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Dec 20: In letter obtained by CNN, Republican Party chairman encourages CEOs of major theater chains to show the controversial comedy. More
Dec 20: The big question this weekend: Will any company step up and help Sony Pictures show the world 'The Interview?' More
Dec 20: Still haven't ordered those stocking stuffers? You still have time, but not much. Here's the deadline to buy from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and others. More
6:00pm: In letter obtained by CNN, Republican Party chairman encourages CEOs of major theater chains to show the controversial comedy. More
9:16am: The big question this weekend: Will any company step up and help Sony Pictures show the world 'The Interview?' More
7:21am: Still haven't ordered those stocking stuffers? You still have time, but not much. Here's the deadline to buy from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and others. More
7:40pm: Are the gifts more plentiful and expensive now than they were 30 years ago? More
6:41pm: New York Magazine reporter Jessica Pressler, who has been caught up in controversy this past week, will not be moving on to a new job at Bloomberg News. More
6:19pm: A record breaking 2.5 million viewers said goodbye to "The Colbert Report" on Thursday. More
6:05pm: Millions of people listened to the podcast, and now that the show is over some are taking issue with how it was reported. More
5:25pm: Staples is the latest to be hit by a data breach. Hackers stole credit card data on 1.2 million shoppers. More
5:01pm: Under pressure from regulators, the company will replace airbags in affected vehicles worldwide. More
3:53pm: Speaking with CNN's Fareed Zakaria, Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton responded to President Obama's criticism. More
3:29pm: Major Hollywood studios led a quiet campaign with state governments to censor Google content online. Now, Google is calling them out on it. More
3:13pm: While talking about the Sony hack during his end-of-year press conference, President Obama called actor James Franco "James Flacco." More
2:26pm: Springfield becomes first city to have an average gas price under $2, as cheap gas spreads to about half the nation. More
1:37pm: The National Labor Relations Board said Friday that McDonald's and franchise owners retaliated against workers for participating in protests demanding higher pay for fast food workers. More
11:20am: Treasury sold its remaining shares Friday in Ally Financial, it's last remaining major stake from the $426 billion bailout of banks and the U.S. auto industry. More
11:12am: Unilever sued Hampton Creek over its egg-free mayonnaise spread Just Mayo. But the company behind Best Foods and Hellman's mayonnaise has now dropped the lawsuit. More
10:57am: Companies such as Uber and Airbnb need to behave more responsibly towards their staff and customers. More
10:40am: Investing in companies with increasing dividends like Disney and Starbucks can really pay off. More
10:12am: Message credits Sony executives for a 'very wise' decision to cancel 'Interview' release. More
9:53am: A collection of interesting design, data and interactive links. More
9:51am: If you're hoping Santa leaves you a tummy tuck or nose job under the tree, you're not alone. More
9:29am: By backing down from showing "The Interview,"Sony has set a dangerous precedent. Hackers now have a blueprint for hurting American companies. More
8:20am: ICANN, the all-powerful but little-known organization that administers global website domain names, has been hacked. More
8:10am: Kim Kardashian barely qualifies as famous, after Instagram loses a ton of weight. More
7:44am: It's been a mostly successful turnaround year for BlackBerry under CEO John Chen. But the company's sales continue to plunge and that has Wall Street spooked. More
5:40am: German chemicals company BASF has dropped a planned asset swap with Russia's Gazprom as Western sanctions bite. More
5:13am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
11:35pm: Beauty goods company Avon has been fined $135 million by the SEC for bribing Chinese officials with luxury goods -- everything from Gucci bags to Tiffany pens. More
8:56pm: Russia's economic turmoil has already spread to companies in the West and many brands are bracing for a bigger blow to earnings. More
7:13pm: Portland's mayor says the city will create new rules, eventually allowing Uber to operate there. More
3:45pm: The Mirai will go on sale starting late next year in a handful of states. The challenge will be finding where to fuel it. More
3:38pm: The shale boom has been a blessing to Texas, but tumbling oil prices are casting a shadow over the state. More
3:32pm: Susan Wojcicki said the rate of new moms leaving Google fell by 50% after the company began offering 18 weeks of paid maternity leave. More
3:12pm: Protesters gathered outside Citibank's headquarters to echo Warren's call to break up big banks. More
3:11pm: Sony's decision to not release 'The Interview' could cost it $60 million in global box office revenue and up to $50 million from other channels. More
1:34pm: The income of the top 1% jumped significantly in 2012, far outpacing inflation. Not only did this group make a larger share of the country's income, their share of total taxes also jumped from 35% to 38%. More
