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Women nearly twice as likely to retire in poverty

When women make only 78 cents to every dollar a man earns, the impacts last a lifetime -- including in retirement.  More

How this teen got into 5 Ivy League schools

"In third grade, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be. I said I wanted to be president and go to an Ivy League. Now I know I can't be president because I wasn't born here, but I want to be Secretary of State."  More

What happens when you can't pay what you owe the IRS

You have a few options, besides pawning everything you own, having your wages garnished or your bank account seized. None of the payment plans are a breeze, but they're better than the alternative.  More

How I got into an Ivy League school

These twelve high school students share what it took to get accepted into Ivy League schools.  More

Want an insurance discount? Wear a tracker

Life insurance company John Hancock is offering a discount -- if you're willing to wear a fitness tracker and give up your personal data.  More

Average tax refund tops $2,800

The majority of U.S. tax filers have been getting refunds. With less than a week to go before April 15, the IRS has already paid out $217.35 billion on more than three-quarters of the 99 million returns it has received to date.  More

A day with a pot farmer

For years, Jeremy Moberg dreamed of growing marijuana out in the open. Now that it is legal in his home state of Washington, he can. And he's making money doing it, too as one of the biggest weed producers in the state.  More

Shockingly small 'crimes' that can land you in jail

Leave an old washing machine in your front yard or catch a fish during the wrong season, and you could end up in jail. That's because such minor infractions are considered criminal offenses in some cities and states and failing to pay a ticket for these crimes can trigger a warrant for your arrest.  More

Top 400 taxpayers' average income jumps to $336 million

Not only did the top 400 taxpayers make far more in 2012 than in the prior two years, they ended up paying a lower percentage of it to Uncle Sam.  More

Should I dial back on stocks?

If you start changing your asset mix every time you think stock prices are ready to rise or fall, you've abandoned the concept of asset allocation and turned investing into a guessing game.  More

Why the middle class is still getting snared by the 'wealth tax'

Yes, Congress 'fixed' the AMT by tying its income exemption levels to inflation, which protects most of the middle class from the so-called 'wealth' tax. But that it hits anyone in the middle and upper middle class at all shows just how poorly targeted the AMT is.  More

When the IRS can keep your refund

The government can keep some or all of your tax refund if you have any government or court-ordered non-tax debt that you've been delinquent in paying.  More

Somaliland to Harvard: How this student beat the odds

20-year-old Abdisamad Adan was just accepted to Harvard University, but he only recently learned to speak English.  More

Dogs killed over unpaid fines

Animal control agencies are aggressively going after pet owners for small violations, such as failing to license a pet. Those who can't afford to pay the hefty fines face serious consequences, including the loss of their dog or even arrest.  More

Where the highest U.S. earners live

In terms of paycheck, New Yorkers do better on average than the rest of the country. But if the focus is on investment income and overall income, residents in one Wyoming county take the top spot.  More

Finally. A credit score for people with no credit

A new FICO credit score using new data sources could expand credit access to millions.  More

Harvard rejects about 95% of applicants

Congratulations to the lucky 5.3% of applicants who managed to get accepted to Harvard.  More

24 hours with a zookeeper

Feeding sloths. Bandaging flamingos. Training alligators. Animal lover Christine McKenzie has found her dream job as a zookeeper. Here are journal entries from a day in her life.  More

In the military? Don't miss out on these tax benefits

From tax-free combat pay to special travel and moving deductions, members of the U.S. Armed Forces are entitled to a slew of tax breaks that can lighten at least one of their burdens.  More

Job hopping: The fast way to earn more money

Workers like Ben Baxter are seeing 30% pay increases by changing jobs frequently. It's actually a good sign for the economy.  More

Stanford offers free tuition for families making less than $125,000

Stanford University announced it was expanding financial aid so that families making less than $125,000 will not have to pay tuition.  More

Vacation home sales exploded last year

Vacation home sales surged in 2014, up 57% from the year before.  More

These tiny homes are full of big ideas

When your home is 400 square feet or less, you have to get creative with the design.  More

