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Week at a glance: All stories

10:15am: The company's sales have taken a hit since New York City found it was overcharging customers for some products. Whole Foods is actually cutting prices though. But it can't shake its bad reputation. More
9:53am: President Obama signed an executive order announcing plans to start working on the fastest supercomputer in the world. More
9:26am: Spain and Ireland are enjoying rapid economic growth just a few years after traumatic bailouts. Only Greece is lagging way behind. More
9:21am: Windows 10's Wi-Fi Sense feature if making some people uncomfortable about its security. More
8:43am: The U.S. economy grew 2.3% in the second quarter -- a lukewarm sign of recovery after a sluggish first quarter. More
8:14am: Republicans have their first 2016 debate on August 6. They're digging into economic stats to criticize Obama. More
7:53am: Customers have more incentives to buy electric cars. More
7:46am: Fast-food chains that operate in more than 30 locations nationwide are the sole target of a new rule in New York to hike their minimum wage to $15. But consumers and small business owners, as well as some employees, may be the ones to pay the price. More
7:43am: McDonald's. Dunkin' Donuts. Burgerfi. Zoup! A new minimum wage requirement targeting the fast-food industry in the state of New York will hit the biggest players as well as many of the smaller ones, too. More
7:35am: Cortana's jokes come from a team of writers hired by Microsoft to give the digital assistant a personality. More
6:44am: Amazon has signed Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow former co-hosts of global TV hit Top Gear to present a new car show on Amazon. More
6:21am: Two big British energy firms unveiled plans Thursday to cut 12,500 jobs as oil prices turn lower again, sparking another round of cost cutting. More
4:59am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:42am: While the popular crew cab version of the Ford F-150 did well in an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test a smaller version of the truck fared poorly. More
3:32am: India is set to surpass China as the world's most populous country -- and much sooner than previously thought. More
12:48am: Jon Stewart has addressed reports that he secretly visited President Obama at the White House. More
11:48pm: Will Dana, the managing editor of Rolling Stone, is leaving the magazine just months after the publication of a discredited story about rape. More
9:40pm: It's never been easier to learn how to hack, according to a new report from the Digital Citizens Alliance. More
8:46pm: Three frat members claim the Rolling Stone rape story defamed them. More
7:41pm: There are the 10 most-complained about business practices. More
7:36pm: Facebook continues to grow its user base at a steady 13%, and now has 1.5 billion monthly active users. More
7:25pm: Despite the demographics of the United States rapidly shifting from a white majority to a brown and black one, why is there so little diversity in the news media? More
5:44pm: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warns lawmakers that they can't continue to ignore the need to raise the nation's borrowing limit forever. In fact, by his estimates, Congress should act on the matter by mid-fall. More
5:03pm: Walmart has warned its suppliers that a 12 ounce package of cereal or coffee or crackers better contain all 12 ounces. More
4:06pm: A study by research institute Data & Society claims Uber uses phantom cars to attract customers. More
3:36pm: Candidates are using Optimizely to personalize their websites and messages -- helping to maximize donations and volunteers. More
3:13pm: Walter Palmer's dental business is effectively frozen after he admitted killing Zimbabwe's protected lion Cecil. More
3:04pm: You can't blame it on the economy anymore. More Millennials now have jobs, but are still living at home. More
2:39pm: China's market meltdown isn't a financial crisis, it's a political one. More
2:31pm: How much does a lion safari cost? $49,000, air fare not included More
2:14pm: The Federal Reserve is preparing for a rate hike in September, according to its latest announcement. More
1:57pm: The house Jesse Pinkman owned in Breaking Bad is up for sale. More
1:22pm: Naugles, a popular Mexican restaurant, reopens after being closed for 20 years. More
1:11pm: Altria and Reynolds American are wowing Wall Street with solid sales and earnings. The companies may be out of favor socially and culturally. But they still have pricing power. More
1:01pm: Yahoo's new Livetext app is a combination of Periscope, Snapchat and texting. More
12:53pm: Yelp shares plummeted 27% as the platform grapples with a brand reputation issues and trouble retaining employees. More
12:32pm: The University of Phoenix, one of the largest for-profit colleges still standing, is the next one the government is going after. More
