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4:30pm: The job cuts will mostly impact its Minneapolis corporate headquarters and are part of a larger restructuring. More
3:10pm: Meet the FREAK bug. Old U.S. export controls on data encryption has come back to haunt us in the form of a nasty computer bug. More
2:46pm: The historically black school will cover 50% of the cost of a a student's final semester if they graduate early or on time, starting next year. More
2:08pm: Wynn Resorts is moving to block Elaine Wynn from the board, even though she is a major shareholder who co-founded the company. More
1:27pm: Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman says he won't hire someone if they aren't nice. More
1:17pm: The Nasdaq finally hit 5,000 again, but ome well-known tech stocks are still WAY below their 2000 prices. More
12:45pm: Dodge says a "small number" of its dealers are taking deposits for cars they won't be able to deliver to customers. More
12:37pm: Tinder launched premium service Tinder Plus. To upsell users, it placed regulations on how frequently users can swipe -- and charges those over 30 double. More
12:03pm: Clinton' use of personal e-mail while Secretary of State brings attention to corporate policies preventing the same practice by their employees. More
11:45am: Think you don't have enough money to get started? Think again. $50 a month can be a game changer. More
11:09am: First came the series of embarrassments at one of the country's most esteemed television news entities, NBC News. Now comes the executive reshuffling. More
10:47am: Overall, global smartphone sales surpassed 1 billion for the first time. More
10:39am: It'll cost Deadheads a pretty penny to see The Dead jam with Phish front man Trey Anastasio this summer. More
10:28am: It's time to remove Best Buy from the list of endangered retailers. More
10:23am: It's time to get serious about creating global rules and standards to protect our rights and privacy, or else ultra-connectivity may be our downfall. More
9:55am: Startup HEAL promises a doctor at your doorstep in under 60 minutes, for a flat fee of just $99. More
9:41am: IHOP says March 3 is its tenth annual pancake day. It's a made up occasion, but hey, they're offering free pancakes. More
9:17am: Apple's massive rise from a $5 stock a decade ago to $130 today is benefiting everyone from college kids to retirees. More
8:29am: Some Americans are ditching their boring day jobs to start their own craft breweries. It's not all fun and tasting games. More
8:28am: Russia has revealed this year's list of state-approved film themes -- Crimea and Russian military glory are given priority. More
8:03am: In Buffalo, New York, the city is selling vacant homes for a $1 to those who are willing to fix them up and live in them for a few years. But as many buyers soon find out, the cost to renovate these super cheap properties can quickly add up. More
7:38am: Tom Brokaw's memoir "A Lucky Life Interrupted" comes out in May. More
5:21am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
12:16am: Wearables, and the apps that will make them useful, are set to go mainstream thanks to the expected launch of Apple's smartwatch on March 9. More
12:06am: The Stratos Card is a new Bluetooth-connected device that wants to make all of your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards obsolete. More
11:42pm: China has beat the U.S. for the first time in monthly box office sales, effectively stealing the spotlight. More
6:01pm: Last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would expand benefits offered by the college savings plans to include coverage of expenses like computers and Internet access, among other things. And there is bipartisan support for it in the Senate, too. More
5:31pm: Tumblr announced that the original post of #TheDress pulled in 73 million pageviews since Thursday. More
4:13pm: An Abu Dhabi bank is marketing a scented credit card, one of a number of ways banks are appealing to women in the Middle East. More
4:13pm: After a four-month streak of lower gas prices took prices down to a nearly six-year low, gas prices have been climbing steadily for the last five week. More
3:13pm: A new deal extends the fiery judge's deal with CBS until 2020. More
3:11pm: Berkshire Hathaway wants to do more deals. Here are 9 companies that seem to fit the Buffett playbook. More
2:43pm: Goldman Sachs did an analysis of where the smart money on Wall Street is flowing these days. More
1:20pm: House of Cards' season 3 starts with Frank Underwood trying to pass a bogus economic policy More
12:21pm: Google will sell wireless service directly to customers, the company announced. More
12:12pm: Microsoft, Intel and HP were hot stocks in 2014. But not this year. Even with the Nasdaq topping 5,000 again, these three companies with big ties to the old PC biz are not rallying. More
11:55am: African-American actor Hill Harper is telling kids if you want to get rich, start saving now and aim for the C-suite. More
