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Week at a glance: All stories

9:04am: Canada has fallen victim to cheap oil, sliding into recession for the first time in six years. More
9:03am: The next time you're traveling, you won't need an Internet connection to watch Amazon TV shows and movies. The streaming service has enabled "offline viewing" on popular phones and tablets. More
7:55am: Amazon is testing a new Ship by Region program, which will limit free, two-day Prime shipping for certain customers. More
7:16am: Employers want people who can communicate well. They are even willing to pay more for them. More
7:02am: Oil prices, which fell below $38 last week before soaring to nearly $50 on Monday, were falling again Monday. More
5:03am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:02am: There's no doubt about it: China's slowdown is going to have impact beyond its borders. More
1:42am: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is pregnant and expecting identical twin girls in December. More
10:29pm: Apple executives have been quiet conversations with Hollywood. More
10:16pm: An important measure of China's all-important factory sector indicates a deceleration in activity. More
5:06pm: San Francisco's new quinoa restaurant Eatsa wants to bring back the automat. More
4:54pm: Miley Cyrus' outrageous behavior during VMAs couldn't prevent slippage in TV viewers. More
4:13pm: Oil was trading at just $38 a barrel last week. Now it's nearing $50. What is going on? More
3:38pm: Even if Tom Brady can't play his team's fourth game in Dallas, fans are already busy searching for tickets to the game. More
3:14pm: Pope Francis spoke via satellite with Americans in three cities on Monday in an event orchestrated by ABC News. More
2:53pm: Tim Draper's $1 million offer may be safe. The last episode of "Startup U" got 47,000 viewers. More
2:38pm: A conservative think tank is sponsoring a Times Square billboard as a tribune to its opposition to a new minimum wage rule for fast food workers in New York state. More
2:17pm: Walmart, facing higher labor costs due to raise in starting wage, is cutting workers' hours at some stores. More
2:13pm: A technology glitch at Bank of New York Mellon caused inaccurate values on up to 1,200 mutual funds and ETFs. More
1:40pm: The broader market tanked in August. But well-known stocks like Best Buy. Smucker, Hormel, Google and even Netflix were able to eke out some gains this month. More
1:32pm: September could be an even bigger news month than August. Here are 7 reasons why. More
12:54pm: British engineering company Rolls Royce is cooperating with Brazilian authorities investigating bribery at state-owned oil giant Petrobras. More
12:25pm: Denny's ran full-page ads offering to collaborate on a hybrid hamburger after McDonald's shot Burger King down. More
12:18pm: Winners of the Illinois lottery are forced to pay the waiting game if they won more than $25,000. More
12:06pm: Sarah Palin guest-hosted a talk show on a small rival to Fox News, One America News Network, last week. Will she be back? More
11:23am: A lot of people are urging the vice president to run for president, including a Wall Street billionaire. More
10:43am: Good news. August is about to end. Bad news. Investors still have many reasons to be nervous about the stock market -- even though the worst may be over. More
10:11am: Blue Apron, Boxed, and Nature Box are worth an estimated $2.5 billion. Their co-founders all went to the same high school. More
9:54am: The legendary pro wrestler says his past use of the n-word is something he inherited. More
9:19am: India's economy grew by 7% in the three months to June, weaker than expected and much slower than in the first quarter of 2015. More
9:10am: T-Mobile CEO John Legere calls out a small group of customers for being 'data thieves.' More
8:55am: Minecraft creator unhappy with billions he got from Microsoft when he sold his game. More
8:31am: Hacked cheater site Ashley Madison dismisses reports of "imminent demise" and claims that women do, in fact, use its services. More
7:10am: No U.S. business went through bankruptcy more than Donald Trump's former casino empire during the last 30 years. Trump says there's nothing wrong with that. More
6:11am: The OnHub is fast and attractive, but its real power is an app that takes the pain out of managing a WiFi network More
5:18am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:01am: Chinese authorities have arrested nearly 200 people for alleged online rumor-mongering about China's stock market turmoil and a recent, deadly chemical factory explosion in Tianjin. More
9:29pm: Hulu's new front in its competition with Netflix involves "The Hunger Games" and "Transformers." More
3:57pm: You can continue to keep your two-year contract on Verizon, but the no-contract plans will save you money. More
12:59pm: Italian energy company Eni says it might have uncovered the largest natural gas field ever. More
11:13am: Univision anchor Jorge Ramos believes his tense press conference exchange with Donald Trump "unmasked" the presidential candidate. More
5:01pm: The U.S. economy has performed well this year. But there's lots of global gloom. Which will influence the Fed the most? More
9:12am: China's Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said if there is "systemic risk to the financial system, we must take action." More
9:06am: Looking for something good on Netflix? These entertaining films will help you learn more about finance and investing. More
7:42pm: A web site created by the city of New Orleans to commemorate its revitalization post Katrina ticks off a number of successes: major rebuilding projects, criminal justice and education reform and the rebirth of neighborhoods. But for black residents of New Orleans, the fruits of the recovery have been far more elusive. More