The safest way to make your retirement savings last

An immediate annuity can insure that you won't outlive your retirement savings.  More

Poor families spend $600 more on prom than wealthier ones

Low-income families plan to spend more than 5% of their income on prom this year, according to a new survey from Visa.  More

You've never seen IRS penalties like these

Eye-popping penalties may await U.S. taxpayers who have never told the IRS about their foreign financial accounts.  More

Half of Americans are saving next to nothing

When it comes to saving, most of us are falling short of the recommended target.  More

Job interview? Beat the millennial stereotype

It's time to clean up your image and follow these rules.  More

The average tax refund is now $2,893

The IRS has paid out more than $191 billion in refunds so far this tax season to 66.1 million filers.  More

It's getting harder to afford a home

Home price appreciation has been outpacing wage growth in the last two years , which means it's getting harder to afford buying a home.  More

4 reasons to sell your home now

If you've been considering putting your home on the market, here's what you need to know.  More

Most middle-class kids fail to earn bachelor's degrees

Lots of attention is paid to college graduation rates of lower-income students, but many middle-class kids don't finish their bachelor's degrees either.  More

The big profits of payday lenders may be over

Payday loans come with interest rates of 100% or higher. The government wants to crack down.  More

Take a private jet to your college tour -- for $43,000

If you're one of the lucky few for whom college won't break the bank, or even make a dent in your account, a private jet company will take you to campus visits, for $43,500.  More

Rent vs. buy vs. live with mom and dad

It was "slacker" and embarrassing for Generation X, but living with parents is acceptable and even financially wise for millennials.  More

How to get Millennials to save for retirement

With more immediate concerns like launching a career, repaying school loans and establishing credit, it's not surprising that many young adults don't consider retirement a top priority. Here are four ways to get Millennials to save.  More

Sailing around the world in retirement: How we did it

After saving up for decades, Max Fletcher and Lynnie Bruce retired last summer to their new home: a 40-foot sailboat.  More

Federal workers owe the IRS $3.5 billion

About 3.1% of federal workers and retirees are late paying their taxes, according to the IRS.  More

Free ways to file your taxes

Preparing and filing your taxes is an annual -- and potentially expensive -- ritual that can be a burden, especially if you don't make a lot of money. But there are a few free tax-prep and e-filing options available.  More

The dream retirement: Buy a vineyard

Iris Rideau spent decades in finance, enabling her to pursue her passions in retirement: food and wine.  Play

What $100,000 in student debt feels like

It's a choke-hold on young people starting their lives -- It means putting off getting married, having children, and buying that first home.  More

5 biggest student loan mistakes

You can only afford to borrow as much as you expect to earn your first year working.  More

10 best states to retire in

Forget Florida. Residents of these states are happy, safe, and have good health care -- all for the right price.  More

5 ways Obamacare has helped Americans

On Obamacare's 5th birthday, CNNMoney looks at 5 ways the health care reform bill has made more Americans healthier.  More

The student loan hack you don't know about

Are you planning to work in public service? If you have student loans, there's a federal program you should know about.  More

You can now rent a Rolex ... or five

Watch rental company Eleven James lets customers rent luxury watches for several months at a time.  More

7 ways to maximize your Social Security benefits

Don't like solving complex puzzles? Then you won't enjoy figuring out your best strategy for taking Social Security. But if you don't try, you could leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table, if not more, say the co-authors of a new book.  More

Look what these homes are hiding

Whether they are for storage, work, security or just plain fun -- home owners are adding secret rooms to their construction plans.  More

24 hours with a professional bull rider

L.J. Jenkins is one of the top 35 bull riders in the world and during seven months of the year he's on the road. Here's what it's like to spend a day in his cowboy boots.  More

Should I bet it all on Buffett?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been incredibly successful at growing shareholders' capital. But owning Berkshire doesn't give you the same broad exposure to the overall economy and the market that you need for a well-diversified portfolio.  More

10 weirdest job interview questions

No matter how weird a question seems during a job interview, you'd be smart to take a deep breath and give it a go. The interviewer may want to know how you respond under pressure, how you think through a problem, and whether you'd fit in at the company.  More

Volunteering, living abroad: 6 retirees share their stories

Whether it's moving to a small coffee plantation in Costa Rica or volunteering at national parks, these six retirees are living the way they want. Here's how they got there.  More

Social Security killed me off!