10:43am: The tech-heavy Nasdaq index finally has surpassed the 5,000 level for the first time in 15 years. More
10:42am: The British government is taking on a Russian oligarch over the ownership of several gas fields in the North Sea. More
10:38am: Guinness owner says inclusion of an LGBT group in this year's parade is reason to resume its sponsorship, though some gay rights groups are still protesting the parade's policies. More
10:21am: Google+ is going to be broken up into Photos, Hangouts and Streams. More
9:39am: Michael Jordan is among the newest names on Forbes' annual list of the world's richest people. The basketball star made his fortune through endorsement deals and his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets NBA team. More
9:02am: SanDisk's 200 GB microSD card will give your smartphone pretty much all the storage it needs. More
8:47am: After ending deal with American Express, Costco will have co-branded Visa issued by Citi and will start accepting Visa cards on April 1, 2016. More
8:37am: A group claiming to have ties to ISIS has threatened Twitter employees and the company's founder, Jack Dorsey. More
8:35am: A report on CBS' '60 Minutes' revealed Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators contains high levels of the cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde. More
8:16am: The state is expected to pull in $59 million this year from pot sales, but it may have to give it all back to taxpayers thanks to a quirky rule only in Colorado. More
7:59am: In remembrance of the late, great Nimoy, fans doodle Spock hair on Canadian PM. More
7:50am: Ikea's Home Smart furniture will wirelessly charge your phone or tablet. More
7:08am: A recent study found that heavy Facebook users can experience envy, which can lead to depression. More
6:31am: Another tech conference, another new smartwatch. The latest genre offering comes courtesy of China's Huawei. More
5:41am: The government of India has released its latest budget to great fanfare, presenting reforms that investors hope will finally deliver sustained and rapid growth. More
5:12am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:51am: In an industry renowned for its brutal business cycles, nothing could have prepared Malaysia Airlines for last year. But the airline is hoping for a revival. More
4:01am: The specter of deflation has settled over vast tracks of the global economy, forcing large and small countries alike to examine the cost of falling prices. More
6:55pm: "We've had other huge hits," BuzzFeed editor in chief Ben Smith says. But the mystery dress "went bigger faster." More
6:18pm: A wide-ranging interview with Beau Willimon, the creator of "House of Cards," about the new season and about how the term "TV show" is being redefined. More
6:11pm: Blackberry business software to be offered on competitors' devices More
5:01pm: Bus drivers for Apple, Yahoo, Amtrak, eBay, Genentech and Zynga have unionized, following in the footsteps of drivers who shuttle Facebook employees. More
2:49pm: A handful of former students, banded together as the "Corinthian 15," are claiming to be "made poor by the business of education" are protesting their student loans by refusing to pay them. More
12:55pm: Hyundai said a power steering defect could increase the risk of a crash in some of its Elantra sedans and hatchbacks. More
12:45pm: Samsung has unveiled the latest versions of its flagship Galaxy smartphones. More
11:17am: Phone recordings contradict Bill O'Reilly's story about being present when a man committed suicide in Florida. More
9:52am: Self-described 'Last of the Mohicans' is still fixing typewriters after 55 years. More
9:45am: The bull market may be getting old, but Wall Street analysts believe these stocks have lots of room to grow. More
11:21am: Be consistent, keep costs low - and have faith. It worked for Warren Buffett and it could work for you. More
8:45am: Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett released his 50th annual letter to shareholders. The Oracle of Omaha thinks the next 50 years will be great and knows who will replace him. More
7:32pm: After her colleague, Giuliana Rancic, made comments about actress Zendaya Coleman's dreads, Osbourne has left the show. More
5:46pm: These people say they've already finished watching all 13 episodes of the new season of 'House of Cards.' More
5:02pm: The top U.S. intelligence official says Iran hacked the casino giant Sands Las Vegas last year. More
4:05pm: FameBit is helping brands place their products in YouTube videos. More
3:58pm: The top 5 consumer complaints have to do with identity theft, debt collectors, imposters, telephone companies and banks. More
3:14pm: Potential presidential candidate says that improvement in unemployment rate is due to millions of jobless not being counted. More
2:37pm: Benmosche sparked controversy and criticism during his five years running AIG, but oversaw turnaround that resulted in taxpayer profit on bailout. More