12:25pm: Instagram's ban on the Sandra Bland hashtag treads a fine line between protecting people from hate speech and blocking important social discourse. More
12:05pm: Intel and Micron have developed a new chip that combines memory and data storage in one structure. More
11:58am: A devil may care Jon Stewart went on "The Nightly Show" to explain his secret meetings with President Obama. More
11:42am: Toshiba's interim chief executive Masashi Muromachi will take a 90% pay cut for the next two months as a massive accounting scandal continues to rock the company. More
11:26am: Tom Brady claims that his text messages were destroyed when he broke his cell phone. But they might not be gone forever. More
11:13am: Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith said a minimum wage of $15 an hour for fast food workers would probably mean her company and other restaurants would cut back on hiring inexperienced teens. More
10:57am: Don't try to guess when stocks will crash. Instead, create a mix of stocks and bonds that suits your tolerance for risk that allows you to participate in the gains when the market climbs but also affords a measure of protection when it falters. More
10:21am: Select Delta travelers may soon have the option to upgrade their commercial ticket to fly on a private jet that would otherwise be flying empty. More
10:00am: TrackingPoint's super expensive "guided-target" smart rifle can be hacked. More
9:42am: Disneyland Paris is in some serious trouble over potentially unfair pricing policies and ticket offers. More
9:34am: Style icon Jane Birkin wants her name taken off a crocodile-skin handbag made by Hermes because of the way the reptiles are killed. More
9:22am: Quitting without a plan can hurt your career, but here are some paths to quitting that worked for some. More
8:42am: Volkswagen is expecting vehicle sales to remain flat this year, due to weakness in markets such as China, Russia and Brazil. More
8:36am: On Friday, the Education Department and Justice Department will announce a pilot program giving some prisoners access to federal Pell grants. More
8:24am: Google Maps unveils a "popular times" feature to show a business' busiest hours so people can schedule around it. More
6:21am: Before the financial crisis, over 100 banks would typically open a year in the U.S. More
6:08am: Terry Myerson is Microsoft's Mr. Humble, even as he oversees Microsoft's most ambitious Windows launch in years. More
5:15am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:07am: Jon Stewart has asked a lot of questions over his 16 year run as "Daily Show" host, but on Tuesday the tables were turned. More
11:31pm: China has a problem: Its citizens are among the best savers in the world, but they don't have enough places to stick their money. More
7:19pm: Thanks in large part to the expansion of coverage under Obamacare, health care spending is expected to have increased by 5.5%, according to federal estimates released Tuesday. It's the first time the rate would exceed 5% since 2007. More
6:09pm: An advocacy group has launched a campaign meant to highlight the gender wage gap, which is wider for black women. More
5:56pm: Mike Huckabee has had plenty of face time on Fox since his controversial comment about the Iran nuclear deal. More
5:44pm: Twitter interim CEO Jack Dorsey says using Twitter should be "as easy as looking out your window to see what's happening." More
5:18pm: Several Republican senators are pushing hard for the U.S. to lift its ban on crude oil exports. More
4:45pm: In an unprecedented move, CBS will show ads on its Super Bowl 50 TV broadcast and its live stream of the big game. More
3:28pm: As LaGuardia gets ready for a $4 billion makeover, we take a look at what exactly makes it so terrible. More
2:40pm: The classic Converse sneaker known for its old school charm now has a new modern look. More
2:39pm: The Moto X Pure Edition might be the best Android smartphone ever. More
2:23pm: Windows 10 is here. If you're a Windows 7 or 8.1 user, your PC is about to get a truly awesome upgrade. More
2:02pm: Amazon is teaming up with VCs and accelerators for a startup marketplace called Launchpad More
1:43pm: Canary, a startup in Boulder, Colo., just released an app for iPhones and iPads that detects and measures marijuana intoxication in users. More
1:18pm: Bombed the SAT? It doesn't matter, if you're applying to George Washington University. The college just became one of the largest and most prestigious to make standardized test scores optional for applicants. More
1:17pm: A Turkish food delivery company boss has awarded his 114 employees a combined bonus of $27 million from profits on selling the firm. More
1:13pm: The new E! reality show starring Caitlyn Jenner brought in nearly 3 million viewers for the network. More
1:04pm: Oil has quietly plunged nearly 20% this month. Don't bank on a speedy recovery. More
12:54pm: Newspaper newsroom staffs cut 10% in 2014. More
12:44pm: From Brazil to South Africa, emerging market currencies are at or near record lows against the U.S. dollar. More