1:16pm: Toy guns available for sale look too real, so the New York Attorney General tells retailers to stop selling them. More
12:53pm: Amid falling gas prices and investor nervousness, the average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate loan fell to 3.8%, a rate not seen since May 2013. More
12:28pm: After getting dumped by NYT, Texas Tribune partners with WaPo. More
12:28pm: With two recent IPOs and a digitally-inclined audience of entrepreneurs, non-traditional financing could finally get its big break. More
12:12pm: Sony may have pulled its controversial film 'The Interview', but North Korean citizens may soon have copies dropping from the sky. More
12:07pm: As "The Colbert Report" ends, here's why owning Colbert's "Late Show" lets CBS license the show in ways they couldn't before. More
11:33am: Google's stock has been left behind while its rivals soar in 2014. More
11:31am: Payday lenders are spending millions of dollars in Washington in an attempt to get powerful politicians on their side as a government crackdown on the industry heats up. More
11:25am: IKEA has suspended sales of furniture in Russia following a dramatic fall in ruble. More
11:24am: Etiquette experts say re-gifting is generally considered acceptable, as long as you follow these rules. More
11:14am: Three Toyota vehicles are the best in their automotive classes, according to new ratings from Consumer Reports. More
11:11am: GM says it has temporarily halted deliveries to Russia due to the plunge in the value of the ruble. More
10:32am: After a brutal start to the month, the Dow surges 420 points for its best day in over three years More
10:26am: Wall Street loves Sony, now that "The Interview" is on the cutting room floor. More
9:45am: O'Donnell sued Countrywide, and how he's getting chunk of $16.6 billion settlement. More
9:37am: A Steve Carell thriller "that was to be set in North Korea" has been scrapped, according to Deadline and other entertainment news outlets. More
9:01am: Hacking of Sony's movie studio is getting most of attention but problems and losses in consumer electronics a much bigger problem for the company. More
8:40am: Reddit's Alexis Ohanian has been vocal about the need for high-skilled visa reform. At stake? The country's position as a tech leader. More
8:22am: With "The Interview" canceled, complaints and second-guessing are dominating Hollywood. More
8:03am: China's biggest tech firms are racing to hook up with media partners as they battle to dominate the country's online entertainment industry. More
7:46am: Uber says it will toughen checks on drivers, including using biometric screening, voice identification and, in some countries, polygraphs. More
6:49am: Former Fidelity fund manager Jeff Vinik is a role model for changing your life in your 30s and again in your 50s. More
6:43am: Stocks have fallen over 3% in December and the outlook for 2015 is cloudy. It's a good time to rebalance. More
6:40am: President Vladimir Putin has blamed "external factors" such as oil prices and sanctions for Russia's financial crisis, but admitted he should have done more to diversify the economy. More
6:18am: The first season of 'Serial' drew millions of listeners every episode, and the podcast's popularity may be spilling over to other shows. More
6:15am: The online retail giant on Thursday announced the start of one-hour "on tens of thousands of daily essentials" for members of its subscription Prime service in Manhattan. More
5:22am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:04am: The Russian economy is in trouble. Here are 10 key facts. More
11:12pm: A California judge has denied a request by media companies to release a videotaped deposition of Apple's Steve Jobs, taken six months before his death in 2011. More
5:52pm: That number will likely grow as the Obama Administration eases restrictions with the Communist country. More
4:50pm: The Internet could be both villain and savior to Sony by giving it an option on how to release its controversial comedy. More
4:05pm: Cuba has ranked among the most restrictive nation's for Internet access, but a policy shift by the U.S. government could bring the island into the information age. More
3:56pm: Fed chief Janet Yellen believes the steep drop in oil prices is a net positive for the U.S. economy More
3:27pm: Reddit made the unusual decision to take down a subreddit that housed hacked Sony Pictures materials. More
3:25pm: The snack and cereal company is introducing new gluten-free and health foods for the breakfast table. More
2:20pm: Stocks soared after Fed chair Janet Yellen and her fellow policymakers didn't sound in a rush to raise rates. More
1:14pm: Russia is definitely in turmoil, but it's unlikely to drag world markets down with it this time. More
1:10pm: News startup The Skimm announced a new round of funding, 1 million active readers, and plans to expand into a 'lifestyle brand.' More
1:00pm: New York Times begins layoffs as rocky 2014 draws to a close. More
12:22pm: IPhone and iPad prices in Russia have tumbled in 2014 as the ruble collapsed. More
12:08pm: The world economy is getting worse. It might be time to re-position your investment portfolio. More
