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  CNNMoney: Please lose weight. We'll pay you. One govt's plea to its obese people about 4 hours ago

Bezos: The Grinch that stole Amazon's Xmas

Wall Street is tired of Amazon losing money. Investors want Jeff Bezos to be more focused and disciplined with the company's long-term investments.  More

Icahn to casino workers: Give up healthcare

Icahn fights union over battle for Taj Mahal  More

P&G to spin off Duracell

Consumer products company moves to make battery unit stand alone.  More

Exploding airbags spark fears

Ten automakers are affected by nearly 8 million faulty Takata airbags.  Play

EU pledges 1 billion euros to fight Ebola

European states have stepped up their efforts to fight Ebola, pledging one billion euros in total.  More

'SNL' interns reach $6.4 million settlement with NBCUniversal

Underpaid interns for 'Saturday Night Live' will finally cash in after court settlement.  More

Tumblr CEO: I'm still in charge here

Tumblr CEO David Karp says he's still the boss after Yahoo's purchase, and he's happy with the progress the company has made so far.  More

China one of top 3 destinations for expats

Many Chinese want to swap Beijing pollution for greener foreign shores, but it seems plenty of expats are happy to head in the opposite direction.  More

Wall Street delivers bad news to Amazon

The company lost more than $14 billion in value.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Why AMC and the BBC are getting together

AMC Networks is effectively taking over the BBC's cable channel in the United States in a $200 million deal announced on Thursday.  More

Buffett lost $2 billion, but there's good news

Buffett's investment firm lost big on Coca-Cola and IBM this week, but that's about the extent of his losses this year.  More

Billionaire sees potential in West Africa

Billionaire Aliko Dangote believes West Africa has enormous potential despite Ebola, but needs to fix its infrastructure  Play

Paul Allen pledges $100 million to fight ebola

The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire also announced more than $12 million for new efforts.  More

Tesco chairman will resign

The chairman of British grocery giant Tesco will resign after the company admitted overstating profits by $420 million.  Play

Bah Humbug: Sears is closing 77 more stores

Sears Holdings closing stores across U.S., most before Christmas, and cutting more than 5,000 workers.  More

You can put up to $18,000 in your 401(k) next year

The IRS is raising contribution limits for 401(k)s by $500 to $18,000 next year. Contribution limits on IRAs and Roth IRAs will remain the same, however.  More

Schools install gun detection technology

Using technology developed for the military and implemented in Iraq, schools have installed alarm systems that detect gunfire.  More

Dunkin' gets dunked: Weak doughnut sales hurt stock

Dunkin' Brands reported sluggish sales and warned that growth is going to remain slow. The coffee and breakfast wars are clearly having an impact on Dunkin' and other restaurants.  More

In Chinese, Zuck says Facebook has 11 users

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a Q&A at Beijing's Tsinghua University entirely in Chinese.  More

Virtual reality movies are coming

Filmmakers are experimenting with virtual reality technology from companies like Oculus VR to create a new kind of cinematic experience.  More

Big Chocolate goes small on Ebola donations

The chocolate industry gets 70% of its cocoa supply from West Africa - the region hardest hit by the Ebola virus. But Nestle, Mars and other major producers only scraped together $600,000 to fight the disease.  Play

Refinancing your mortgage? Opportunity knocks

Concern about the stock market has sent interest rate of 15-year mortgage to lowest level of the year.  More

Maker Camel cigarettes bans smoking in its offices

Reynolds American, maker of Camel cigarettes, says starting next year employees will no longer be able smoke at their desks or in conference rooms.  More

Customers up, profit up at Comcast

As it awaits approval of its merger with Time Warner Cable, Comcast continues to show solid growth, both in profit and in numbers of new customers.  More

What's keeping bond investors awake at night?

Concerns about liquidity in the fixed-income market have some top investors wondering about safe alternatives.  More

How I became a Comic Con star

Linda Le takes us behind the scenes, to show us what it takes to become a Comic Con star.  Play

Macau trumps Vegas with $270 minimum bet

Las Vegas might have first class shopping, dining and nightlife. But for serious gambling, head to Macau.  More

After six months of recall costs, GM making money again

GM earns more than $1 billion after recall costs essentially wiped out profits in first half of the year.  More

NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman to resume work in November

The mandatory Ebola-related quarantine is over, but Dr. Nancy Snyderman and the crew members who traveled to Liberia with her are not coming back to work yet.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

World Series strikes out with lowest Game 1 ratings in history

Game 1 of the World Series saw the Royals taking on the Giants, it also saw the lowest ratings in MLB history.  More

Just how sick are Europe's top banks?

