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Week at a glance: All stories

5:09pm: "Hail, Caesar!," the new film from the Coen brothers starring George Clooney, has a cavalcade of stars but will have to compete with the Super Bowl this weekend. More
4:30pm: Twitter has ramped up its efforts to combat ISIS' recruiting techniques and has suspended 125,000 accounts since mid-2015. More
4:17pm: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Disney's smash hit space saga, will cross the $2 billion mark on Saturday. More
4:08pm: Anheuser-Busch has been the exclusive beer advertiser featured during the Super Bowl since 1975, and it's spent more on Super Bowl advertising than any other company for the last five years in a row. More
4:07pm: Bernie Sander's folk album recorded in 1987 is enjoying its best sales this year, partly fueled by late night comedians. More
3:11pm: In an effort to help prevent wage discrimination, President Obama wants to require companies to report how much they are paying their employees by race, ethnicity and gender. But not everyone thinks it's a good idea. More
2:29pm: The Chicago Stock Exchange reached a deal on Friday to be acquired by a China-led group of investors. More
1:50pm: Donald Trump now says he is will attend the next Fox News debate, which include Megyn Kelly as a moderator. More
1:45pm: Bernie Sanders will be heading to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend with host Larry David. More
1:33pm: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is busy buying Phillips 66 stock despite the slide in oil prices and U.S. stocks so far this year. More
1:10pm: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, or FANG, are all down this year. But 2016's big winners so far are three natural gas companies, a gold miner and a fashion retailer. Alrighty then! More
1:03pm: Citi warns that a continued drop in oil prices and the rising dollar could lead to an 'oilmageddon' recession. More
12:32pm: American exports fell by 5% last year, the first annual decline since 2009, according to stats released on Friday. It's a reflection of the super-strong U.S. dollar and the fragile state of the global economy. More
12:12pm: Despite all the negative headlines over the Zika virus, Brazil's Carnival festivities are still going ahead and revelers are expected to come out in droves. More
11:24am: Anheuser-Busch unveils Super Bowl 50 Budweiser ad with get-pumped macho imagery and the iconic Clydesdales. More
10:58am: Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop each expect to sell more than 10 million wings on Super Bowl Sunday. More
10:57am: MSNBC's feisty debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton received high marks from political observers, but not high ratings from ordinary viewers. More
10:41am: Microsoft's Cortana and other virtual assistants have had to learn how to deal with lewd comments and questions from users. More
10:07am: USB-C cords could be dangerous, sucking too much power and destroying your gadgets in the process. More
9:56am: The British government has made a public request asking all airlines flying from Zika-affected areas to spray their planes with insecticide before coming back to the U.K. More
9:40am: The German automaker has delayed its annual earnings and shareholder meeting because it needs more time to calculate the cost of its diesel emissions scandal. More
9:30am: "Orange is the New Black" won't return for a fourth season until June, but Netflix has already ordered the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. More
9:21am: Portland, Oregon, is often described as the last affordable cool city on the West Coast. But as more people move to the city, it's becoming increasingly unaffordable. More
8:39am: Bank stocks have got off to a terrible start of the year. Here is why. More
8:32am: When you tweet @Velveeta and @Kraft, you probably think you're getting through to the makers of gooey processed cheese -- but the real story behind the handles isn't what you'd expect. More
8:15am: Megyn Kelly said she thinks Donald Trump will show for a March 3 Fox News debate and that she'll be ready for him if he does. More
7:45am: Illinois' largest provider of social services is closing 30 senior, counseling, rehab and prisoner re-entry programs and laying off 750 people because of the budget impasse. More
7:42am: Cybercriminals using stolen data have targeted millions of user accounts on Alibaba's popular Taobao shopping platform. More
7:36am: LinkedIn's stock fell 43% after the company said it wouldn't grow as strongly as investors had hoped. More
7:09am: Unemployment rate falls to 4.9% as U.S. economy adds 151,000 jobs in January More
6:59am: Shares in Toshiba plunged 11% after the company warned of an even deeper loss. More
5:51am: 'When is the Super Bowl?' and 'What time is the Super Bowl?' are terms that people are Googling furiously ahead of the big game. More
5:30am: Pakistan International Airlines has lost track of a large number of passengers as it wrestles with a crippling strike. More
4:55am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:49am: Cash attracted $208 billion of inflows since mid-2015. That's way more than stocks or bonds. Why? When people are nervous, they run to cash. More
3:08am: China's top anti-corruption bureau says it has uncovered "major problems" in the country's sprawling financial system. More
