -- but now seems to be back-pedaling. More
5:46pm: Daimler sells its 4% stake in the electric car-maker after five years as an investor. More
4:44pm: Yahoo was in the spotlight Tuesday as it released its third-quarter results, its first earnings release since the Alibaba IPO. More
4:39pm: The Dow rises nearly 200 points and the Nasdaq has best day of year as stocks roar back Tuesday. More
3:42pm: Michigan governor Snyder signs bill that Tesla says will block it from opening either a store or showroom in Big Three's home state. More
1:55pm: The recommendation was made Monday during a meeting of a state task force that is working on new rules to require retailers to clearly label food with marijuana. More
1:28pm: Executive Producer Al Jean explains how Mr. Burns, Kent Brockman, and the Simpsons would be different today compared to 1989. More
12:28pm: After a slow start, tickets prices in San Francisco have moved ahead of those in Kansas City ahead of start of Fall Classic. More
12:14pm: Coke just can't get its turnaround story right. Investors are tired of the fizzle. More
12:00pm: American companies are ramping up investment in Juarez, Mexico, after years of drug violence. More
11:53am: Shares of Chipotle tumbled due to concerns about slowing sales growth in 2015. But investors love Qdoba and its burger chain parent Jack in the Box. More
10:50am: Chinese iCloud users are facing a new wave of attacks -- not from cybercriminals, but from their own government. More
10:41am: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says women are paid equally at Microsoft, while taking home an $84 million pay package. More
10:13am: CNN and several other Turner-owned cable channels have disappeared from Dish Network homes due to a contractual dispute between the two companies. More
10:03am: McDonald's is struggling in markets around the world, especially in light of a food scandal in Asia that caused sales to tumble. More
9:33am: Oscar de la Renta dressed first ladies, movie stars and other celebrities. And that clientele allowed him to charge top dollar for his creations. More
9:04am: Startups focusing on "ag tech," or agricultural technology, are gaining the attention of farmers and investors More
8:18am: Having every single episode of "The Simpsons" on-demand is "boggling my mind," says the show's executive producer Al Jean More
7:57am: More wealth in America is always good news. Except when it grows too fast compared to income. More
7:29am: Foreign workers, lured by false promises of good jobs and benefits in America, soon find themselves enslaved in plain sight as victims of labor trafficking, a report from the Urban Institute finds. Here's how it can happen. More
6:02am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:15am: Hong Kong's top official claims that an open nomination process would give the city's poor residents too much influence over the political system. More
12:21am: Ever wonder why your avowed-conservative brother or fervently-liberal aunt can't even seem to agree on the facts? Here's an answer. More
11:58pm: French oil company Total has confirmed the death of its Chairman and CEO Christophe de Margerie, who passed away in a private plane crash in Moscow. More
10:47pm: The tug of war between Amazon and book publisher Simon & Schuster just ended -- and both sides are declaring victory. So what will happen with Hachette? More
10:43pm: China's economy has clocked its worst quarter in more than five years, raising concerns over Beijing's ability to meet its own annual growth target. More
9:05pm: The Fed official overseeing Wall Street says things need to change, and if the risky culture isn't turned around, it may be time to break up the big banks. More
7:37pm: Starting in January, Citi plans to increase the monthly fees on its checking accounts. More
5:12pm: In three years, all Chicago high school students will have to take a coding course in order to graduate. More
4:51pm: Better-than-expected iPhone sales and record Mac sales lifted Apple in its fiscal fourth quarter. More
4:07pm: Snapchat has begun showing ads for the first time. More
3:08pm: Claims of deaths and injuries tied to General Motors faulty ignition switch continue to rise, and two more deaths have been linked to the problem. More
2:55pm: After recent death in Florida, NHTSA and Toyota putting out word to car owners covered by the recall of 7.9 million vehicles to bring them in for repairs as soon as possible. More
2:49pm: Volatility has returned to Wall Street this fall. Ebola is one of the fear factors for investors. More
2:34pm: Third straight day of gains for Nasdaq and S&P 500. Even the Dow eked out a win. More
1:08pm: Facebook wants the DEA to stop hijacking identities and creating fake accounts for its investigations. More
1:04pm: Apple Pay will be up and running Monday afternoon. More
12:50pm: The company that runs the popular petition website announced a new parental leave policy on Monday it called the most generous in the tech industry. More
11:59am: An elite group of forty Porsche enthusiasts were treated to a private tour of the Sistine Chapel on Saturday -- the first corporate charity event ever held there. More
10:01am: Host a furniture market. Here's how small town High Point, N.C. rakes in this much money -- twice a year. More
8:20am: Russian authorities are continuing their crackdown on McDonald's, forcing the closure of a handful of restaurants and investigating roughly half of the country's 400 locations. More
7:51am: IBM shares down sharply in after it announces a $4.7 billion charge to dump its chip unit and says it is disappointed with results. More
5:08am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
10:07pm: Economists concerned over rapidly rising corporate debt levels in China are sounding the alarm, warning that major changes are needed to avoid an increase in "zombie" banks and firms. More
10:12am: File just one property claim to your insurer and you can expect to see your premiums soar by hundreds of dollars in some states. More
9:19am: After last week's market scare, investors are hoping upcoming corporate report cards offer more treats than tricks. More