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10:08am: There are innumerable reactions to Bruce Jenner's announcement about being a transgender woman, but the dominant reaction is the most human one of them all: love. More
12:17am: Coming out as transgender is probably easier than it ever has been, but it is still hard and shamefully unsafe. Keep up your resilience and know that you are making the world a better place. More
12:11am: Bruce Jenner will follow up on his extraordinary interview with Diane Sawyer by further sharing life as a transgender woman in a reality TV series for the E! cable channel. More
8:09pm: Starbucks computer problems has some stores giving away free coffee. More
5:09pm: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he's 'lucky' to have 'married' three parts of his business that many people worried wouldn't work at first: Marketplace, Prime, and Amazon Web Services. More
4:17pm: After weeks of rumors and anticipation, ABC finally airs "Bruce Jenner: The Interview." More
2:10pm: Shares in Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo dropped sharply Friday after hoaxers claimed its CEO had quit after faking billions in profits. More
2:00pm: For a very long time, Al Franken was a very lonely man on the subject of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. More
1:55pm: Mary Barra, first female CEO of GM, getting 78% more than Dan Akerson who held job before her. More
1:47pm: Talk about crapping out. Elaine Wynn has been kicked off the board of the casino empire she helped build. More
1:44pm: Pepsi is changing the artificial sweetener it uses in Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi sold in the U.S. starting in August. More
1:11pm: Apple is likely to post huge growth in sales and profits thanks to the popularity of the iPhone 6. Here are all the numbers to keep an eye on in the report. More
12:39pm: Facetune is the kind of app we've always wanted but felt too guilty and vain to download. More
12:22pm: Mattel has decided not to renew its licensing agreement with SeaWorld amid an ongoing backlash over the animal park's treatment of orcas. More
11:27am: Starbucks reported huge growth in sales and profits. The stock is at a record high. So much for that social media backlash against CEO Howard Schultz. More
11:08am: A week before "Avengers: Age of Ultron" opens in the U.S., the Marvel film debuts big internationally. More
10:45am: If you look closely at a Google Maps image of Rawalpindi, you'll see and Android peeing on an Apple logo. More
10:37am: Four major U.S. airlines posted record profits in the first quarter due to big fuel savings but savings didn't translate into lower fares. More
10:28am: Abercrombie & Fitch will no longer hire store workers based on looks and is doing away with shirtless models at special events as it seeks to move beyond the policies of former CEO Michael Jeffries. More
10:15am: Before Diane Sawyer sits down with Bruce Jenner on Friday, we look back at some of the most high profile TV interviews in recent history. More
9:38am: IFixit has torn apart the Apple Watch, giving us the first glimpse of the smartwatch's guts. More
8:50am: The European Union has become central to the fight to form the next British government, with two of the main parties promising voters a chance to take the U.K. out of the bloc. What are the arguments for, and against? More
8:39am: After failing to convince regulators their merger would be good for consumers, Comcast and Time Warner Cable officially call off their giant merger. More
8:17am: The impact of rising immigration on Britain's economy has become a hot topic in the election campaign. More
8:13am: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says it will take several years but a review of salaries will bring pay equity for his staff. More
7:45am: Chipotle is now offering delivery of online and mobile orders in 67 cities using an app called PostMates. More
7:17am: In Washington State and San Diego, two programs that provide comprehensive counseling to mentally ill inmates have drastically cut the chances they will commit another crime. More
7:11am: Recall covers about 32,000 pairs of pajamas made by Roberta Roller Rabbit sold since start of 2012. More
6:51am: Obama sidelined traditional journalists again and gave exclusive interview instead to Bill Nye the Science Guy. More
6:07am: The Federal Reserve is preparing to raise interest rates. That kind of liftoff hasn't happened since 2004. More
5:50am: British bank HSBC is considering moving its headquarters out of the U.K. because of concerns about regulation and the country's future in the European Union. More
5:18am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
12:13am: The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is up over 10% this year. That's way better than U.S. markets. More
11:14pm: Meet the "Dragon King," a $1.8 million dinosaur skull excavated in Montana, now on sale in Hong Kong. More