11:39am: Russia is gripped by its worst financial crisis since 1998 but should have enough money to prevent a total meltdown ... for now. More
11:03am: The Chinese search giant will invest an undisclosed amount in the car sharing company. Uber will be able to use Baidu's mapping and mobile technology. More
11:01am: The founding CEO of Hulu, Jason Kilar, is about to release a new online video service that aims to make web video shows worth paying for. More
10:59am: Brazilian startup BovControl is turning cows into data with a mobile app. More
10:30am: Jeb Bush, the former two-term governor of Florida and scion of one America's most influential political dynasties, has left a long trail on taxes. More
10:00am: The rich are worth 6.6 times the middle class, the widest wealth gap on record. More
9:59am: Low gas prices should stick around in 2015, saving drivers about $45 a month compared to what they've spent this year. More
9:48am: The Obama administration plans to lift trade sanctions on Cuba, easing restrictions in place since 1960. More
8:42am: Cheap oil is keeping inflation in check. Prices have gone up little in the last year, but is that a good thing? More
8:42am: The ruble surges after officials unveiled a package of measures aimed at calming financial markets and reassuring anxious Russians More
8:08am: Former Sony Pictures employees sue the company for failing to protect their personal information. More
7:50am: McDonald's restaurants in Japan are running short of fries because a labor dispute in the U.S. is delaying shipments of potatoes. More
7:48am: Investigators determine hackers working for North Korea were behind hack; Sony pulls controversial movie. More
7:21am: Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas cuts his price target for Tesla, saying cheaper oil could hurt sales of next generation Model 3 aimed at mass market. More
5:26am: The economy and online retail have changed the way we shop. But that doesn't mean the mall is going the way of the dinosaur. More
5:23am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
8:17pm: Congress waited until the last minute to decide what to do with a slew of expired tax breaks. They extended most of them, and a handful will affect individuals directly. More
6:07pm: These are the biggest wealth gainers and losers of 2014, according to Wealth-X. More
5:24pm: The venture capital investment arm of the tech giant has quadrupled its funding of life sciences and health startups this year. More
5:06pm: Rattled by the rocky markets? Ignore the turmoil and prognostications and focus instead on creating a long-term investing strategy that will see you through 2015 and beyond. Here's how. More
4:50pm: Some 2.5 million people have signed up for Obamacare coverage through Dec. 12. More
4:41pm: Paula Schneider will take the helm at the company on Jan. 5. More
4:30pm: It's yet another sign of the Ruble's free fall. The currency has now lost about half of its value against the U.S. dollar. More
2:59pm: Jet fuel decline saving airlines billions of dollars but that is going to fatter profits, higher stock prices, not lower fares for customers. More
2:45pm: Sony hackers tell 'The Interview' moviegoers that they will suffer a 'bitter fate.' More
2:38pm: California jury says Apple doesn't have to pay damages in iTunes iPod trial. More
1:55pm: Falling oil and gas prices are great for consumers, but they also have a dark side for investors. More
1:34pm: GM plans to invest a total of $5 billion to modernize and expand factories in Mexico. More
12:43pm: Russia's uncertain future has caused a ripple effect for countries and businesses around the world that it trades with. But who in the West has most to lose if things go from bad to worse in Russia? More
12:27pm: New York Magazine issues apology to readers after profile of teen stock trader is found to be untrue. More
12:12pm: T-Mobile's latest disruptive move? It's letting you rollover your unused data from one month to the next. More
12:08pm: The plunge in oil prices is causing a cash crunch in the energy industry, especially for shale oil. More
11:42am: Trans Am didn't appear in Smokey and Bandit but is part of auction of Reynolds memorabilia including canoe from Deliverance. More
11:30am: The stock of Olive Garden owner Darden Restaurants has been sizzling since hedge fund Starboard won control of the company's board. Will investors want seconds? More
11:10am: Vermont has some of the most progressive wage and hour laws in the country, but low-income workers are still struggling. More
11:02am: How many other owners shift their workers to Obamacare will help set the future of small business health insurance. More
10:48am: Uber has rolled back employee access to "God view" mode, which allows them to track riders' movements and personal data. More
10:28am: Russians are not panicking yet about the 50% collapse in the ruble but there are signs of growing concern. More
10:27am: Amazon is offering its Prime members, who pay $99 a year, until December 22 for their last minute gifts. More
9:47am: The chain's pre-Christmas marathon isn't what it once was, but the Times Square location will stay open continuously for a week. More