2:27pm: The happiest day of a hedge fund manager's life is a sad day for his investors. More
2:24pm: Stocks around the world are at all-time highs and the S&P 500 just had its best month since October 2011. More
1:45pm: A collection of interesting design, data and interactive links. More
1:42pm: Buffett's company -- Berkshire Hathaway -- is the 4th most valuable in America. More
1:39pm: A proposal from the ATF would make armor-piercing bullets used in AR-15 rifles and some handguns subject to gun control laws. More
1:24pm: Are Bill O'Reilly's ratings up due to the controversy about discrepancies in his past reporting? It sure looks that way. More
12:42pm: February was a fantastic month for the whole market. But cybersecurity stocks and the new HACK ETF were among the biggest winners thanks to more big data breaches and strong earnings reports. More
11:02am: Rising prices and the weaker ruble are pushing up the cost of bribes in Russia. More
10:47am: Legendary investor Carl Icahn, one of Apple's biggest shareholders, is excited about the company getting into cars. More
10:27am: Like many cities, New York doesn't have enough units to house its residents -- especially those at lower income levels. Here's how the city is working to solve the problem. More
8:51am: Ericsson is trying to ban the iPhone and iPad as part of a patent lawsuit. More
8:15am: A social media frenzy about the color of a dress is bringing fame and fortune for one small British fashion company, with sales of the outfit up 347%. More
8:05am: Google says porn will continue to be allowed on Blogger after previously banning it. More
7:58am: UnitedHealth places sharp limits on coverage for laparoscopic or abdominal hysterectomies, following warnings from experts that it poses risks to patients. More
7:29am: Melissa Cookston is a BBQ Pit Master Champion who runs three restaurants. Here's how she did it. More
5:26am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:59am: The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to reveal its second budget, an event so highly anticipated that TV news channels have doubled their advertising rates around Saturday's presentation. More
12:47am: "What Colors Are The Dress?" is a record-breaker: BuzzFeed says "it drew more visitors to our site at one time than ever before" More
12:30am: China's yuan has lost nearly 1% against the dollar so far this year, after falling 2.5% last year, putting pressure on the country's financial system. More
6:54pm: The new FCC net neutrality rules are here. Now Comcast is threatening lawsuits and warning it'll stop investing in its own network. More
5:25pm: Jet.com contest winner Eric Martin got 100,000 shares of the hot startup by signing up 8,000 people. More
5:14pm: Asians' wealth soars, thanks to higher rates of college degrees. More
4:24pm: Two escaped llamas brought cable news and social media to a standstill on Thursday. More
3:44pm: KFC is testing 100% edible chocolate-lined coffee cups in the U.K. More
3:38pm: One of New York's biggest newspapers may have a new owner soon. More
3:08pm: The son of ESPN.com writer Ivan Maisel has been missing since Sunday. More
2:42pm: Netflix celebrates 3-2 vote by FCC in favor of new regulatory approach. More
2:18pm: Bill O'Reilly has been faced with challenges to stories he has told about covering the Falklands War, investigating of the JFK assassination, and witnessing the murder of nuns in El Salvador. More
1:51pm: A month into tax filing season, 83% of returns that were filed qualified for a tax refund, the IRS said. More
1:27pm: Fox's breakout hit "Empire" grows for a seventh week in a row -- but how much longer can the streak continue? More
1:20pm: The bankrupt company's name and trademarks will be sold separately from its thousands of physical stores. More
12:46pm: South Korean highest court scrapped its anti-adultery law -- and sent the shares of the country's biggest condom maker surging. More
12:41pm: Over $400 billion worth of food is wasted by consumers each year, according to a new report by a U.K. nonprofit organization called WRAP. More
12:37pm: Europe is ready to launch an antitrust battle with Gazprom in the face of Vladimir Putin's threats of cutting off Ukraine's gas. More
12:32pm: Apple is likely going to unveil more details about the Apple Watch at its special event on March 9. More
12:19pm: The stock market is at all-time highs. Are there still deals out there? Four experts give their top picks. More
12:05pm: Even if you have terrible timing and jump in right before a market crash, you would still recover your money relatively quickly. More
12:02pm: Starbucks' latest project involves a new media start-up that "will create and produce nonfiction, social-impact content," according to the new company's founder, award-winning journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran. More
11:00am: Netflix is one of the hottest stocks of the year. Can the momentum continue now that "House of Cards" is about to return? More