2:01am: Sir Danny Alexander, the former Treasury chief secretary, has been appointed vice president of the new China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. More
11:04pm: Fox News host Megyn Kelly is about to become an author. A book by Kelly was acquired by HarperCollins this week after a bidding war involving several publishers. More
11:02pm: Kitchenware suppliers for top consumer brands from Ikea to Cuisinart have been slammed by a watchdog group for links to alleged labor abuses. More
9:23pm: CNNMoney asks a fortune-teller and an economist what to expect in China during the Year of the Monkey. More
7:35pm: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow told Playboy that it is "hard to imagine" Bernie Sanders winning the presidential election. Her comment was published shortly before she was to moderate a Democratic debate. More
7:21pm: Les Moonves, the newly-named chairman of CBS, calls it a "great privilege" in his first interview since the appointment. More
7:04pm: MSNBC won a chance to host a Democratic debate along with the Union Leader, and now the pressure is on the cable news channel. More
6:49pm: Martin Shkreli's new hotshot laywer, Ben Brafman, appeared on CNBC Thursday afternoon. He said Shkreli needs coaching to save him from a public relations disaster that could harm his criminal case. More
5:40pm: The U.S. economy is still healthy, says Cleveland Federal Reserve President Loretta Mester. Translation: Don't rule out more interest rate increases in 2016. More
5:30pm: The NFL will air a PSA about domestic violence for the second year in a row during Super Bowl 50. More
5:30pm: Sumner Redstone and his two other top Viacom executives together received $603 million from the company in the last six years despite the company's troubles. More
5:28pm: The IRS said it has gotten its tax processing systems and tools up and running again after an outage caused by a likely "hardware failure" a day earlier. More
4:39pm: After killing its SAT requirement, George Washington University saw an increase in applications from blacks, Hispanics, international students and those who would be the first in their family to go to college. More
4:31pm: President Obama proposed a tax of $10-a-barrel on oil companies to help pay for a wave of clean transportation investments. More
3:42pm: Initial sign up for Obamacare's third enrollment period tops government expectations. More
3:36pm: Facebook is a dozen years old this February 4. The company calls its birthday Friends Day, and its released some pretty amazing statistics about how Facebook friends are connected. More
2:57pm: Donald Trump won't commit to taking part in the March debate on Fox News which will be moderated by Megyn Kelly. More
2:24pm: The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has Wall Street scooping up water utility stocks. Investors are betting that more cities and states could push to privatize municipal water utilities. More
2:21pm: The British pound could fall by as much as 20% if Britain decides to leave the European Union, Goldman Sachs has warned. More
1:55pm: CVS sells Narcan, also known as naloxone, is 15 states and will add 20 more this year. More
12:59pm: Airbag maker Continental notifies U.S. safety regulator that 5 million more airbags will need to be recalled, making a serious safety problem that much worse. More
12:08pm: The federal government doesn't provide enough help for the middle class, a new Pew Research Center study found. More
12:02pm: CNN is going to simulcast the Democratic presidential primary debate that PBS is holding next week in Wisconsin. More
12:00pm: ConocoPhillips slashed its dividend on Thursday, making it the first large American oil production company to do so. Now investors are wondering if Chevron, ExxonMobil and other Big Oil companies could be forced to follow suit. More
11:15am: Job cuts soared 218% in January, according to consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Layoffs were particularly heavy in the energy and retail sectors. More
11:08am: Popular tourist hotspots in the Americas are poised for trouble as the Zika virus threatens to scare away visitors. More
10:44am: Amazon will open hundreds of book stores, the CEO of a big mall owner said he heard. Shares of Barnes & Noble tanked. But a funny thing happened. The mall CEO now says he didn't mean to comment on Amazon's plans. More
10:21am: In a bid for more transparency, OnlineCensorship.org is collecting posts that social networks like Facebook and Twitter have banned. More
10:08am: Martin Shrkeli, the former drug CEO, laughed as a congressman likened his actions to a Ponzi scheme. More
9:31am: GoPro's stock is plummeting after announcing a huge loss and a commitment to slash its product lineup. More
9:19am: Venezuela is lobbying hard for OPEC and other oil producers to discuss cutting production but an emergency meeting still appears some way off. More
8:37am: Apple lost a huge patent infringement case, owing $626 million in damages to patent troll VirnetX. More
8:20am: Vermont ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's have taken the milk out Chunky Monkey. More
6:10am: The future of Viacom may be decided in the next few hours. The beleaguered company's board of directors will meet on Thursday to consider naming a new chairman to succeed Sumner Redstone. More