9:37am: Russia's unfolding economic nightmare has already wiped $50 billion off the combined wealth of the countries top 15 oligarchs. More
9:07am: Russia has been brought to the brink of a new economic crisis by poor government, its meddling in Ukraine and the oil price slump. More
8:36am: Oil prices fall to five-year low, pointing to further declines in price of gas ahead. More
8:09am: Russian policymakers have few options left to contain the currency crisis and none of them are particularly attractive. More
7:37am: Spotify founder Daniel Ek talks to Billboard about streaming music. More
7:34am: The night before Christmas is approaching fast More
7:34am: The night before Christmas is approaching fast More
7:34am: The night before Christmas is approaching fast More
6:18am: Russia's currency rout has sent a shudder through global markets and the sell-off is spreading to other emerging markets. More
5:12am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:58am: China's factories are losing steam as the year draws to a close, adding to worries that the world's second-largest economy is slowing. More
9:15pm: Israeli citizen Elad Shahar may owe the U.S. government $6,000 in taxes, even though he hasn't lived in America since he was seven and has never earned a penny there. More
7:49pm: Paying to check your bag is a moneymaker for the airlines who've taken-in almost $1 billion from baggage fees over three months. More
7:46pm: A customer at Walmart paid $50k for other people's layaway items at the company's store in Harrisburg, Pa. More
6:30pm: After weeks of silence, Camille Cosby speaks out in defense of her husband amid sexual assault allegations. More
6:15pm: The money will go to a scholarship fund in memory of Hae Min Lee, the victim at the center of the podcast's story who was murdered in 1999. More
6:04pm: It didn't take long for New York Magazine's story on a 17-year-old stock whiz with a rumored net worth of $72 million to make a splash. But the story's juicy premise unraveled almost as quickly. More
5:04pm: Sabrina Rubin Erdely still hasn't said anything in public about the discrepancies in her Rolling Stone article, but she's "re-reporting" it, according to some of the people involved. More
5:00pm: Ford was one of the worst performing stocks in the S&P 500 Monday. More
5:00pm: Microsoft's fight against a search warrant has the backing of Apple, CNN and dozens of others. More
3:25pm: The Dubai stock exchange is down 22% so far in December. Investors aren't sure Gulf states can withstand cheap oil. More
2:48pm: The night before Christmas is approaching fast More
2:03pm: The value of oil held in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has plunged by nearly half in the last six months, falling about $35 billion in value. More
1:48pm: Sony's stock has tumbled as more and more embarrassing emails have come to light. Is it an overreaction? More
1:16pm: Russian Central Bank raises interest rates again as currency plunges. Deep recession is feared. More
12:22pm: One day your hot, next day your not. Most investment funds can't replicate their past success. More
11:56am: A software used by some Amazon sellers in the United Kingdom went haywire Friday, causing prices to fall to one penny. More
11:54am: 75 years later, "Gone with the Wind" is still one of America's favorite films. More
10:58am: The Sony hacking saga continues, this time with a slimy deal for Sony employees and threats of further data dumps. More
10:49am: France is planning to ban Uber's ride-sharing service uberPOP from January 1. More
10:18am: The Federal Reserve holds its final meeting on 2014 this week. Jobs and oil are likely top of the agenda. More
10:13am: Parents of 10 children killed at Newtown sue Freedom Group More
10:01am: Going on vacation is becoming an extended family affair. Here's how to plan a multi-generational vacation full of memories, not nightmares. More
9:48am: With just 10 days left until Christmas, Monday is the peak shipping day of the season for FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service. More
8:32am: In 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded innovation grants to 5 U.S. cities. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg discusses their successes and announces the next recipient cities. More
8:28am: A former BlackRock managing director has been banned from working in finance for dodging fares on his commute to work. More
8:14am: Brian Williams, the anchor of the "NBC Nightly News" for the past ten years, has agreed to extend his contract. More
7:48am: Thirteen states now have at least one station selling gas for less than $2 as falling oil prices result in widespread relief at the pump. More
6:05am: Uber has crashed into its latest public relations disaster after attempting to charge passengers inflated prices to leave Sydney as a hostage crisis unfolded at a cafe in the city. More
5:31am: There's consensus on what needs to be done to reform the corporate tax code in 2015. But there are many reasons it likely won't happen. More
5:26am: Having won a landslide in weekend elections, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe must now deliver the economic reforms he's been promising for two years. More
5:21am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More