6:34pm: Along with heartache and anxiety, Wednesday's murder of a WDBJ news crew in Virginia is causing journalists across the country to reassess the safety of TV live shots. More
5:32pm: A new app called Arro, set to launch soon in New York City, will let riders reserve cabs and pay for fares. More
5:30pm: Tech startup founders share tips and tricks for making the most out of business travel time. More
4:52pm: A collection of interesting design, data and interactive links. More
3:47pm: Rebekah Brooks was cleared of all charges in News Corp.'s phone hacking scandal. More
3:45pm: The New York tabloid said the jarring photos are "a definitive part of the story." More
2:06pm: The market volatility in China and the U.S. could hit private companies, especially late-stage unicorns. More
1:29pm: The battery life for the iPhone 6 is about a day. But Intelligent Energy has a working iPhone 6 that gets a week's worth of power. More
1:23pm: Saudi Arabia is under tremendous pressure. The Saudi government is considering slashing spending by a staggering 10%. More
12:38pm: Miley Cyrus to reign over VMA chaos this Sunday. More
12:33pm: Over the past 12 months, Amazon has produced a staggering $8.98 billion of operating cash flow and $4.37 billion of free cash flow. But those numbers are a little deceptive. More
11:56am: The FBI says hackers have funneled $1.2 billion from businesses since October 2013 using a common scam. More
11:44am: Mom and pop investors are dumping their investments and moving to cash at levels not seen since the financial crisis of 2008. More
11:18am: Brazil's government announced that its economy fell into recession, shrinking 2.6% from a year ago. More
10:41am: It all started with fears of China's slowdown hurting the rest of the world. More
10:24am: Avid Life Media Inc., the parent company of Ashley Madison, announced that its CEO will step down. More
10:10am: Apple Music exec Ian Rogers is leaving just two months after Beats radio launch More
10:05am: When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, it wiped out 75% of the state's fishing vessels. These businesses, in particular, bounced back. More
9:26am: Thousands of Brits were left without pay heading into the holiday weekend after HSBC botched payments for many of its corporate customers. More
9:09am: Commissioner Bratton asks Disney and Marvel to sue rogue characters for copyright violation. More
8:38am: Google is putting an end to autoplaying videos in background tabs, putting a stop to the 'Where is that sound coming from?' phenomenon. More
5:16am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
2:50am: Somebody has set up a fake Goldman Sachs, a new high-water mark for Chinese counterfeiters. More
12:10am: China has been blamed squarely for this week's wild ride on global markets. Analysts are worried by turmoil in the country's stock markets, and signs that the country's massive economy is flagging. More
6:24pm: For the first time ever, Facebook had one billion users on its site Monday. More
4:50pm: Fifth ranking woman departs Al Jazeera America in recent months. More
3:38pm: Rectangles rejoice! You can now post landscape and portrait images on Instagram. More
2:56pm: If you're a DirecTV customer, Sprint will give you a year's worth of cell phone service for free. More
2:33pm: Donald Trump finally gives more detail on his economic plans. More
1:09pm: Stephen Colbert told Time Magazine that his new "Late Show" has a planned series about finding the true Colbert. More
12:55pm: Mining companies are cutting jobs as China's economic slowdown causes prices to tumble. More
12:46pm: Apple's fall event date will be Wednesday September 9. The company is expected to unveil its newest iPhones and possibly iPads. More
12:25pm: In a sign of an emerging trend, former Clinton aide Chris Lehane heads to Airbnb. More
12:10pm: Tyson Foods hit with new allegation of supplier abusing chickens. More
12:03pm: Ricky Martin came to the defense of Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos in an op-ed against Donald Trump. More
12:01pm: A new device that pugs into iPads and iPhones will let mobile and non-traditional retailers accept Apple Pay payments. More
11:39am: Gap retailer workers no longer have to be on call when they're not working. More
11:28am: To work for the world's biggest search engine, you have to know what to search for -- naturally. More
11:09am: Central bankers are swooping to the rescue of shaky economies, soothing investor panic for now but highlighting a global addiction to easy money. More
11:02am: John Sculley's Obi Worldphone will begin selling two new Android smartphones in October. More
10:43am: After watching many of its workers cross the border into the U.S., one Mexican company has been working hard to keep its workers in Mexico by making the American Dream come true for them right in its own backyard. More
10:25am: Western investors have thrown Ukraine a financial lifeline worth $3.6 billion by agreeing to write off some debt and delay bond repayments. More
10:23am: Smartphones are expensive. So using the one your employer gives you can save a lot of money. But in exchange you may be forfeiting control and privacy. More
10:16am: The U.S. stock market continued to rebound Thursday morning after days of volatility. More
9:59am: Reacting emotionally to wild stock market swings could do your retirement savings more harm than good. More
9:15am: Two tabloid newspapers printed close-up images from a gunman's execution video on their front pages, immediately provoking condemnation from other journalists and public figures. More
