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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sarah Sanders warns CNN's Jim Acosta: Ask Trump a question, it could cost you

The White House's top spokesperson had a warning for a CNN reporter on Tuesday: Ask President Trump a question at an event you're about to attend, and you may not be allowed into similar events.

Published 7:15 PM

Stolen identities, deceased weigh in on net neutrality

Identities are being stolen and once again, the democratic process is being weaponized online. When the FCC sought the public's opinion on the hotly contested net neutrality vote, something strange happened: millions of the those in favor of repealing net neutrality turned out to be fake. But they had the identities of real Americans whose identities had been taken. From the son of a dead woman whose comment posted a month after her death, to a network engineer strongly in favor of net neutrality, we show the real identities of the people whose identities were hijacked for political benefit.

Published 7:02 PM

Aetna waives co-pay for opioid overdose drug

Starting on January 1, the co-pay on Narcan will be waived for some customers, Aetna says.

Published 6:05 PM

Looking to sell bitcoin? It's complicated

The only thing more nerve-racking than buying bitcoin right now may be trying to get your money out.

Published 5:20 PM

Canada makes good on threat to drop Boeing fighter deal

The decision is a major blow to Boeing, which loses out on an approximately $5.23 billion deal.

Published 3:49 PM

This bill could change the way Americans pay for college

House members debated a Republican bill Tuesday that would drastically change the federal loan system and reverse some Obama-era rules aimed at holding colleges accountable.

Published 2:56 PM

GE looks into spare plane fiasco

General Electric is trying to get to the bottom of the controversy sparked by news that a spare plane used to escort former CEO Jeff Immelt around the world.

Published 2:38 PM

Regulators on Bitcoin and other digital currencies: Investors beware

Bitcoin euphoria is prompting two top U.S. regulators to reiterate warnings about the potential risks of investing in digital currencies.

Published 2:35 PM

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' has outsold any other movie on Fandango this year

Disney's next installment in the "Star Wars" saga has become Fandango's top advance ticket-seller of the year, the online ticket site reported on Tuesday.

Published 1:23 PM

NFL Network, ESPN suspend Marshall Faulk, other stars after sexual harassment lawsuit

Former wardrobe stylists claims Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk and other ex players on NFL Network groped her and exposed themselves.

Published 12:58 PM

Carl Icahn declares war on Xerox

Carl Icahn is declaring war against Xerox.

Published 12:43 PM

Fed expected to lift rates as Yellen delivers final press conference

There will likely be one more rate hike from the Federal Reserve in 2017 before chairwoman Janet Yellen steps down.

Published 12:28 PM

Why most sexual harassment training videos don't work

The usual orientation routine is due for an overhaul.

Published 12:17 PM

Don't expect a big pay raise in 2018

A report from consulting firm Korn Ferry predicts that workers around the world will get a real pay increase of just 1.5% on average in 2018.

Published 12:15 PM

Gas prices rise in freezing Europe after explosion and pipeline closure

Energy markets were shocked Tuesday by the closure of a pipeline in the North Sea and a major explosion at a facility in Austria.

Published 12:09 PM

Exxon gives up major climate change fight

After years of resisting, the company has agreed to reveal the risks it faces from climate change and the global crackdown on carbon emissions.

Published 12:00 PM

Move over, bitcoin. Here comes litecoin

Bitcoin mania is alive and well. But there's actually another cryptocurrency that's fared even better lately. Litecoin has doubled in the past day and is up an astonishing 10,000% in the last year. Can this end well?

Published 11:31 AM

This Indian company can build an apartment in two weeks

SquarePlums is customizing shipping containers to help fix a shortage of homes in India's tech hub.

Published 10:50 AM

South Korea is going bitcoin crazy

Students are checking the price between classes, workers are trading as they line up for coffee, and grandparents are playing the market at home.

Published 10:21 AM

Bitcoin mania sweeps South Korea

Cryptocurrencies are sweeping South Korea, and demand outstrips supply so much that they have to pay up to 26% more for digital coin - a phenomenon they call the "Kimchi Premium."

Published 10:13 AM

These companies are coming clean on climate change

Hundreds of companies have pledged to report climate-related information, joining an environmental campaign led by billionaire Michael Bloomberg and U.K. central banker Mark Carney.

Published 10:12 AM

How President Trump benefits from the GOP tax plan

President Trump says he will not benefit from the GOP tax bill. Is that true? CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans reports.

Published 9:40 AM

Is the taxman coming for your steak?

An investment advisory group and policy experts say meat taxes are just a matter of time as governments try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.

Published 9:25 AM

NFL Network sued for sexual harassment

A former employee for NFL Network is suing for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. The suit involves current and past on-air talent for the network.

Published 8:50 AM

Level Up: Nintendo Switch scores 10 million sold

The company said on Tuesday its hybrid gaming system -- one part mobile, one part home console -- sold 10 million units since its March 2017 launch.

Published 8:02 AM

America's malls are rotting away

Experts predict one fourth of malls will die in five years. Here's why.

Published 7:53 AM

Why it's harder to find a Christmas tree this year

A production slowdown nationally during the Great Recession has dampened the Christmas tree industry today.

Published 7:34 AM

Coming soon to Saudi Arabia: AMC movie theaters

The world's biggest movie theater chain moved fast after Saudi Arabia listed its 35-year ban on cinemas.

Published 7:11 AM

Mall owner Westfield sold for nearly $16 billion

A European property group is buying Westfield, which has 35 malls in the U.S. and U.K., for $15.8 billion

Published 6:13 AM

Consumers who froze credit reports could hit hurdles with Obamacare

The Obamacare federal marketplace generally uses credit reports to help verify identities, but that doesn't work if consumers have put a security freeze on them -- as some did after the Equifax breach this year. Workarounds for this issue exist, but they make the process more time-consuming.

Published 6:01 AM

Pipeline trouble; Climate summit; Fed meets

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:10 AM

North Korea may be making a fortune from bitcoin mania

Kim Jong Un's regime is amassing a hoard of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, experts say.

Published 4:37 AM

Kimmel brings son on show, gets emotional

Jimmy Kimmel brought out his son, Billy, who underwent a second heart surgery, while he discussed funding for Children's Health Insurance Program.

Published 2:41 AM

Jimmy Kimmel brings out his son to talk about health care

Jimmy Kimmel's young son, Billy, made an appearance on his father's late night broadcast, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday night.

Published 1:21 AM

Turns out 'recommended' Premium gas doesn't do much

AAA study shows that, in cars where it's "recommended," but not "required," there is only slight benefit from using Premium fuel.

Published 12:06 AM