8:06pm: Newsroom are deciding on the proper way to refer to Bruce Jenner. More
6:41pm: The poor are spending far more than they earn for basic needs, such as housing, transportation and food. And that means many are forced to dip into savings, lean on family for help or go into debt. More
5:24pm: On the two-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, #whomademyclothes aims to rally the public behind sustainable apparel. More
5:14pm: Microsoft sales continue to impress even as Windows slumps. More
4:49pm: Amazon revealed that its cloud business will bring in $5 billion worth of sales this year. More
4:32pm: Google's advertising business continued to slow down in the first quarter of 2015. More
4:15pm: The U.S. government sued Quicken Loans Thursday alleging the company violated federal rules when it made loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration. More
4:01pm: The Nasdaq just had a new record close -- the first since the Dot-com bubble of March 10, 2000. More
3:53pm: U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter revealed a new cybersecurity policy -- and a push for a high tech partnership with Silicon Valley. More
2:40pm: The recall comes just days after Blue Bell also yanked its ice cream off shelves due to listeria concerns. More
2:22pm: CBS will televise a primetime send off special for the legendary late night host next month. More
2:01pm: Starbucks will open a store in Ferguson, the Missouri town at the center of a national debate over race, as part of a plan to expand in diverse areas. More
1:52pm: Well Fargo's new ad campaign prominently features an LGBT couple in a big national campaign, a first for the banking industry. More
1:16pm: The list of $1 CEOs is long, but the list of CEOs who only make $1 or less is very exclusive. More
12:18pm: This Aston Martin DB6 has been restored to 'better than new' condition by people in the very factory where it was built. More
11:59am: Hershey hurting on bad earnings and China's slowdown More
11:49am: Dunkin' stock surged 8% Thursday as customers are back for their coffee and breakfast fix. More
11:28am: Dr. Mehmet Oz's on-camera rebuttal to his critics is airing on local stations across the country Thursday, part of a P.R. blitz that also entails an essay in Time magazine and an interview on NBC's "Today" show. More
11:25am: A look at Corporate America's latest report cards show that the U.S. economy is still holding up well despite the strong dollar ... and that consumers are binging on donuts and pizza. More
11:07am: Your cell phone company is ripping you off by forcing you to pay for data that you don't use. More
10:33am: A Girl Scouts Cookie Oven rolling out to Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart stores this summer will let you bake those iconic thin mints right at home. More
10:10am: Sure, oil prices are going back up a bit. But Big Oil executives don't see the return of $90 to $100 a barrel any time soon. More
9:48am: Comcast is planning to walk away from its $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable after pursuing it for more than a year. More
8:54am: German bank Deutsche Bank pays a total of $2.5 billion to U.S. and U.K. regulators to settle charges it manipulated key benchmarks for global interest rates. More
8:42am: GM posted disappointing earnings and weaker sales, along with increased costs to pay recall victims. More
8:17am: The Grateful Dead's final shows will be broadcast online and on television by pay-per-view in July. More
8:06am: Donald Trump has lashed out against President Obama's plans to create a free trade area across the Pacific. More
8:02am: Souped-up Toyota Supra driven in first Fast & Furious movie by the late Paul Walker expected to be auctioned for at least $150,000. More
7:44am: Elon Musk's has never taken a salary from Tesla. But his paper fortune runs well into the billions. More
7:17am: Brands like Royal Caribbean and Harley are trying to regain their premium status. That means higher prices. More
7:14am: Brazilian oil company Petrobras posted an annual loss of $7.2 billion and wrote off $2 billion for the cost of corruption. More
5:25am: Meet the robot chef who'll cook you a "delicious" crab bisque in 30 minutes. More
5:03am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
2:00am: China has released a list of 100 alleged economic fugitives, the latest move in the government's wide-reaching anti-corruption crackdown. More
10:46pm: When American Olympians are not performing incredible feats of athleticism or winning gold medals, they're often struggling to stay out of the poor house. More
6:20pm: Comcast executives are facing off with skeptical government regulators. What's going to happen to Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable? Here are the options. More
4:56pm: Expect to pay big bucks for a ticket to the May 2 fight at MGM Grand. The median price is currently $11,507 on the secondary market. More
4:47pm: Facebook revenue grew 42%, as it relies more heavily on its mobile business More