8:39am: The U.S. economy grew by 3.7% between April and June, higher than the first government estimate. More
8:35am: A class action lawsuit settlement will give StarKist customers the right to chose between cash and tuna fish as payment. More
8:09am: Microsoft says Windows 10 has been downloaded 75 million times in a month. More
7:19am: Broken light bulb leads to glass fragments in bread and a recall of bread in 11 states. More
7:01am: The new Tesla Model S P85D scored so high in the magazine's tests that the scoring system had to be adjusted. More
5:08am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:55am: Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin has agreed to pay $650 million for World Triathlon Corporation, the latest expansion of his growing sports holdings. More
10:02pm: Asia markets opened higher on Thursday as investors joined a global stocks rebound. More
9:07pm: The Univision network's top executive released a staunch defense of Jorge Ramos on Wednesday night, 24 hours after the anchorman tangled with Donald Trump at a nationally televised press conference. More
8:11pm: In the latest sign of MSNBC's reinvention, polarizing talk show host Al Sharpton is moving from a prime five-day-a-week show to once-a-week. More
7:39pm: RadioShack agreed to refund in full all of the $46 million worth of outstanding gift cards. More
6:44pm: Six months after announcing it will expand paid parental leave, the consulting firm Accenture boosts benefits to relieve the pressures on parents who travel a lot for business. More
5:41pm: The federal agency that oversees worker safety estimates 2 million Americans a year are victims of some form of workplace violence. More
5:29pm: A woman who spent three months in jail for involuntary manslaughter had her conviction overturned after her lawyers argued her accident was caused by GM's flawed ignition switch. More
5:18pm: A look at the way in which the shooting of a reporter and cameraman was covered across different media platforms. More
5:17pm: China's economic slowdown is hurting companies and countries in direct and indirect ways. It's a sign of how big the spillover is. More
5:08pm: There's another digital assistant for hire. Facebook announced M, an artificial-intelligence powered assistant programmed to do your bidding. More
5:01pm: Angry Birds maker cutting up to 39% of its staff as it shrinks its business to focus on gaming. More
4:48pm: Internet access is notoriously slow during flights, but the FAA gave Gogo approval this week for technology that will allow inflight Wi-Fi speeds that are better than most consumer broadband speeds on the ground. More
3:57pm: Walmart said it will continue to sell hunting rifles, but not military-style rifles. More
3:52pm: Many Twitter and Facebook users unwillingly witnessed the horrifying murder of two journalists today as a result of the sites' autoplay video functionality. More
2:38pm: A lawsuit says keyless ignitions are to blame for deaths of people who accidentally left cars running in their garages. More
1:07pm: The enormous losses reflect the deep fears about the health of the global economy amid China's slowdown. More
12:51pm: Alison Parker and Adam Ward are the first members of the news media killed while on assignment in the United States in almost a decade. More
12:48pm: Here's how WDBJ reported the news of the on air shooting of two of its colleagues. More
12:21pm: Facebook and Twitter took action on Wednesday after suspected Virginia shooter posted videos of himself killing two TV journalists. More
11:45am: Where you live plays a part in how much of a raise and bonus you'll get relative to the rest of the country. If you work in the nation's capital or in Dallas or Houston, you may be in luck next year, according to a new survey by human capital consulting firm Aon Hewitt. More
11:41am: Airbnb will start collecting tourist taxes in Paris but visitors shouldn't be hit with a bigger bill. More
11:34am: After fears that China's economic slowdown has worsened and global stock markets have nosedived, a rate hike appears "less compelling," said New York Fed President William Dudley. More
10:26am: You don't have to be an engineering major at an elite college to get a good paying job. Check out associate's degrees in management information systems, construction management or economics. More
10:24am: Russia has banned more Western products, this time barring detergents and soaps made by global brands such as Procter & Gamble. More
10:08am: What's happening in China's stock market is worrisome. But many economists say it's too soon to panic. More
10:07am: How do you run a successful crowdfunding campaign? Indiegogo's CEO Slava Rubin offers his top tips and mistakes to avoid. More
9:59am: The Dow raced 600 points higher on Wednesday, logging its biggest point gain since the 2008 financial crisis. More
9:55am: Burger King extends an olive branch to McDonald's for Peace Day, in the form of a burger collaboration. But McDonald's CEO isn't buying it. More
7:29am: America's stock market isn't anywhere near a bear market. More
7:15am: Jesus Larios never tried hard in high school -- until he realized that he didn't want to end up working in low-paying, dead-end jobs just like everyone else he knew. More
6:57am: The testy Q&A between Univision's Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump has the political and media worlds buzzing. More
6:37am: The pace of home sales is starting to slow in markets throughout the country, according to a new report from Trulia. More
5:19am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:02am: Global stocks have been on one hell of a ride in recent days, and everyone is looking for a scapegoat. More