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Friday, April 28, 2017

Chris Dodd to step down as Hollywood's chief lobbyist

The Motion Picture Association of America is getting a leadership change up.

Published 7:18 PM

Google CEO made nearly $200 million last year

Apparently the C in Alphabet stands for crazy cash. Google CEO Sundar Pichai received nearly $199.7 million in compensation last year, double the amount he made in 2015.

Published 6:07 PM

Elon Musk's Boring Company releases slick video

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has released a computer-generated video showing a network of underground tunnels for cars.

Published 5:09 PM

NYC luxury bathroom gets an upgrade

The next time you have a bathroom emergency, look no further than Bryant Park, where the public bathrooms have gotten a $300,000 upgrade.

Published 5:00 PM

A first look at Elon Musk's next grand idea

Elon Musk revealed Friday a video depicting a network of underground tunnels he hopes to create beneath the city of Los Angeles.

Published 4:57 PM

A big winner in Trump's first 100 days? 'Fox & Friends'

"Fox & Friends," the show adored by the president more than any other, has seen itself elevated in the public discourse by Trump, going from mere morning gabfest to perhaps the most influential program on cable news. And it has enjoyed a ratings surge to boot.

Published 4:28 PM

What to expect from Samantha Bee's 'Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner'

What to expect from 'Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner'

Published 4:08 PM

The two biggest ways the Trump family could benefit from his tax plan

President Trump's tax plan outline suggests there will be a lot of tax cuts for the wealthy. But two would be especially sweet for Trump and his children.

Published 3:31 PM

Trump to NRA: You have a true friend in the White House

During a speech to the NRA, President Donald Trump said that the "eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end."

Published 3:07 PM

New York's most luxurious public restroom just got a $300,000 makeover

New York City's Bryant Park has always had the nicest public restroom around. But it just got a $300,000 upgrade that made it even more opulent.

Published 3:02 PM

First 100 Days: What Trump has done to Obamacare

President Trump may not have accomplished his top priority of repealing Obamacare in his first 100 days, but he has certainly left his mark on the health reform law.

Published 2:34 PM

Look for this new signature on your dollar bills

Jovita Carranza's signature will appear on all U.S. paper currency alongside that of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Published 2:14 PM

100 days in, Howard Stern was 100% right about Donald Trump

Howard Stern could have predicted how Donald Trump would react to being president -- in fact, he did.

Published 2:02 PM

Google launches servers in Cuba to speed up YouTube and search

Popular Google searches and YouTube videos will be stored locally in Cuba.

Published 1:57 PM

21,000 AT&T Wireless workers could strike Monday

21,000 AT&T Wireless workers could go on strike Monday.

Published 1:30 PM

Robots hit the streets -- and the streets hit back

The robot era is here, and man-on-machine violence is already beginning.

Published 12:20 PM

Hey, Bill Gates! Jeff Bezos is almost richer than you

Amazon's strong earnings pushed CEO Jeff Bezos' net worth up to $80 billion. He's $7 billion behind Bill Gates. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are richer too after solid Alphabet results. Tech continues to rule the market.

Published 12:17 PM

Marissa Mayer won't be running Yahoo once Verizon deal closes

The leadership team for the new AOL-Yahoo venture has been revealed -- and Mayer's name is not on it.

Published 12:17 PM

How Adidas is trying to catch Nike in the footwear race

Adidas is positioning itself to overtake Nike in the race to be the top sports brand in the U.S.

Published 12:14 PM

The best-paid CEO in Britain is taking a major paycut

WPP chief executive Martin Sorrell will be paid a maximum of £20 million ($26 million) in 2017.

Published 11:52 AM

Inside the not-so-secret society that could launch the next big startup

The Kairos Society uses the promise of innovation to link young entrepreneurs from around the world.

Published 11:45 AM

The Trump rally, 100 days in

Christine Romans breaks down how the stock market climb under Trump compares to past presidents.

Published 11:36 AM

Trump back in campaign mode with pre-100 days media blitz

President Trump has been on a media blitz this week as his 100th day in office approaches, personally touting his administration's accomplishments in nine interviews with television networks, newspapers and web sites.

Published 11:33 AM

How Adidas plans to win the footwear race

Mark King, president of Adidas North American, tells CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia the company's plans to take on Nike and Under Armour.

Published 11:29 AM

100 days into Trump presidency, where is Peter Thiel?

President Trump's most prominent supporter in Silicon Valley has done little so far to shape tech policy and staff appointments.

Published 10:49 AM

Can you actually become a millionaire on an average salary?

Becoming a millionaire is part of the American dream, but is it out of reach for the average person?

Published 10:15 AM

Who will be the new enemy for Trump and the NRA?

Who will be the new enemy for Trump and the NRA?

Published 10:15 AM

A new NAFTA deal could bring jobs back - at a cost to Americans

President Trump will soon begin renegotiating NAFTA but he hasn't said what a better deal looks like.

Published 10:15 AM

President Trump: I miss my old life

President Donald Trump, reflecting on a first 100 days in office, told Reuters that he thought the job would be easier and he misses his old life.

Published 10:14 AM

Boeing to U.S.: Put tariffs on Canadian rival Bombardier

Boeing wants U.S. to take action against Canadian rival Bombardier in another growing trade tensions between U.S. and Canada.

Published 10:10 AM

Exxon profits surge 122%, ending two-year slump

After more than two years, ExxonMobil's bottom line has finally stopped shrinking.

Published 9:57 AM

A Pope Francis TED sermon: Tech can lead to more equality

Pope Francis made a video appearance at the TED 2017 conference themed "The Future You." He discussed how technology could lead to "more equality and social inclusion."

Published 9:42 AM

Trump rally is 2nd best since JFK

Anticipation of sweeping policy change under President Trump has lifted the stock market by more than 11% since the election. It's the second-best performance through a president's first 100 days since 1961 under JFK.

Published 9:03 AM

How hard work paid off for the brothers who run Tyler Perry Studios

Growing up in a predominantly Cuban community in Los Angeles, Ozzie and Will Areu never would have dreamed they would become media executives running a film and television empire.

Published 8:29 AM

Time Inc. backs away from plans to sell itself

The beleaguered magazine company Time Inc. backs away from plans to sell itself and says it will 'continue to pursue its strategic plan.'

Published 8:28 AM

Barclays CEO says he won't resign after trying to identify whistleblower

Barclays CEO Jes Staley says he won't resign despite multiple investigations into his attempts to unmask a whistleblower.

Published 8:10 AM

U.K. growth falls to just 0.3%. Is more pain on the way?

Britain's economy grew by just 0.3% in the first quarter as higher prices discouraged consumers from spending.

Published 7:04 AM

Trump's first GDP report; Exxon earnings; Brexit bites

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:11 AM

A halal hotel seeks to profit from Muslim travel boom

The Quran is standard operating procedure at the PNB Perdana Hotel in Malaysia, a country where halal tourism is a growing and lucrative industry.

Published 4:28 AM

Trump: South Korea should pay for $1B missile defense system

President Trump wants South Korea to foot the bill for a $1 billion U.S. missile defense system and is threatening to kill the free trade deal between the two countries.

Published 2:36 AM

Trump's 1st economic report card: Slowest growth in 3 years

The US economy grew 0.7% in the first quarter of 2017, according to the Commerce Department. It was the slowest quarterly pace of growth since the first quarter of 2014.

Published 12:03 AM

Trump can't stop U.S. jobs from leaving

American companies have continued to ship jobs overseas on an almost daily basis during President Trump's first 100 days in office.

Published 12:01 AM