12:14pm: The S&P 500 hasn't had a 10% pullback since the summer of 2011. That could be a worrisome sign ... but if you dig deeper, many stocks are already having their own correction. More
11:55am: My head was in California, but I was in New York while watching the first live-VR broadcast of a soccer game. More
11:41am: Criminals are laundering billions through London prime real estate but the British government is promising to get tough. More
10:49am: Human error was responsible for the catastrophic 2014 crash of an experimental Virgin Galactic rocket ship. More
9:22am: Google replies to the question all restless kids ask as an equally irritated parent! More
8:44am: American billionaire Michael Bloomberg is adding to his London real estate portfolio with the purchase of a $25 million historic mansion. More
8:17am: LG's Gentle combines smartphones capacity with the flip phone look--will it work? More
7:46am: Nike is offering partial refunds for questionable calorie counters. More
7:38am: Apple iPhone resale value tends to drop 30% after new models launch. Here's how much you'll get for your iPhone if you resell it this year. More
7:32am: Trump is on the rise, yet most Americans don't know where he stands on key economic issues. More
7:08am: Volkswagen has stolen Toyota's crown to become the world's top carmaker by sales in the first half of 2015. More
6:39am: Major tech companies are investing in digital assistants. Which one gets the job? More
5:26am: Police in Beijing have seized an electronics factory that was used to manufacture more than 41,000 fake Apple iPhones over the past seven months. More
5:14am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:53am: A group of concerned scientists, researchers and academics, including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, have warned that a military artificial intelligence arms race could soon develop. More
12:41am: The outspoken host had literally nothing to say during his segment on the Republican candidates' controversial remarks. More
11:48pm: Four days after a major error in a story about Hillary Clinton's emails, the New York Times has published an editors' note laying out what went wrong. More
10:33pm: China stocks continued their free fall on Tuesday, as investors ignored efforts by regulators to calm markets. More
5:49pm: Donald Trump sells his 24th floor penthouse at Trump Park Avenue in New York City for $21 million. More
5:04pm: At least two editorial staffers have taken Gawker's buy-out offer. More
4:53pm: Donald Trump tweeted that billionaire Steve Rattner should have gone to prison but was saved by President Obama. More
4:46pm: Chrysler owners that haven't fixed their recalled cars are eligible for some incentives -- find out if your car is included. More
3:11pm: Twitter's stock continues to tank. Investors are hoping the company will soon name a new CEO that can get the little blue bird to spread its wings and soar again. More
2:44pm: Shares of mining companies Freeport-McMoran and Joy Global have plunged 35% and 28% this month, respectively. That makes them the worst performers in the entire S&P 500 in July. More
2:42pm: The New York Times defended its reporting against challenges from former staff reporter Richard Bernstein. More
2:42pm: Google is scaling back its unpopular social network integrations, starting with YouTube comments. More
1:45pm: Pick Five gambler wins $471,000 at horse track on his 50 cent bid More
1:36pm: NY Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan calls the paper's coverage of the Hillary Clinton email scandal "a mess." More
1:01pm: Greece was preparing to hack into its independent tax collection software in the event it was forced to leave the euro, former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has revealed. More
12:28pm: Three Texas cities -- San Antonio, Dallas and Houston -- are among the top five in the country where residents carry some of the highest credit card debt and take the longest time to pay it back. More
12:18pm: Disney's Bob Iger told CNBC on Monday that he could see ESPN going unbundled someday. More
12:07pm: Stephen Hawking hosts his first Reddit AMA to debate about the benefits and dangers of AI. More
12:04pm: Many chip companies have significant exposure to China. And almost of them are big Apple suppliers. But other blue chips outside of tech could get hurt if China's economy slows dramatically. More
12:03pm: China's market is spreading investor anxiety around the world and putting Europe -- its biggest trading partner -- on edge. More
11:59am: Android phones can get infected by merely receiving a picture via text message, according to research published Monday. More
11:31am: CNNMoney's Fear & Greed Index now points to 'Extreme Fear' in the market. More
11:27am: McDonald's might be shrinking but Burger King is on the rise. Its growth story has been fueled by new menu items, including its popular chicken fries. More
