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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Glenn Beck: America needs a 'reconciliation'

"We can't read only the things that we agree with," Beck said on Sunday's 'Reliable Sources.' "We have to have conversations, calm conversations that make us uncomfortable. We have to have that."

Published 6:53 PM

GE warns restated results will shrink 2016 and 2017 profits

GE plans to restate the last two years of results, the struggling conglomerate said in a filing on Friday night.

Published 5:20 PM

More than a dozen businesses ran away from the NRA. How it went down

More than a dozen brands have chosen to cut ties with the NRA and vowed to stop offering discounts to members.

Published 2:49 PM

David Hogg meets Dan Rather

David Hogg is one of the student survivors leading the "Never Again" campaign. He is also thinking about majoring in journalism. In this interview with Brian Stelter, Hogg also speaks with veteran news anchor Dan Rather about student activism and media coverage. Rather offers Hogg some career advice.

Published 2:10 PM

Media bashing unites conservatives at CPAC

Brian Stelter says CPAC featured media criticism that was "destructive" instead of "constructive." Doug Heye and John Avlon both weigh in on this trend.

Published 2:02 PM

Reality intrudes on Trump's 'fantasyland'

Dan Rather, Sarah Westwood, and Doug Heye discuss President Trump's "fantasyland," including tweets that misquoted Fox News stories. Rather equated the White House's spreading of falsehoods to a "fertilizer spreader in a wind storm."

Published 2:00 PM

No, the media does not 'love mass shootings'

Lulu Ramadan, a 23-year-old reporter who has already covered three mass shootings, responds to the NRA's inflammatory talking points about the media. John Avlon also joins the conversation and explains why the NRA is trying to "deflect and distract."

Published 1:45 PM

Glenn Beck: 'We have to start looking to heal'

Glenn Beck shares his thoughts on how to "heal" the country's media divide with Brian Stelter. He talks about his past on Fox News, stresses the need for "calm conversations," and discusses CNN's recent town hall.

Published 1:37 PM

Samsung Galaxy S9 is all about the camera

Samsung's next generation smartphone has arrived.

Published 12:02 PM

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S9

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Published 12:00 PM

'Black Panther' roars past $700 million worldwide in week two

"Black Panther" saw another big weekend at the box office for Marvel and Disney.

Published 11:55 AM

Supreme Court to hear high-stakes Microsoft case testing email privacy

The court will decide whether a digital communications provider has to comply with a U.S. search warrant for user data if the information is stored outside of the country.

Published 10:43 AM

Why 3% is the scariest number for stocks

The stock market has come back from its sell-off earlier this month. But the bonds may cause another round of trouble.

Published 9:24 AM

Why companies are abandoning the NRA

Advocates are targeting not weapons makers, but banks, rental car agencies, insurers, shipping companies and other companies with ties to the NRA.

Published 8:27 AM