4:34pm: Out of all of the advanced countries, the U.S. has one of the highest levels of income inequality and falls behind at offering equal opportunities to advance, says economist Joseph Stiglitz. More
4:09pm: "The Avengers" star walked out of an interview after British anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy pressed the actor about his past. More
2:56pm: Google will sell wireless service directly to customers, the company announced. More
2:48pm: New York City wants to recycle or compost all of its trash. More
2:28pm: Home Depot says it will stop selling vinyl floor with phthalates, a chemical banned from toys and other kids' products due to health worries. More
1:06pm: Sure. many big tech stocks like Netflix and Apple are helping lift the Nasdaq. But Kraft, Monster Beverage, Walgreens and a Russian telecom company are also big winners this year. More
1:03pm: A University of Virginia administrator has retained a prominent defamation attorney and written a letter to Rolling Stone lambasting the way she was depicted in the magazine's retracted "Rape on Campus" story. More
12:20pm: Google's new 'Contributor' service give websites an alternative to advertising by asking users to pay a few dollars every month. More
12:02pm: One of Greece's most prominent businessmen, Leonidas Bobolas, was arrested for tax evasion and forced to pay 1.8 million euros. More
11:48am: If you are a buyer in these markets, you have the bargaining advantage. More
11:44am: ABC is staying mum about Diane Sawyer's special with Bruce Jenner saying they will let the former Olympian speak for himself. More
11:25am: Tesla says it will unveil a home battery and a battery for businesses on April 30. More
11:22am: The London man accused of illegal trading linked to the 2010 "Flash Crash" plans to fight extradition to the United States. More
11:05am: Right or wrong, Hillary's future is tied to the performance of the Obama economy until Election Day. More
10:51am: Profits are down 33% and fewer people are dining at McDonald's around the world. Where's the turnaround plan? More
10:20am: Negative interest rates in Europe are turning banks on their heads: at least one has made repayments on mortgages for some of its customers. More
10:01am: New data from the OECD shows the average worker in India pays no income tax and doesn't have to make any social security contributions. More
9:59am: Gurbaksh Chahal, who lost a CEO job after domestic violence charges against him, faces new discrimination accusations after firing a woman executive from his new firm. More
9:16am: If you can sit through a WebEx and like scary movies, you'll probably appreciate 'Unfriended.' More
9:02am: You can get an Apple Watch early by entering a lottery. But supplies are limited. More
8:41am: Verizon's attempt to take sports channels out of its basic cable package is setting up an epic standoff with some of the biggest media companies in the country, including ESPN. More
8:32am: Lawmakers in the House and Senate introduce legislation to replace Andrew Jackson as the face of the $20 bill, saying it would send a signal that America supports equal rights for women and respects their contributions. More
8:20am: Coca-Cola is in the midst of a turnaround. Sales did perk up a bit in the first quarter and profits easily topped forecasts. But a huge drop in Diet Coke sales is a problem. More
8:02am: Macs still have a major security flaw that Apple said it had fixed in a recent Yosemite update. More
7:26am: Billionaire Ken Fisher says the stock market has already priced in cheap gas and the strong dollar. Worry about what's next. More
7:19am: While the 4% rule may give you a good starting point, a good retirement withdrawal rate isn't always that simple. More
7:14am: City-to-city buses get over 200 miles per gallon per passenger, making them the most fuel efficient travel choice. More
7:08am: Trek recalls nearly 1 million bikes in U.S. and Canada for safety issue that left one rider paralyzed. More
6:37am: Startup TINYpulse has software that it says keeps employees happy -- and helps businesses retain them. More
6:14am: Japan's main stock market index has closed above the 20,000 level for the first time in 15 years. More
6:07am: The European Union is accusing Russia's energy giant Gazprom of abusing its dominant position to manipulate gas prices. More
5:52am: Warren Buffett dumped most of his stake in struggling retailer Tesco about a month before it revealed one of the worst losses in UK corporate history. More
5:09am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
12:09am: For a long time, there were no defaults in China. But those days appear to be over. More
8:35pm: China's rising middle class is obsessed with pole dancing. More
6:36pm: The jobs of Blue Bell's 4,000 employees are safe as the company recovers from a massive recall that yanked every last Blue Bell ice cream containers from store shelves. More