10:47am: Pick Five gambler wins $471,000 at horse track on his 50 cent bid More
10:42am: The nation's median family wealth has dropped nearly 5% since 1989, yet every race is getting richer. How's this possible? America is getting more diverse, with a larger percentage of Hispanics and blacks, while the white population is shrinking. More
9:37am: Kim Kardashian suggests Twitter should let people edit tweets instead of deleting and retweeting. More
9:11am: When the bottom fell out of China's stock market, the ruling Communist Party used every trick in the book to stop its dramatic slide. But was that a good thing? More
8:21am: The Apple Watch will be available in Best Buy starting Aug 7. More
8:09am: In a departure from traditional journalism, New York magazine publishes images and names of sex crime victims. More
8:05am: Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical is buying Allergan's generic drugs business for $40.5 billion. More
5:25am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
3:17am: China's benchmark Shanghai Composite shed nearly 9% on Monday, a bone-rattling decline that raises questions over the efficacy of China's dramatic stock market rescue. More
12:41am: Video game console makers such as Sony and Nintendo will now be able to sell in China without any restrictions. More
8:23pm: "Gawker's growing up." The site's founder, Nick Denton, is trying to turn the page after the most embarrassing ten-day period in its history. More
1:18pm: Federal safety regulators said Sunday that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will pay a record $105 million for mishandling 23 recalls. More
9:02am: 25 years after the passage of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act, big problems remain. More
8:29am: After years of explosive growth, China is cooling off big time. More
6:34pm: The creators of "Arrested Development" are setting up a writer's room to conceive a new season of the cult classic. The story arc will determine the number of new episodes. More
5:12pm: It's good Donald Trump has plenty of money. He needs it to fend off the lawsuits over his defunct Trump University. More
2:41pm: Government regulators officially cleared the way for AT&T to acquire DirecTV on Friday, making the combined company the biggest provider of TV subscriptions. More
2:22pm: Amy Schumer, Universal Pictures, and other stars of "Trainwreck" react to the shooting that took place in Lafayette, Louisiana. More
1:31pm: The video game movie hopes to one up its competition at the box office, but will Adam Sandler hold it back? More
12:22pm: Here's how female video game characters would look with more realistic body types. More
12:04pm: With one plugin, you can have control over who can view your email and for how long. Never send an unintended message to the wrong recipient again. More
11:30am: Starbucks is at a record high thanks to strong earnings. And profits rose despite an increase in labor costs due to minimum wage hikes across the country. More
11:29am: Chrysler is recalling 1.4 million vehicles that can be remotely hacked over the Internet. More
10:29am: Cable giant Comcast is having mostly informal talks with a handful of digital media startups. Here's why. More
10:29am: The world's most valuable retailer is no longer based in Arkansas. It's in Seattle. Amazon's market value topped Walmart's for the first time as Amazon's stock soared following ts surprise profit. More
9:46am: FIFA's top-tier sponsors said the scandal-ridden global soccer organization needs to get rid of its leaders and undertake a deep reform. More
9:29am: Like many athletes who experience sudden wealth, Antoine Walker's fortune was gone in an instant. More
8:16am: Apple removed the Google Nest smart thermostat from its website as well as in-store. More
7:50am: Formal talks on Greece's 86 billion euro bailout have been delayed due to "logistical" and security issues, despite a tight deadline to get the deal done. More
7:26am: The world's first malaria vaccine is a step closer to being used after European medical watchdog gives it a green light. More
7:22am: Amazon Echo represents a future where everything in our house can be controlled through one device and system. More
7:05am: Netflix already has an exclusive distribution deal for Brad Pitt's next movie. Now it has struck a deal with his wife Angelina Jolie: She will direct "First They Killed My Father" for the streaming service. More
6:24am: Anthem and Cigna agree to health services merger. More
5:32am: Russian President Vladimir Putin has just fired 110,000 interior ministry employees at a stroke. More
5:07am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:33am: At the movies, feelings of fear and terror are supposed to come from the big screen and the blasting speakers. But on Thursday a real-life burst of violence interrupted a screening. More
12:11am: Jon Stewart tried as hard as he could to ignore Trump, but he just couldn't help himself. More