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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

VW's new electric car will cost less, and go farther than, Tesla's Model 3

VW's new electric car will cost less, and go farther than, Tesla's Model 3

Published 12:09 PM

Google CEO cheers on 15-year-old's invention

Advar Ramesh, a 10th grader from India, is praised by Google's CEO Sundar Pichai for his invention to keep fishermen safe

Published 11:58 AM

Philadelphia 76ers are the first U.S. pro team to get into eSports

The Philadelphia 76ers are the first pro sports team in the U.S. to invest in an eSports team. Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil explains why.

Published 11:34 AM

Turning London's backstreets into trendy food markets

London Union is setting up street food markets across the city, hoping to change the way people eat out.

Published 11:29 AM

Nissan's self-driving chair: For when standing in line is too hard

Nissan's ProPilot chair uses the same self-driving technology as their Serena minivan.

Published 11:29 AM

Why the Philadelphia 76ers bought eSports teams

The Philadelphia 76ers are the first North American professional sports franchise to invest in eSports. Team CEO Scott O'Neil sits down with CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia to explain why.

Published 11:27 AM

Sports teams want you back in the stadium

Stadium attendance is down so pro sports teams are using technology to win back fans and get them in their seats.

Published 11:21 AM

Moscow's government ditches Microsoft for Russian software

Moscow government is ditching Microsoft Office for Russian-made software "My Office."

Published 11:21 AM

Elizabeth Warren is still furious with Wells Fargo boss

Elizabeth Warren renewed her demand for Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf to step down and return the money he made while the bank's fake account scandal was taking place.

Published 11:18 AM

'Lion King' live action remake coming

Get ready for fans of the "Lion King" to roar.

Published 10:47 AM

Venezuela crisis: I flew to U.S. to buy toilet paper

Venezuelans, who can, are traveling to the United States to buy basic goods as chronic shortages erode a sense of normalcy.

Published 10:42 AM

Microsoft and Adobe form cloud partnership

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen talk with CNNMoney's Maggie Lake about their newly forged alliance and the future of artificial intelligence.

Published 10:22 AM

Deutsche Bank: Does it need a bailout?

Speculation about the health of Germany's biggest bank is running wild.

Published 9:49 AM

Wells Fargo to scrap controversial sales goals October 1

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf plans to say at Thursday's hearing in Congress that it will drop the controversial sales goals linked to its fake account scandal ahead of schedule.

Published 9:42 AM

3 smart moves that can help you save more money

Follow these steps to save more for an emergency fund, your retirement, and general financial security, without feeling deprived.

Published 9:42 AM

Aetna insurance will subsidize the Apple Watch

Aetna is the first major health insurance company to subsidize cost of the Apple Watch.

Published 9:19 AM

End of an era: BlackBerry will stop making its own phones

BlackBerry has decided to stop making its own phones. The company is going to outsource production of its once-popular devices and focus more on software. What will President Obama and Kim Kardashian West do now?

Published 9:04 AM

India isn't just growing fast, it's much more competitive

India has zoomed higher in a new ranking of global competitiveness by the World Economic Forum.

Published 8:25 AM

Why you should be careful searching for Amy Schumer

Searching for Amy Schumer's name most likely to expose people to malware and cyber criminals, according to McAfee's annual ranking.

Published 8:24 AM

For-profit colleges: 6 things to ask before enrolling

Not all for-profit colleges are bad. Here's what you need to know to avoid the ones that are shady.

Published 8:19 AM

China's richest man's Hollywood ambitions

Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin wants to buy one of the "Big Six" studios in Hollywood and says he is willing to 'wait for the opportunity.'

Published 7:37 AM

This Chinese tycoon wants to conquer the entertainment world

China's richest Wang Jianlin has an ambitious plan to conquer the entertainment world.

Published 7:37 AM

The biggest IPO of 2016 was a big flop

Shares in the Postal Savings Bank of China barely budged on their first day of trading.

Published 7:12 AM

Hate standing in line? This self-driving chair might be the answer

Japanese carmaker Nissan has developed a fleet of self-driving chairs that detect and follow each other.

Published 6:57 AM

Former high school rebel, now head of U.S. education system

By the time John King was 13, both his parents had passed away. Hurt and angry, he rebelled and even got expelled from school. But his teachers gave him a second chance. Now, as U.S. education secretary, King is trying to do the same for kids who are incarcerated and put an end to the school-to-prison pipeline that disproportionately impacts black and Latino students.

Published 6:44 AM

Billionaire: Chinese real estate is 'biggest bubble in history'

Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin made his fortune in the country's real estate market -- and now he's warning that it's spiraling out of control.

Published 6:26 AM

China IPO flop; big day for takeovers; oil still in the spotlight

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:13 AM