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Thursday, October 19, 2017

United shares sink 12% after CEO admits airline is in a 'competitive hole'

United Airlines shares plunged more than 11% after CEO Oscar Munoz told investors the company has dug itself into "a little bit of a competitive hole."

Published 4:23 PM

RT bucks DOJ request to register as a foreign agent

The Russian television network RT is resisting the U.S. government's request that its American arm register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Published 3:58 PM

No 'Flash' in the pan: Adobe at all-time high

Adobe was famously panned by the late Steve Jobs, who wasn't a fan of Flash. But Adobe is thriving even as it seems Jobs was right. Flash is going away, but Adobe is at an all-time high thanks to its cloud and digital media software.

Published 3:55 PM

Cities try to lure Amazon, but want to keep the details secret

Many cities have gone all out to land Amazon's second headquarters. But some of them are keeping details of their incentive plans under wraps.

Published 3:28 PM

Being a female director: Melissa Joan Hart explains it all

Former "Clarissa Explains it All" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" star Melissa Joan Hart sits down with CNNMoney's Frank Pallotta to discuss her latest directorial effort, Lifetime's "The Watcher in the Woods," and how writing and directing is "a boy's club."

Published 2:57 PM

Meet the bears predicting stock market doom

The bulls may be in charge of the stock market, but these market skeptics see trouble brewing just beneath the all-time highs. Some even see similarities with Black Monday of 30 years ago.

Published 2:53 PM

Judge rejects Martin Shkreli's request to release his bail

A Brooklyn federal judge rejected the request of Martin Shkreli's lawyer to release his bail, even though he's already in jail, because he may have to pay fines.

Published 2:26 PM

Why rising stocks don't benefit everyone

The stock market keeps breaking records but not everyone is enjoying the gains. CNN's Richard Quest sits down with Atlanta Fed CEO Raphael Bostic in an exclusive interview.

Published 2:16 PM

NYC went orange in a bid for Amazon's next headquarters

New York City joined the dozens of cities vying to be Amazon's next headquarters.

Published 1:18 PM

New employee perk: $100 a month for your student loans

More companies are offering student loan repayment help to their employees.

Published 12:52 PM

Tesla's Model 3 gets early boost from Consumer Reports

Only a few hundred Model 3 vehicles have been sold, not nearly enough to gauge the car's propensity for problems with any sort of statistical accuracy.

Published 12:48 PM

401(k) contribution limit will rise to $18,500 next year

You'll be allowed to contribute up to $500 more to your 401(k) next year. The IRA contribution limit will remain at $5,500.

Published 12:45 PM

Aston Martin is getting into... luxury real estate?!

Aston Martin is getting into the real estate business with a new 66-story residential tower in Miami.

Published 12:19 PM

Google's parent company leads $1 billion investment in Lyft

Google's parent company is throwing its weight behind Lyft, after having previously invested in Uber.

Published 12:18 PM

Jobless claims are the lowest since 1973

Initial claims for unemployment insurance were the lowest in 44 years. It's a sign of a healthy job market.

Published 12:13 PM

British Film Institute strips Harvey Weinstein of fellowship

The British Film Institute has stripped disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of a prestigious fellowship.

Published 11:49 AM

Futuristic cop cars may identify suspects

With smart cameras, police cars may soon be able to identify specific individuals.

Published 11:45 AM

What 'bad' year? Facebook's stock up 50%

Facebook may have suffered from some bad public relations this year. But it continues to add users and post incredible gains in revenue and earnings. Facebook is now worth more than $500 billion. Russia doesn't matter to Wall Street.

Published 11:42 AM

Author: High tech valuations are an 'illusionist trick'

"The Four" author Scott Galloway says the metrics used to value tech companies have become "fuzzy."

Published 11:37 AM

This is the biggest mystery in the U.S. economy

U.S. inflation has been persistently low for years. Top policymakers don't have many strong explanations. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen recently called the lack of inflation a "mystery."

Published 11:35 AM

Goldman Sachs CEO is trolling Britain over Brexit

Lloyd Blankfein took a shot at the U.K. on Thursday, singing the praises of Frankfurt in a tweet that underscores the economic impact of Brexit.

Published 11:25 AM

Next Fed candidate meets with Trump: Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen met President Trump as he weighs whether to reappoint her or replace her as Fed chair.

Published 11:23 AM

Should you share your salary?

It used to be no one talked about their salary. But now Millennials are increasingly opening up about their paychecks, and that can be beneficial for everyone.

Published 11:04 AM

Remembering the worst day in Wall Street history

Prices on the ticker tumbled, and panic took over. Could it happen again?

Published 10:51 AM

Study finds 'psychopathic' hedge fund bosses make less money

Does it pay to be nice? The answer is yes, according to a new study that suggests fund managers with psychopathic traits make less money.

Published 10:34 AM

When does it make financial sense to get a graduate degree?

Another degree can open doors to new opportunities, but it can also require a serious financial commitment that might not always be worth the cost.

Published 10:27 AM

Tech companies are hindering criminal investigations, under outdated law

Law enforcement wants overseas data that could bring criminals to justice -- but tech firms have refused. Now, the Supreme Court may have the final say.

Published 10:18 AM

What is coinsurance? And other health insurance mysteries explained

Confused between a deductible, co-payment, coinsurance? Navigating the health insurance world is tough, but here's your cheat sheet.

Published 10:13 AM

New bill could let companies retaliate against hackers

Experts say the "hack back" bill won't work.

Published 9:59 AM

Proposed bill lets hacking victims hack back

A new bill could allow companies to retrieve and destroy stolen files from a hacker's computer or servers. Samuel Burke speaks to Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) about the bill, which some cyber-security experts say could lead to cyber vigilantism.

Published 9:43 AM

Soon, there will be just 3 black Fortune 500 CEOs

When longtime American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault steps down next year, there will be just three black CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies.

Published 9:11 AM

These airline stocks have doubled while rivals go bust

Shares in Air France-KLM and Lufthansa have doubled this year while several rivals have gone out of business.

Published 9:06 AM

Trump's tax plan isn't as big of a threat to H&R Block as he says

President Trump thinks his tax plan will be so simple that some taxpayers will be able to do away with their accountants altogether. But so far, tax professionals don't seem very worried.

Published 8:58 AM

Nissan halts production of cars sold in Japan

Nissan has suspended production of cars for its home market over safety concerns.

Published 7:11 AM

How Seoul is using technology to avoid 'traffic hell'

Seoul's subway is hailed as one of the world's best and a sophisticated monitoring system helps keep road traffic flowing above ground.

Published 6:59 AM

China's answer to Groupon and Yelp is now worth $30B

Booking app Meituan-Dianping just raised $4 billion, highlighting investors' enthusiasm for Chinese tech startups.

Published 5:20 AM

Chaos in Spain; EU summit; China GDP

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:04 AM