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Friday, October 21, 2016

Is AT&T acquiring Time Warner?

CNN's Brian Stelter and Paul R. La Monica join Richard Quest to discuss rumors of an AT&T takeover bid for Time Warner. Time Warner is the parent company of CNN.

Published 4:28 PM

Facebook to allow graphic posts if deemed 'newsworthy'

Facebook is taking steps to avoid a repeat of last month's Napalm Girl controversy, while potentially opening itself up to a new headache.

Published 3:31 PM

New York cracks down on Airbnb

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a proposal that imposes hefty fines on Airbnb hosts who violate the law.

Published 3:24 PM

Leather bags, no logos: Recipe for startup's success

Jennifer Chong designed an affordable, logo-free men's leather bag. Fourteen months later, her startup has brought in $1 million.

Published 3:22 PM

'The Walking Dead' creator on crafting a 'zombie movie that never ends'

Robert Kirkman, the creator of "The Walking Dead," on the phenomenon of the zombie story and the AMC hit.

Published 3:19 PM

An e-bike with a retro feel

American start up, Vintage Electric, is determined to create hand-made electric bikes in the land where the car is king. The company wants to take a stand against planned obsolescence, designing timeless products that are built to last for generations.

Published 3:08 PM

There are two versions of the iPhone 7 -- and one is way slower

A new report finds that iPhones with an Intel modem are 30% slower.

Published 3:06 PM

Facebook doubles down on its strategy for Live

Facebook talks to CNNMoney about its growth strategy for its Live broadcasting service.

Published 2:57 PM

The Conversation: Rebecca Hall on 'Christine'

Published 2:44 PM

Russia dips into savings as recession bites

As Russia's international isolation deepens over the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, and the oil price cuts deeper into its economy - the question is, how long can it afford to go on like this. CNN's Clare Sebastian takes a closer look at Russia's finances.

Published 2:37 PM

New African-American Museum 'sold out' through March 2017

Passes for the new National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington D.C. are 'sold out' through March 2017.

Published 2:01 PM

Smithsonian museum honors African-American pioneers

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield visits the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture for an exclusive look at the exhibits.

Published 1:42 PM

The EU's signature free trade deal is on life support

Talks to salvage a free trade deal between Canada and the EU have collapsed, leading Canadian negotiators to openly question whether Europe is "capable" of reaching an agreement.

Published 1:40 PM

Wall Street Journal seeks 'substantial number' of buyouts

The Wall Street Journal is seeking a "substantial number" of buyouts in an effort to avoid "involuntary layoffs," the newspaper's editor-in-chief Gerard Baker said Friday.

Published 12:58 PM

Microsoft stock hits a new all-time high. Here's why

Microsoft stock is soaring thanks to investments in cloud computing, a new approach to Office and a little financial engineering.

Published 12:33 PM

Report: AT&T in talks to buy Time Warner

Telecom giant AT&T is said to be close to announcing a deal to buy Time Warner, the owner of CNN, HBO and TNT. A merger would make Ma Bell, which also owns DirecTV, an even bigger player in the media world.

Published 11:46 AM

What are the super rich buying? Cars, cars, cars

Sales of luxury cars are set to grow 8% this year and outpace sales growth in all other luxury sectors such as art, food, hotels and wine, according to an semi-annual report from consulting firm, Bain.

Published 11:16 AM

Major outage temporarily hits popular websites

A number of popular websites like Amazon and Netflix were down for some users on Friday morning in what appears to be a massive DDoS attack. CNNMoney's Samuel Burke reports.

Published 11:04 AM

'Dirk Gently' is 'a needlessly complex mystery'

CNNMoney catches up with Max Landis, the creator of 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency' at Comic Con, as well as the show's star, Samuel Barnett. They discuss what to expect and the challenges of adapting the work of Douglas Adams.

Published 10:56 AM

McYeah! Big comeback for McDonald's continues

McDonald's reported strong sales and earnings as customers around the globe continued to flock to the fast food giant. But it may get tougher for McDonald's to keep growing in the U.S. unless it can win back more younger diners.

Published 10:39 AM

Gretchen Carlson: Sexual harassment is 'everywhere'

Carlson says she's "saddened" by powerful men like Donald Trump "disrespecting and objectifying" women.

Published 10:02 AM

Widespread Internet outage knocks out popular sites like Reddit, Twitter and Netflix

A number of popular websites were down for some users on Friday in what appears to be a massive DDoS attack.

Published 9:49 AM

Why Silicon Valley's top execs are obsessed with taking walks

The tech world's leaders have long cashed in on the benefits of walking in nature.

Published 9:28 AM

Venezuela's food prices skyrocket as people go hungry

The Venezuelan government has stopped enforcing some price controls on food, causing food prices to soar to levels that many people can't afford.

Published 9:13 AM

Scandal may speed up Wells Fargo branch closures

Wells Fargo's vast network of branches hasn't buckled much in recent years. But that may not change, experts say.

Published 8:58 AM

Bombardier announces another round of steep job cuts

Bombardier announces another round of steep job cuts as airlines shift away from use of its regional jets.

Published 7:25 AM

How immigrants can revive America's blighted neighborhoods

A new report says that economic development officials seeking to revive underpopulated urban neighborhoods may be overlooking a promising population to help renovate distressed housing: immigrants.

Published 7:11 AM

Wild weather means the world will have less wine to drink

Global wine production is forecast to fall 5% in 2016, making it one of the worst years since the start of the century.

Published 5:34 AM

Cigarette consolidation; Microsoft rockets higher; Deutsche rebounds

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:14 AM

Training to be a 'super dad' in Japan

Japan is encouraging work-obsessed fathers to be more active in caring for their children.

Published 4:36 AM

Camel could join Lucky Strike in $47B cigarette mega merger

British American Tobacco has announced a $47 billion bid to take control of fellow cigarette giant Reynolds.

Published 3:26 AM