Regulators are about to reveal the results of an extensive health check of Europe's top 130 banks, indicating which may need a cash infusion.  More

Domino's Pizza is hot again

Domino's pizza used to suck. Now people like it and the stock is at a record high  More

Remember 'Easy Rider'? That bike just sold for $1.35 million

Captain America's bike exceeds auctioneer's estimate.  More

Is Apple the perfect stock?

It's hard to find a glaring weakness with Apple's stock. The innovative spirit is back too. So why is Apple still not in the Dow?  More

Uber sorry for 'hot chick' 20-minute ride promo

Uber canceled its free rides with hot girls promotion in Lyon, France before it ever launched.  More

Jimmy John's under fire for worker contracts

House lawmakers urge the Labor Department and Federal Trade Commission to investigate Jimmy John's.  More

Apple Pay is double charging some customers

Apple Pay is double charging some Bank of America customers, and getting the charges taken off is a headache.  More

$134,700 one-of-a-kind trip for fashionistas

Trendy power couples can now get their fashion fix with a 30-day tour of the 12 most in-vogue global cities, including Paris, London, Milan, New York, Istanbul and Barcelona. But it costs a pretty penny.  More

Election issue: Why people still feel the economy stinks

The midterm elections are around the corner, and the economy remains a top concern. With unemployment down and inflation low, why do people still feel the economy stinks?  More

What next for Turkey's roller-coaster economy?

Turkey's finance minister is cautiously optimistic about the future despite slowing growth and regional unrest.  More

Social Security benefits will increase by 1.7% in 2015

Social Security checks will get a little bit bigger next year as benefits rise by 1.7% -- which translates into $22 more each month for the average retired worker.  More

Warren Buffett loses $2 billion in two days

His Berkshire Hathaway investment house holds big chunks of Coke and IBM, both of which have taken a drubbing this week.  More

Joseph Weisenthal leaves Business Insider to join Bloomberg

Joseph Weisenthal, executive editor of Business Insider, is leaving the site for Bloomberg.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Nurse wins $1 million for chip flavor idea

Lay's announced that the flavor beat out more than 14 million others in a new contest.  More

Mercedes parent unplugs its Tesla investment

Daimler sells its 4% stake in the electric car-maker after five years as an investor.  More

Rebound! Stocks erase most of October losses

The Dow rises nearly 200 points and the Nasdaq has best day of year as stocks roar back Tuesday.  More

Yahoo profit soars following the Alibaba IPO

Yahoo was in the spotlight Tuesday as it released its third-quarter results, its first earnings release since the Alibaba IPO.  More

Rush Limbaugh thinks 'they' think we all deserve Ebola

Rush Limbaugh claimed that "people at the highest levels of our government" think Americans deserve to be infected with Ebola as retribution for slavery -- but now seems to be back-pedaling.  More

Tesla blocked from selling in Michigan

Michigan governor Snyder signs bill that Tesla says will block it from opening either a store or showroom in Big Three's home state.  More

Colorado health officials want to ban pot-laced candy

The recommendation was made Monday during a meeting of a state task force that is working on new rules to require retailers to clearly label food with marijuana.  More

SF tops KC - in World Series ticket prices

After a slow start, tickets prices in San Francisco have moved ahead of those in Kansas City ahead of start of Fall Classic.  More

Investors pour out of Coke

Coke just can't get its turnaround story right. Investors are tired of the fizzle.  More

U.S. companies return to Mexico's one-time 'murder capital'

American companies are ramping up investment in Juarez, Mexico, after years of drug violence.  More

Chipotle vs. Qdoba: Investors like the Q

Shares of Chipotle tumbled due to concerns about slowing sales growth in 2015. But investors love Qdoba and its burger chain parent Jack in the Box.  More

McDonald's gets burned in Asia

McDonald's is struggling in markets around the world, especially in light of a food scandal in Asia that caused sales to tumble.  More

Microsoft CEO: Women paid equally here

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says women are paid equally at Microsoft, while taking home an $84 million pay package.  More

China is hacking its own citizens' iCloud accounts - report

Chinese iCloud users are facing a new wave of attacks -- not from cybercriminals, but from their own government.  More

Why Dish subscribers can't see CNN today

CNN and several other Turner-owned cable channels have disappeared from Dish Network homes due to a contractual dispute between the two companies.  More