6:07pm: In a special episode of "The Dr. Oz Show" he taped on Tuesday, Oz ? arguably America's best-known doctor ? addressed the 10 doctors directly and accused them of trying to intimidate him. More
5:54pm: Chipotle reported lukewarm earnings Tuesday afternoon. It's a sign of caution for a stock that some say is overvalued. More
4:41pm: David Letterman has sent an invite to his long-time late night rival. If "The Late Show" is able to book the former "Tonight Show" host it has the potential to turn Leno's appearance into event television. More
4:28pm: Rob Kuznia, who won the Pulitzer for local reporting Monday, had already left for a job in PR by the time the award came. More
3:32pm: Justine Musk, the first wife of billionaire Elon Musk, takes to Q&A site Quora to dole out advice. More
3:08pm: 'Why die on Mars when you can live in South Dakota?' A new ad campaign boasts that the state has a lot more to offer than Mount Rushmore. More
3:01pm: Federal authorities say a 37-year old U.K. man used illegal trading techniques that contributed to the abrupt stock market crash on May 6, 2010. More
1:27pm: Six of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate are petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to reject Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. More
1:27pm: Some prominent investors say it's time to look abroad for good stock picks. More
1:13pm: Three years ago, when gas prices were at near-record highs, more people were willing to pay a premium for the "alternative fuel vehicles." More
1:06pm: Analysis: Brian Williams, Lester Holt and NBC News are locked in a lose-lose-lose scenario. More
12:41pm: For the first time since Obama took office, Americans give the economy two thumbs up. More
12:19pm: Lynne Doughtie will become CEO in July, making her one of the few women to reach the top of Corporate America. More
11:21am: Shares of Harley-Davidson shifted into reverse after weak sales. But is it an overreaction? More
11:00am: Startup Print Syndicate is making millions by mining popular memes and turning them into T-shirts, pillows, posters and mugs. More
10:48am: Russia reckons sanctions imposed by the West will have cost it $106 billion by the end of this year. More
10:14am: Paul Ceglia lost his appeal to revive his years-old lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. More
10:13am: That's why investors just poured $50 million into Shyp, a startup that takes care of the burdensome packaging, pickup and return process of shipping. More
10:07am: Nearly half of workers think they need to save half a million dollars to retire comfortably, but most are far away from that goal. More
9:52am: Hollywood brings colors to life with new Minions-inspired Pantone shade of yellow. More
9:47am: Under Armour reported its 20th straight quarter of revenue growth above 20%. But expectations are stratospheric. More
9:33am: Demanding, overbearing or just plain mean managers are most to blame for ruining your time off the clock. Chronic overtime, inflexible work schedules, incompetent colleagues and long commutes can also take a pound of flesh, a new survey finds. More
9:31am: A luxury apartment building in Manhattan has received more than 88,000 applications for 55 rentals reserved for low-income tenants. More
8:39am: For a couple of months, there's been haggling inside Comedy Central about precisely when Jon Stewart will depart "The Daily Show." Now we know: August 6. More
8:27am: Berkshire Hathaway stock could go up another 16% or more, even by conservative calculations. More
8:01am: Google's Moibilegeddon search algorithm lowers websites that aren't mobile-friendly in the company's mobile search rankings. More
8:01am: Is it the early '90s again? NBC is making a sequel to "Coach." ABC is developing a new "Muppets Show." Fox is reviving "The X-Files." And now Netflix is ordering a continuation of "Full House," called "Fuller House!" More
7:48am: OECD researchers argue in a new report that many more people live in China's largest cities than previously estimated. More
5:10am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
12:34am: Halliburton said Monday that it has cut 9,000 jobs over the past two quarters as crashing energy prices have forced it to scale back drilling operations. More
12:19am: The anti-corruption campaign spearheaded by Chinese President Xi Jinping has produced some astonishing examples of official wrongdoing. More
11:53pm: Cirque du Soleil is taking its acrobatic, high-flying acts all the way to China. More
5:14pm: The actress bought the property in 1990 with her husband at the time, Bruce Willis, according to The New York Times. More
4:38pm: Android Wear adds Wi-Fi support, new wrist-flicking features, doodle-to-emoji options and always-on screens. More
4:21pm: A special Mother's Day gift card comes with a laser-etched design and a matching gift box. It costs $200 and comes preloaded with $50 to spend at Starbucks. More
4:16pm: The stock of the Lilly Pulitzer's parent company skyrocketed 7% on Monday to near a record high. More