5:53am: American inventories of crude oil are at the highest level in at least 80 years. Some key storage locations are running out of room to store oil. More
5:06am: Shares in Credit Suisse are plunging after the bank reported its first annual loss since 2008, weighed down by its investment banking business. More
4:53am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:02am: The first edition of Playboy in its non-nude era hits the newstands Thursday and the magazine's CEO describes it as still sexy but "safe for work." More
2:40am: Former baseball slugger Jose Canseco is one of the more surprising critics of the Bank of Japan's recent move to cut interest rates into negative territory. More
12:30am: Two major airlines say they are allowing staff members to opt out of flights to Latin America and the Caribbean amid escalating concerns over the spread of the Zika virus. More
12:20am: Hundreds of protesters snarled traffic in Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday to protest the signing of a controversial trade pact that was years in the making. More
11:15pm: The IRS experienced a hardware failure that brought down some of its tax processing systems, including the one that allows people to file their returns electronically. More
7:39pm: Ted Cruz, under fire for misinforming Iowa voters about the status of his rival Ben Carson's campaign, is wrongly claiming that it is CNN's fault. More
6:57pm: A new analysis from a fiscal watchdog group estimates that the tax hikes Bernie Sanders has proposed to pay for his health plan would only cover three-quarters of the cost, leaving a shortfall of at least $3 trillion. More
6:05pm: The video game company behind NBA 2K is being sued for alleged copyright infringement over players' tattoos in their games. More
5:47pm: One Super Bowl 50 player listed his home on Airbnb for the night of the big game. For $5,000, a mega-fan can stay overnight in his luxurious living space. More
5:23pm: "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story" had a strong debut with 5.1 million viewers for the FX channel. More
4:44pm: Takata airbag is spreading to more recent cars than in previous recall as Honda starts warning dealers about problems with newer cars. More
4:23pm: Les Moonves is replacing Sumner Redstone as the executive chairman at CBS. More
3:43pm: Toyota's youth-oriented brand failed to gain traction among the current generation of young car buyers. More
3:17pm: Challenging perceptions of rampant cord-cutting, Comcast is clawing back some cable customers. More
2:48pm: McDonald's mozzarella cheese sticks don't have real cheese filling, a California man claims, and he's suing for patrons to get their money back. More
2:39pm: Elon Musk cancels Tesla Model X order for blogger who criticized the launch event for the crossover SUV. More
2:37pm: Martin Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, was questioned about the value of the bond he used to make bail. More
2:10pm: Super Bowl tickets selling for average price of nearly $5,000 thanks to proximity to Silicon Valley. More
1:58pm: After the U.S. lifted its 40-year ban on oil exports, Venezuela was quick in line to buy some American crude -- despite having the world's largest oil reserves. More
1:58pm: BlackRock CEO Larry Fink sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton in his annual letter. Both are worried about short-termism and 'quarterly earnings hysteria.' More
1:37pm: Venezuela's chaotic economy forced Mondelez, the maker of Oreos, to take a $778 million loss More
1:33pm: Claims by the Intercept that one of its reporters falsified reporting has other news outlets that picked up the reporting scrambling to adjust their own stories. More
1:18pm: Amit Singhal, a 15-year Google veteran and head of Google Search, is leaving the company. More
1:15pm: 'Pink tax' angers women from New York to London More
12:28pm: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have stopped wrangling and agreed to four more debates including one on Thursday night debate in New Hampshire just days before the state's Democratic primary. More
12:08pm: Treasury bond yields keep sliding. But amazingly enough, U.S. bond rates look shockingly high when compared to yields for other developed markets like Germany and Japan. That's why investors may keep buying U.S. debt. More
10:55am: The Fed is still predicting four interest rate hikes this year, but the market now forecasts zero hikes in 2016. More
10:01am: Tesla stock has plunged more than 25% in 2016. Analysts are worried that low gas prices will lead to weak demand for electric cars. And Elon Musk's company has a lot more competition these days as well. More
9:52am: Looking for guaranteed retirement income? Keep these tips in mind if your financial adviser suggests rolling your 401(k) funds into an annuity. More
9:34am: "Fast and Furious," Universal's ultra successful automotive action franchise, will have a 9th and 10th chapter. More
9:26am: Home Depot wants to hire 80,000 seasonal workers, and plans to make half of them permanent. More
8:26am: General Motors reported the best profit margin in its 107-year history in 2015, just six years after the company was saved by a federal bailout. More
8:22am: Consumers in the world's fastest-growing major economy are kicking into gear, buying more cars and helping India's auto industry shatter sales records. More