Oscar de la Renta: The man who could sell a $12,000 dress

Oscar de la Renta dressed first ladies, movie stars and other celebrities. And that clientele allowed him to charge top dollar for his creations.  More

Slave labor in America today

Foreign workers, lured by false promises of good jobs and benefits in America, soon find themselves enslaved in plain sight as victims of labor trafficking, a report from the Urban Institute finds. Here's how it can happen.  More

Wealth is outpacing income...and that's a scary sign

More wealth in America is always good news. Except when it grows too fast compared to income.  More

Hong Kong leader warns poor would dominate a free vote

Hong Kong's top official claims that an open nomination process would give the city's poor residents too much influence over the political system.  More

Media habits of liberals, conservatives: 'different worlds'

Ever wonder why your avowed-conservative brother or fervently-liberal aunt can't even seem to agree on the facts? Here's an answer.  More

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Total CEO dies in plane crash

French oil company Total has confirmed the death of its Chairman and CEO Christophe de Margerie, who passed away in a private plane crash in Moscow.  More

China's economy suffers its worst quarter since the financial crisis

China's economy has clocked its worst quarter in more than five years, raising concerns over Beijing's ability to meet its own annual growth target.  More

Amazon and Simon & Schuster reach compromise deal

The tug of war between Amazon and book publisher Simon & Schuster just ended -- and both sides are declaring victory. So what will happen with Hachette?  More

Fed official: Big banks should clean up their acts

The Fed official overseeing Wall Street says things need to change, and if the risky culture isn't turned around, it may be time to break up the big banks.  More

Apple profit soars on huge iPhone, Mac sales

Better-than-expected iPhone sales and record Mac sales lifted Apple in its fiscal fourth quarter.  More

Higher fees coming for Citibank customers

Starting in January, Citi plans to increase the monthly fees on its checking accounts.  More

Snapchat, valued at $10 billion, has started showing ads

Snapchat has begun showing ads for the first time.  More

GM ignition switch death toll climbs to 29

Claims of deaths and injuries tied to General Motors faulty ignition switch continue to rise, and two more deaths have been linked to the problem.  More

Stepped-up effort to replace exploding airbags

After recent death in Florida, NHTSA and Toyota putting out word to car owners covered by the recall of 7.9 million vehicles to bring them in for repairs as soon as possible.  More

Ebola is a fear factor for stock market

Volatility has returned to Wall Street this fall. Ebola is one of the fear factors for investors.  More

Panic over? Calm returns to stocks

After a wild and brutal week, investors are taking a breather and looking forward to Apple earnings.  More calls new baby leave most generous in tech

The company that runs the popular petition website announced a new parental leave policy on Monday it called the most generous in the tech industry.  More

Porsche rents Sistine Chapel for Pope's charity

An elite group of forty Porsche enthusiasts were treated to a private tour of the Sistine Chapel on Saturday -- the first corporate charity event ever held there.  More

Facebook tells DEA: Stop impersonating users

Facebook wants the DEA to stop hijacking identities and creating fake accounts for its investigations.  More

Apple Pay launches today

Apple Pay will be up and running Monday afternoon.  More

Russia's crusade to banish McDonald's

Russian authorities are continuing their crackdown on McDonald's, forcing the closure of a handful of restaurants and investigating roughly half of the country's 400 locations.  More

Debt-laden 'zombie' firms threaten China's economy

Economists concerned over rapidly rising corporate debt levels in China are sounding the alarm, warning that major changes are needed to avoid an increase in "zombie" banks and firms.  More

IBM shares down after it dumps chip unit, posts disappointing earnings

IBM shares down sharply in after it announces a $4.7 billion charge to dump its chip unit and says it is disappointed with results.  More

Nightmare on Wall Street: Is it over?

After last week's market scare, investors are hoping upcoming corporate report cards offer more treats than tricks.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Moody's downgrades Russia's debt

Oil, war and sanctions spurred the credit rating agency to downgrade the country's debt to two notches above "junk" status.  More

Audi driverless car to hit 150 mph

An Audi RS7 performance car will go as fast as 150 miles per hour on a racetrack this weekend -- and no one will be behind the wheel.  More

Rich-poor gap 'concerns me': Yellen

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen says economic inequality is near the highest levels in the past hundred years.  More

AmazonFresh groceries arrive in Brooklyn

The company is bringing its AmazonFresh service to New York for the first time.  More

World Series-hungry K.C. fans paying big bucks for tickets

Tickets to the first World Series games in Kansas City since 1985 are fetching more than $1,000 on average in resale market.  More

Dallas hospital hit by Ebola losing patients and money

Texas Health Presbyterian has only 300 patients for 900 beds since Ebola outbreak which killed one patient and infected two nurses who treated him.  More

Finally! Stocks rally. But can it last?