4:02pm: Fliers report higher satisfaction levels when it comes to flying, but Spirit Airlines ranks lowest on the American Customer Satisfaction Index Travel Report 2015. More
3:48pm: Country music icon Willie Nelson is introducing a brand of pot that will be grown and sold in Colorado and Washington under the name "Willie's Reserve." More
3:42pm: Columbia University recognized newspaper coverage of local calamities and international emergencies through its presentation of the 99th annual Pulitzer Prizes on Monday. More
2:16pm: HBO announced it is picking up six new episode of the popular Vimeo web series. More
1:26pm: Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker boasted about his Jos. A Bank suits to voters in New Hampshire. More
12:55pm: Gravity Payments has seen dozens of new clients and 3,500 job applicants since it set minimum pay at $70,000. More
12:38pm: Jeffrey Gundlach, the king of the bond market, fears the next crisis will be in junk bonds as interest rates rise. More
12:38pm: "It is absurd and despicable to assert, as Iran's judiciary is now claiming, that Jason's work first as a freelance reporter and then as The Post's Tehran correspondent amounted to espionage," executive editor Marty Baron said Monday in his bluntest statement to date about the case. More
12:32pm: Starting in January 2016, Kraft macaroni and cheese won't have artificial preservatives or synthetic colors. More
12:03pm: An "Orange is the New Black" and "Law and Order" star are teaming up to tell the stories of Wall Street's women. More
11:54am: The new Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid will mix gasoline powered driving with some all-electric driving range. More
11:35am: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second baby and Alice has emerged as the gamblers' name of choice. More
11:33am: Diversity in tech gets its big screen debut with a new documentary, 'CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap,' that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday. More
11:26am: BuzzFeed's editorial practices are under scrutiny again. This time the web site says it scrubbed at least three posts over complaints from advertisers. More
10:50am: The former "Colbert Report" host explained why he wouldn't have wanted to take over for Jon Stewart. More
10:37am: Worker group says Walmart is closing store due to worker protests for higher pay, not due to plumbing problem as company claims. More
9:27am: The French senate voted last week to require search companies to hand over access to their search algorithms to ensure that rival companies are treated fairly. More
9:04am: Tesla came close to becoming part of Google, according to a new book by Bloomberg reporter Ashlee Vance. More
8:26am: Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to unveil plans to invest $46 billion in energy and infrastructure projects during his visit to Pakistan. More
8:05am: ESPN claims its agreement with Verizon prevents its channels from being offered as part of packages that customers can pick and choose. More
7:12am: A growing number of hospitals are relocating to higher-income areas in hopes of attracting better paying patients. More
7:00am: It's likely that one person in a relationship is going to make more money, here's how to avoid household budget disputes. More
6:49am: Texas resident Karen Augustine's two dogs were seized by animal control for being loose in her front yard five years ago -- and she has been living a nightmare ever since. More
6:34am: Jen Glantz is carving out a piece of the wedding industry: as a professional bridesmaid. Here's a look at what that entails. More
4:53am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:10am: As CBS newsmagazine shows "some of the most disturbing footage" it has ever aired, online commenters overwhelmingly support the decision. More
12:35am: "Furious 7" is a huge hit worldwide -- but the racing thriller is truly smashing the competition in China, where it's on track to become the highest grossing U.S. film in history. More
12:32am: China's central bank is kicking into gear, launching new stimulus designed to counter the country's slowest economic growth in six years. More
3:34pm: Dr. Mehmet Oz is preparing a special episode of his daytime talk show that will directly address the criticisms leveled against him by a group of physicians. More
1:53pm: Jon Stewart hasn't said much about his reasons for signing off of "The Daily Show" -- until now. More
11:29am: Top Republican and Democratic economists say America's economy still needs help. More
11:24am: Top Republican and Democratic economists say America's economy still needs help. More
10:56am: Comcast and Time Warner Cable representatives will sit down with Justice Department officials this week amid intense scrutiny of the proposed cable company merger. More
9:02am: Expect an intense week for the stock market as Starbucks, Coke, Facebook, Google and more report earnings. More