After the Social Security Administration declared them dead, these people faced one financial nightmare after another.  More

Gas credit cards are the worst says gas cards come with higher interest rates, fewer rewards and more headaches than any other card.  More

Saved $1 million and living my dream retirement

A self-taught investor, Roy Nash said he saved more than $800,000 by age 55 -- enough to step away from his job and follow his dream of retiring early. Now he has even more stashed away.  More

Secrets of a dream retirement

CNNMoney's Christine Romans shares her secrets for a dream retirement.  Play

5 highest paying jobs for military vets

New data from Payscale finds that veterans are at least twice as likely than civilians to hold high-paying jobs in industries like national security, technology and transportation. Here are five of the top paying careers for former military members.  More

Cleveland's rents soar ahead of Republican convention

When the politicians move into downtown Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention next summer, many residents will be moving out -- and renting their homes for more than 10 times the normal cost.  More

4 easy ways to combat tax fraud

While it's not "easy" to outwit criminals in the age of hacking and opaque online transactions, experts at a Senate Finance hearing agreed that there were a few relatively simple things lawmakers could do to stop more tax fraudsters.  More

Scammer tries to swindle top tax-crime fighter

Criminals posing as IRS agents over the phone have duped taxpayers out of $15.5 million so far, said one of the country's top tax-scam investigators.  More

Average wedding in America now costs $31,000

Couples are spending an average of $31,213 on their weddings.  More

IRS: Claim this refund now or you're out of luck

The IRS has $1 billion in unclaimed refunds for the 2011 tax year that will soon become the property of the U.S. government if taxpayers don't come forward to claim them.  More

Are you paying too much for financial advice?

You may love your financial adviser but is his fee really worth it? Here's how to tell you're getting the most bang for the buck.  More

High fees, scary threats: Lawmakers slam government debt collection

Lawmakers and consumer advocates are speaking out against the special treatment given to debt collectors hired by government agencies across the country.  More

Uncle Sam says my Swedish kid is American

Children born abroad to Americans are generally automatically granted U.S. citizenship -- which comes with a major tax responsibility.  More

Obama offers help for student borrowers

President Obama will announce new steps to improve how the Department of Education and its contractors manage student loans.  More

Your credit report errors have to be fixed

Experian, Equifax and TransUnion strike a deal with the New York Attorney General to work with consumers who dispute problems on their credit report. Consumers will have more time to resolve unpaid medical bills.  More

Don't want to file your taxes? Get ready to pay ... a lot

Sticking your head in the sand at tax time is an expensive habit. If you owe taxes and just don't file, you'll actually be hit harder by failure-to-file penalties than failure-to-pay penalties during the first year.  More

Private colleges with the biggest payoff

Graduates with bachelor's degrees from these private schools see the biggest return on their college investment, according to a report from PayScale.  More

12 biggest tax scams to avoid

There's no end to the creative ways scammers will try to steal your identity and your money. And tax time is one of their favorite times of the year. Here's how to spot a top scam and protect yourself.  More

Public colleges with the best bang for your buck

Graduates with bachelor's degrees from these state schools see the biggest return on their college investment, according to a report from PayScale.  More

8 tax audit red flags

Budget cuts at the IRS may mean fewer audits this year, but it doesn't mean everyone is getting off scot-free. Here's what you need to do to avoid getting snagged by the IRS.  More

What to do with a big, fat inheritance

Find yourself suddenly holding one big lump sum of cash? Here's what you need to know to make sure your money is invested the way it should be.  More

Buffalo's $1 homes aren't as cheap as they seem

In Buffalo, New York, the city is selling vacant homes for a $1 to those who are willing to fix them up and live in them for a few years. But as many buyers soon find out, the cost to renovate these super cheap properties can quickly add up.  More
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