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Monday, January 23, 2017

Can Trump and his budget director get on the same page?

Conservative Mick Mulvaney has taken both Democrats and Republicans to task for being fiscally profligate. Here's a look at where he may clash with Trump on the key budget issues he'd oversee if confirmed as White House budget director.

Published 2:11 PM

Presidential tax returns: It started with Nixon. Will it end with Trump?

President Donald Trump is already breaking with one of the office's longstanding traditions by choosing not to release his tax returns.

Published 1:57 PM

Democrats demand to know if Trump has violated his DC hotel lease

A group of Democratic lawmakers is calling on a government agency to determine whether President Donald Trump has violated a term of the lease for his hotel in Washington, D.C.

Published 1:49 PM

Trump says he wants a U.K. trade deal. Don't hold your breath

President Trump will meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May to talk about forging a trade deal between the two nations.

Published 1:09 PM

Alec Baldwin, 'SNL' Donald Trump impersonator, will host show on February 11

Alec Baldwin, who impersonates President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," will host the show on February 11.

Published 12:51 PM

Olive Garden unveils its latest all-you-can-eat deal

Manga! Olive Garden says eat all the pasta you want for $11.99.

Published 12:47 PM

Samsung blames fires on batteries, but it may be their design

Samsung blames faulty batteries for exploding Galaxy phones. Doran Myersdorf, founder of battery company StoreDot, says the phone's design is partially to blame.

Published 12:28 PM

Trump's decision to kill TPP leaves door open for China

President Trump's decision to jettison the largest proposed free trade deal in history leaves the door open for Beijing to push its own brand of trade.

Published 12:10 PM

The great American McDonald's comeback may be over

McDonald's is still racking up impressive sales growth overseas. But consumers in its home market of the United States are starting to eat elsewhere. And that could be a big problem as McDonald's faces tougher competition.

Published 11:56 AM

President Trump can levy tariffs without Congress

President Trump can use tariffs against other countries without approval from Congress.

Published 11:43 AM

And the official title of 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' is...

Disney revealed the official title of the new "Star Wars" film on Monday.

Published 11:21 AM

Trump labor pick in 2011 on his fast-food workers: We hire 'the best of the worst'

In two speeches in 2011, Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of labor, fast-food executive Andrew Puzder, described the employees hired at his restaurants as the "best of the worst" available in the employment pool.

Published 10:47 AM

Carl Icahn declares end to 'socialism' in U.S

Carl Icahn, a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, congratulated the president for his inauguration speech and said that the 'dangerous slide towards socialism is over.' But some noted that the stock market did just fine under Obama.

Published 10:37 AM

This one rule could change your financial future

Americans tend to be poor savers. If you're one of them, this rule can help you break that bad habit for good.

Published 10:27 AM

Sprint buys 33% of Jay Z's Tidal streaming service

Sprint is buying 33% of Jay Z's Tidal in a partnership that will give the carrier's customers access to the app's exclusive music content.

Published 10:13 AM

Sierra Nevada beer issues 36-state recall over chipped glass

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. announces 36-state recall of bottled beer over risk of chipped glass.

Published 9:41 AM

Ethics group lawsuit says Trump is violating Constitution

An ethics group is suing President Trump, charging that he is violating the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments through his business empire.

Published 9:29 AM

Sean Spicer's career moment

Press secretary Sean Spicer will meet the White House press corps again at 1:30 p.m. Monday. After the angry statement he delivered on Saturday, it could be a career-defining moment for him.

Published 9:24 AM

Wells Fargo admits to signs of worker retaliation

Wells Fargo has found evidence that at least some of these whistleblower retaliation claims published by CNNMoney and elsewhere may have merit.

Published 9:22 AM

Kellyanne Conway walks back Trump tax claim

Kellyanne Conway walked back her claim that President Trump will never release his tax returns, saying again he will release them "after audit."

Published 8:01 AM

Apple supplier Foxconn could create 50,000 jobs in U.S.

Foxconn chairman Terry Gou told reporters that the company is contemplating building a U.S. factory that could create 30,000 to 50,000 jobs.

Published 7:55 AM

China fortifies Great Firewall with crackdown on VPNs

Officials launched a 14-month nationwide campaign cracking down on virtual private networks.

Published 6:50 AM

Hugo Barra quits Xiaomi: The job took a 'huge toll on my life'

The former Google executive who led smartphone maker Xiaomi's rapid international expansion is returning to Silicon Valley.

Published 5:39 AM

Dollar slump; Samsung's blame game; McDonald's earnings

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:11 AM

The company bringing Ford's original GT40 back to life

Cape Advanced Vehicles is building replicas of the iconic Ford GT40 with the same body molds that were used to produce the original of the legendary track car.

Published 3:19 AM

Japan's first passenger jet delayed by another 2 years

Mitsubishi says it now doesn't expect to deliver the first model of its new regional passenger jet until mid-2020.

Published 3:15 AM