7:54am: Yahoo's rumored $7 million holiday party cost closer to $2 million, Marissa Mayer said. More
7:53am: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg takes the fourth richest ranking on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. More
7:53am: Drugmaker Sanofi says it can accelerate work to develop a Zika vaccine because of its experience with the related dengue virus. More
7:38am: Female entrepreneurs are spotting opportunity in the cannabis industry and taking advantage of it. More
7:26am: Reinstating internal borders and passport controls could deal a $110 billion hit to the economy over the next decade. More
7:16am: Looking for the best benefits? Some companies are getting creative with the work perks they give employees. More
6:54am: Chinese companies are buying foreign rivals at a record pace, with deals announced so far this year already worth 60% of the 2015 total. More
6:20am: As Turing Pharmaceuticals took steps to acquire a life-saving drug, former CEO Martin Shkreli saw dollar signs. More
5:04am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:58am: The 2016 NBA playoffs in April will be the first games to feature ESPN analysis in Chinese on Tencent's digital platforms. More
2:04am: The U.S. Marshals will auction six jewelry pieces that belonged to Bernie and Ruth Madoff. More
1:43am: State-owned ChemChina said Wednesday it has offered a whopping $43 billion for the Swiss company Syngenta, which supplies pesticides and seeds. More
5:41pm: Uber rolled out a rebranding on Tuesday with a new logo and color scheme, but the company didn't get a new image overnight. More
5:16pm: Yahoo said it would lay off 15% of its staff and explore 'strategic alternatives' after losing $4.4 billion last quarter on a gigantic writedown. More
4:57pm: ExxonMobil could lose its AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor's within the next 90 days. That would leave Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson as the only U.S. companies with perfect ratings from S&P. More
4:43pm: Chipotle's profits plunged 44% in its fourth quarter compared to the same time a year ago as E.Coli scare keeps customers away. More
2:55pm: The Intercept, the online news site best known for publishing the NSA leaks of Edward Snowden, said that reporter Juan Thompson fabricated quotes and created fake email accounts to cover it up. More
2:28pm: United Airlines is reversing its policy of the last four years and again allowing passengers with young children to board flights ahead of other passengers. More
1:32pm: Record TV ratings for primary debates gave way to record ratings for coverage of the Iowa caucuses on Monday night. Viewers tuned in to see if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would lose. More
1:10pm: American companies doing business in Europe can breathe again after the U.S. and EU agreed ways to protect data transferred across the Atlantic. More
1:06pm: Plunging oil prices kills North Dakota's economic boom, and plays havoc with state government budget. More
12:58pm: Britain's leading Internet provider suffered a major outage Tuesday, with users across the country unable to use the service. More
12:41pm: No companies have gone public so far in 2016, the first month of IPO silence since September 2011. More
12:34pm: Russia's economic crisis is so bad that President Vladimir Putin is now hoping to sell stakes in some of the nation's most prized businesses to raise money. More
11:44am: Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says don't expect the Saudis to cut back on oil production. Their top goal is maintaining market share. More
11:33am: After the World Health Organization declared the virus an emergency, some major American companies risk losing revenue if Zika spreads further. More
11:26am: Barbie sales soared during the holidays, leading Mattel to its best fourth quarter in years. And the company's new line of Barbie dolls -- with more body types and ethnicities -- could keep Mattel's hot streak intact. More
11:09am: Europe is cracking down on terrorist financing in the wake of the Paris attacks by taking aim at 500 euro banknotes, pre-paid cards and virtual currencies. More
10:46am: For us, buy us: Women who conceal carry couldn't find what they need, so they're launching their own startups tailored to lady shooters. More
10:43am: It took half a year, but Windows 10 has finally surpassed Windows XP. More
10:41am: Glock, Smith & Wesson, Honor Defense and Crimson Trace tailor their handguns for women who conceal carry. More
10:26am: Exxon Mobil earnings tumble by 50% on lower oil prices, as it cuts slashes capital and exploration spending. More
9:41am: Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has passed Google to become the most valuable company thanks to strong earnings. More
9:32am: The European Union is trying to reform to convince Britain to stay in. Here is why you should care. More
9:26am: Gold prices have jumped more than 6% this year, making the yellow metal one of the only major assets to post sizable gains in 2016. More
8:50am: Ashley Madison's infamous hack last summer exposed millions of cheaters, so the infidelity dating site rolled out a new security feature this week: Masks. More
7:19am: After months of negotiations, European Union officials have proposed a series of reforms aimed at preventing a damaging British exit from the union. More