10:51am: The FCC has begun a historic meeting on how it will attempt to regulate the Internet. It's all about net neutrality. More
10:36am: More families are expected to travel together this year-- and the luxury travel market is taking note. More
10:24am: Western companies are starting to freak out about moves by China that could prevent them supplying technology to the financial industry. More
10:15am: Ken Griffin, the deep-pocketed hedge fund founder who once said the wealthy have "insufficient influence" in the political system, has become the first person to hit new limits on contributions to political parties. More
9:18am: The U.S. economy deflated in January for the first time since 2009. The reason? Cheap gas. More
8:32am: Shu-Ling Garver, once a homeless child in Shanghai, rose to one of the top engineers at Intel. Now her entrepreneurial mission is to get kids excited about engineering. More
8:25am: Google's deep-Q network computer algorithm was able to beat Atari video games like a human. More
7:51am: Rule restricting flights to and from LaGuardia Airport to 1,500 miles may be lifted, allowing New York's cross-country travelers to avoid JFK and Newark. More
7:35am: Bill Winters, the former co-head of JP Morgan's investment bank, has just scored a new gig as CEO of Standard Chartered. More
6:12am: Morgan Stanley is paying $2.6 billion to settle claims linked to the mortgage bubble that triggered the 2008 financial crisis. More
4:58am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
8:31pm: New waves of Chinese tourists will soon hit U.S. shores and big retailers are poised to cash in. More
7:24pm: Craig Brittain made thousands of dollars posting nude pictures of women online. Now, he wants Google to remove links that include photos and personal information about him. More
7:23pm: For the second time in as many days, Media Matters released a report on another "apparent fabrication" by Bill O'Reilly. More
6:11pm: Magic one-ups service economy startups by making it even easier to get what you want. You might pay a pretty penny, though. More
6:04pm: The Northland Center outside of Detroit was one of the first shopping malls built in the 1950s. More
5:27pm: The FCC is about to set rules on net neutrality. This is a long fight that isn't over. And nothing's really happening. More
3:19pm: You've seen the Oscar red carpet looks by now, but you haven't really lived until you see them recreated by little kids. More
2:57pm: Google Flights is the best tool to find the cheapest airfare. More
2:40pm: Some APRs will rise an average of 2.5 percentage points after AmEx portfolio analysis. More
2:37pm: Despite the divorce drama around Ken Griffin, the billionaire's hedge fund continues to hit home runs. More
1:21pm: Ashton Kutcher co-founds new media company that will pay people to create viral content. More
1:07pm: Apple's voice-controlled virtual assistant Siri is learning Russian. More
11:58am: Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie will be back on TV in 2017. More
11:12am: Germany just issued its first 5-year bond with a negative yield, which means investors are making a loss. More
10:52am: The nation's first state-wide ban on plastic bags has been shelved for the next 20 months after opponents in the plastics industry succeeded in putting the law to a referendum. More
10:34am: TJX Companies, which owners T.J. Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods, says workers will get $9 an hour later this year, and $10 an hour by 2016. More
10:10am: "Daily Show" Stewart scoffs at Bill O'Reilly's "war zone" controversy. More
9:32am: Apple lost an iTunes patent lawsuit and must pay $533 million in damages. More
9:17am: The S&P 500 is at an all-time high, but small cap stocks are doing even better lately. More
8:36am: Blackbox, a two-week Palo Alto accelerator, gives foreign entrepreneurs a soft landing to enter the U.S. tech ecosystem. More
8:17am: Nobel Prize given to economist Simon Kuznets in 1971 is only sixth Nobel Prize to be put up for auction and the first in economics to be sold. More
8:15am: I had entered into a year-long investing competition and won. Too bad it wasn't real money. More
8:01am: Ukraine is recruiting electronic soldiers to fight pro-Russia trolls. More
8:01am: Nearly 50,000 Brits are bidding to enter owl pop-up bar in London, which will serve drinks like "The Hoot." More
6:35am: The publicly-traded British retailer SuperGroup announced Wednesday it booted out its chief financial officer after discovering the executive recently went bankrupt. More
5:43am: The online community is banning nude and sexual photos posted without the subject's consent. More
5:15am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
4:42am: Ok, so the U.S. National Security Agency may have attempted to hack your mobile phone. But relax! It appears to have failed to pull off the attack successfully. More
12:33am: Just as Bill O'Reilly was trying to move on from a dispute over his war stories, the Fox News host suddenly has more questions to answer. More