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Gas fracking divides Pennsylvania

Natural gas is transforming northwest Pennsylvania into an energy powerhouse. Some in this once-tranquil region are getting rich. Others say their lives have been ruined forever. From New York to Ohio, Pennsylvania’s energy boom is a cautionary tale.

The energy boom's double edged sword

A community grapples with its new reality: A natural gas drilling boom is bringing big money and big stress to this once laid-back Pennsylvania town. More

Living amid an energy boom

Traffic, noise, pollution and money are some of the newcomers to rural Pennsylvania as shale gas takes off. More

Gas boom mints instant millionaires

Jodi Edger is making money as shale gas production takes off in Pennsylvania. But with that money come traffic, contaminated water, and trouble with a flood of outsiders. More

Caught off guard in a gas boom

Drilling is taking off in Northwest Pennsylvania, but it's taxing the government's ability to provide social services and protect the environment. More

Can shale gas be produced safely?

Most say yes, but striking the right balance between environmental protection and drilling is the hard part. More

Should natural gas fracking come to your community?