6:28am: Tata Motors has been forced to change the name of its new hatchback -- the Zica -- just days before its official launch. More
5:33am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:30am: BP is shedding thousands more jobs after sinking to a huge loss in 2015. More
4:44am: WhatsApp, the smartphone messaging app that Facebook bought for $22 billion, has hit 1 billion users. More
1:26am: When Donald Trump lost to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses Monday night, Fox News commentators were quick to suggest that Trump's decision to skip Fox's debate had something to do with it. More
12:21am: Several countries are running out of money because of cheap oil and they are looking for loans from the IMF, World Bank and China. More
12:03am: Movie star Mirren lambasts drunk drivers in Budweiser ad. More
4:23pm: A victory by Donald Trump could threaten Fox News' status as the network needed by conservative politicians who want to become president. More
3:52pm: Don't call The League a dating app for elites. Founder Amanda Bradford blasts a Stanford student for criticizing the app. More
3:47pm: American Airlines announced Monday it will soon start offering free snacks on domestic flights. More
3:30pm: The staff of the soon-to-be-closed Al Jazeera America have set up a website showcasing their stories and resumes. More
3:06pm: Sesame Street and VC firm Collaborative Fund launch a $10 million fund to invest in startups focused on childhood development. More
3:01pm: Puerto Rico's massive debt crisis just took another turn. The island is now proposing a nearly 50% haircut for creditors. More
2:42pm: Apple is the world's most valuable company. But maybe not for much longer. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, topped it on Monday afternoon before pulling back a bit. More
2:15pm: Thursday Night Football will have a home on NBC and CBS thanks to a deal reached between the networks and the NFL on Monday. More
1:51pm: Personal spending was essentially flat in December while U.S. manufacturing contracted for the third straight month. More
1:34pm: Embattled CEO Marissa Mayer is expected to announce layoffs of 15% of Yahoo's workforce. More
1:32pm: Oil prices aren't done crashing, says Goldman Sachs. The recent rally, fueled by hopes of help from OPEC, is just a head fake. More
12:43pm: Tesla Motors applies for first dealership in Michigan, the Big Three's home turf, despite law prohibiting automakers from owning dealerships there. More
12:42pm: Rumors are flying that Samsung Galaxy S7 phones will have microSD slots again, one of the features that people missed last year. More
12:12pm: Some Twitter shareholders really want the company to sell itself. The latest chatter? Venture capitalist (and prolific tweeter) Marc Andreessen may be teaming with Silver Lake Partners on a deal. But should investors believe the talk? More
11:53am: "Grease Live!," Fox's first live TV musical, grabbed a big audience and acclaim for its impressive production value. More
10:48am: More than 93% of investors were in the red during the terrible month of January, according to Openfolio. More
10:02am: Alphabet pulled back the curtain just a bit on its some of its most secretive, money-losing businesses. More
9:41am: Barclays, Credit Suisse pay millions to settle probes of dark pools by NY Attorney General, SEC. More
9:32am: Oil producer Nigeria is considering asking the World Bank and the African Development Bank for loans to fund its cash-starved economy. More
9:18am: Drivers protested recent rate cuts outside Uber's Long Island City office on Monday. More
7:56am: Members of one of Britain's most exclusive golf clubs are taking legal action against its new Chinese owners over soaring dues and a huge joining fee. More
7:48am: Chipotle shares rallied after the CDC declared that the E. coli outbreak affecting the popular Mexican food restaurant chain appears to be over. But will customers come back? More
5:03am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:37am: Chinese authorities have arrested 21 suspects linked to a massive Ponzi scheme that allegedly embezzled $7.6 billion from individual investors. More
3:20am: The explosive spread of Zika virus across the Americas could turn out to be a major speed bump for Tata Motors. More
1:28am: A new report on poverty and inequality found that the U.S. ranks the lowest among countries with welfare states. More
11:35pm: Currently carrying goods from China to Los Angeles, the Benjamin Franklin is the biggest container ship ever to dock in the U.S. More
10:07pm: China's crucial factory sector is sputtering. Manufacturing activity slumped again in January amid fears over the health of the economy. More
9:49pm: Toyota, the world's top-selling automaker, will stop producing vehicles at all assembly lines across Japan for an entire week because of a parts shortage. More
1:18pm: "Kung Fu Panda 3" gave 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation a big win this weekend. More
11:32am: Three giant fitness chains have all arrived at the same lucrative place using very different strategies. More
2:46pm: President Obama announced the launch of a new program geared toward ensuring that all students learn computer science skills. More
11:35am: Elon Musk said his commercial flight program, SpaceX, should be ready to send people to Mars by 2025. More