Don't expect the Federal Reserve to save the day this time, but strong corporate earnings could.  More

Syracuse University disinvites journalist over Ebola fears

Syracuse University uninvited photojournalist Michel du Cille over fears of the journalist's potential exposure covering Ebola.  More

UN asks $1B for Ebola, gets a tiny fraction

But the slow response showcases the gap between what aid organizations say they need to fight Ebola and what donors have provided.  More

3 black eyes in the job market

Millions of Americans are still unemployed or underemployed.  More

New Starbucks app will have your latte waiting

Starbucks to allow customers to use their app to order and prepay for their coffee before they arrive at the stores.  More

Can you protect yourself from a market crash?

It's a scary market out there, but investments designed to provide security may turn out being even more risky.  More

Les Moonves on reactions to CBS's streaming service

CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves says the company's new streaming service could benefit cable providers as well as consumers.  More

China is poised to report its slowest growth since the financial crisis

China's economy is likely to have clocked its worst quarter in more than five years, according to a CNNMoney survey of economists.  More

Starbucks baristas getting raises and a snack

The coffee chain will also allow workers to show their tattoos, among other dress code changes.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

26 arrested for protesting outside Walmart billionaire's New York home

Hundreds of people, including some workers from Walmart, McDonald's and Zara, protested in New York and D.C. Thursday asking for higher pay.  More

Over 48 million Americans live in poverty

A report by the Census Bureau Thursday shows that government programs do help lift people out of poverty.  More

Some Converse copycats cost big bucks

A few bargain brands got swept up in Chuck Taylor's net, but others cost a pretty penny.  More

Time to shop 'til you drop for cheap stocks

Do you think Warren Buffett is hiding under his desk in Omaha? Take advantage of the fact that good stocks are on sale.  More

One in every five U.S. cars recalled this year

Industry-wide recalls have now topped 52 million for the year, with the number of vehicles affected at about 20% of the cars now on the road.  More

How much should you tip housekeeping? A travel tipping guide

Tipping can be awkward, especially when you're on the road. But here's your cheat sheet.  More

Goldman Sachs is hiring as profit soars

The big paychecks are back for bankers as Goldman Sachs profits jumps 25%  More

Mortgage rates fall below 4%

World turmoil has caused international investors to dump their cash into U.S. bonds and mortgage backed securities.  More

Tesla shares take a couple of hits

Law to block electric carmaker's Michigan sales advances, and analyst suggests Model X will be delayed.  More

She's America's youngest female billionaire - and a dropout

Elizabeth Holmes, America's youngest self-made female billionaire, has built a medical services country that's revolutionizing the blood test.  More

When will companies stop hoarding cash?

The U.S. could get a big economic and jobs boost if businesses would spend some of their cash reserves.  More

European markets take a beating

Every major market in Europe has now entered correction territory, which occurs when an index drops by at least 10% from a recent peak.  More

What the heck should the Fed do now?

The market is in free fall just as the Federal Reserve plans to take its foot off the gas.  More

AbbVie board abandons $55 billion Shire merger

The board of American drug company AbbVie is walking away from its merger with U.K. rival Shire, making the $55 billion deal the first casualty of the Obama Administration's crackdown on companies seeking to lower their tax bills.  More

Amazon bringing on more holiday hands this year

About 80,000 extra hands will locate, pack and ship millions of orders, up about 10,000 from last year.  More

Google: We'll make you smarter ... if you share your data

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says Google will eventually create an artificial personal assistant. You just have to share enough data to make it work.  More

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Netflix shares tank 20% on weaker subscriber growth

Netflix may be paying the price for increasing its subscription cost.  More

This is not another financial crisis

This is not another financial crisis like 2008. It's merely another healthy market pullback like we had in 2011. It's not a reason to fear the end is nigh.  More

Market 'freak out': Stocks rebound from scary plunge

The Dow plummeted 460 points before storming back to end down 'only' 173 points.  More

These stocks actually went up today

These stocks were winners Wednesday as the market plunged.  More

Time for a wakeup call at Pizza Hut?

The chain is seen dozing as its competitors eat up its market share lead.  More

Steve Schwarzman's advice to future leaders - go study in China

Schwarzman Scholars plans to select students who want to have a "positive impact on the world" and send 200 of them a year to Tsinghua University in Beijing.  More

Google unveils Android Lollipop and latest Nexus devices

Google announced Wednesday that its new Android Lollipop software will be available on select mobile devices within the next few weeks.  More

Greek stocks in tailspin

Greek stocks plunge after Fitch warns that the nation's banks remain fragile. Concerns about political instability in Greece also weigh on the market.  More

Bond limbo: How low can rates go?

Investors continue to plow into bonds. It's a sign that the rest of the world thinks America is a safe market to invest in. This may be good news for consumers. But how much longer can that last?  More

Gas prices go below $3

Gas prices below $3 a gallon are becoming common across the country and more low prices are on the way.  More

Why deficits have fallen so dramatically

On back of a revenue surge and spending cuts, the federal deficit hits lowest level since Obama took office.  More

HBO to sell subscriptions via the Internet

While continuing to seek subscribers from cable and satellite, HBO will start to sell its service separately via the Internet next year.  More

Jay Leno revs up a new show for CNBC

Former "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno drives back to TV with a brand new show on CNBC, "Jay Leno's Garage."  More

Ebola is spooking Wall Street

Ebola is clearly hurting market psychology, which is very fragile at the moment.  More

Whole Foods' new environmental ratings for food

Whole Foods unveils new ratings system for produce and flowers to give consumers more information about the social and environmental impact of their purchases.  More

Ferrari says 'We love you, America'

The Ferrari F60 America is a V12 convertible that can go from zero to 60 in just over three seconds.  More

Galaxy Note 4 is not the iPhone 6 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a different kind of 'phablet' than the iPhone 6 Plus. But does it deliver?  More

Converse sues Wal-Mart over copycat sneakers

Converse is suing 31 companies, including Wal-Mart and H&M, for selling copycat shoes that look like its iconic "Chuck Taylor" sneakers.  More

Poodles are attacking the Internet

Meet the "Poodle" attack, the latest way hackers can undermine our private online communication.  More

Honda CR-V named SUV of the Year

Improved driving, fuel economy and technology lift the redesigned compact SUV over competitors, according to the car magazine.  More

Toyota recalls another 1.75 million cars

Toyota has announced three new recalls covering more than 1.75 million vehicles, the latest in a string of major safety recalls.  More

Online ads are attacking you

Hackers are leveraging the fast-paced, targeted nature of online ads to deliver malware.  More

India looks for love on Tinder

A popular new dating app is attracting legions of young, urban Indians who are happy to use their smartphones in search of love, even if it means casting aside long-held traditional values.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Seniors lose average of $30,000 to financial scammers

Senior victims of financial abuse report losing a large chunk of their retirement savings to scammers, caregivers, even family members.  More

$55 billion pharma merger could fall victim to new Obama tax rules

American drug company AbbVie's $55 billion merger with U.K. rival Shire may be the first casualty of the Obama Administration's crackdown on inversions used to reduce the tax bills of U.S. firms.  More

Stock market scare as Dow drops 460 points

The stock market took another nosedive, but it isn't in correction mode yet.  More

Gulfstream's new $54 million jet: Here's what you get

If you've always wanted a Gulfstream but felt they just weren't luxurious enough, you're in luck. The company has announced two new super jets.  More

Downey Jr. may be 'Captain America's' hero

'Captain America 3' could bring a heroic box office for Marvel and a new phase for their cinematic universe  More

Google takes on Amazon Prime

Google has unveiled a new subscription shopping service offering same-day delivery, going head to head with Amazon.  More

Macy's to open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving

Chain to open namesake stores two hours earlier than last year, cutting further into Thanksgiving Day.  More

The GoPro bubble has burst

GoPro makes an awesome camera. But Wall Street got way too excited about the stock. Shares have plunged lately ... and with good reason.  More

Russian hackers exploit Windows to spy on West

Russian hackers took advantage of a bug in Microsoft Windows to spy on the Ukrainian government, a European government agency, two European companies, and a scholar living in the United States.  More

Sorry ABC - you didn't win (yet)

It looked like a historic win for ABC News, but the big Nielsen screw-up has turned it into a loss.  More

Ireland closes tax loophole for tech giants

For years, some of the world's biggest companies have set up shop in Ireland to dodge taxes. Now, Ireland is taking a key tax break away.  More

The guy Newsweek called the 'inventor' of Bitcoin plans to sue

Dorian Nakamoto, whom Newsweek identified as the 'inventor' of Bitcoin, is planning to sue.  More
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