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U.S. to Corinthian Colleges: Forgive $500 million in student loans

The CFPB is suing Corinthian for "illegal predatory lending" and is demanding that the school forgive more than $500 million in private loans that it loaned to students since July of 2011 so they could enroll.  More

What's the worst corporate jargon?

Help us 'effort' a list of worst corporate jargon  More

Cure burnout, lose 25 lbs: The perks of taking a sabbatical

An extended time off from work can give you renewed energy for the job you have or give you time to figure out what you really want to do. Here are 8 lessons learned.  More

I left work to ride from Argentina to L.A.

Jason Richter left his finance job for six months to take the sabbatical of a lifetime.  Play

These people took months off ... and it paid off big time

Sabbaticals aren't a commonplace perk, but taking extended time off from work to do something you've always wanted can be the best thing for a career.  More

America's most dangerous jobs

America's workplace got safer last year. But these workers were still at a much higher risk of fatal injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  More

Student debt over $50K is on the rise

More Americans are taking out 'mega loans' to go to college. It's costly, but they still say it's worth it.  More

Domestic violence survivors: How we escaped

There are many reasons why people stay in abusive relationships, but one that makes it especially difficult for victims to leave is money.  More

Same-sex military spouses sue for equal benefits

Just because the federal government now recognizes same-sex marriages doesn't mean that all federal employees are receiving the same benefits.  More

Colleges with the highest-paid grads

Graduates with bachelor's degrees from these U.S. colleges earn some of the highest salaries in the country, according to a report from PayScale.  More

Senior citizens owe $18 billion in student loans

Student loan debt among seniors has shot up by more than 600% since 2005, according to a new government report.  More

40 million Americans now have student loan debt

Student loan debt has increased 84% to $1.2 trillion since 2008, with a record number of Americans now carrying at least one student loan, according to new analysis from credit bureau Experian.  More

First increase in foreclosure auctions in nearly four years

Scheduled foreclosure auctions rose in August for the first time in nearly four years.  More

5 ways you pay more for health insurance

Workers are shelling out more for premiums, deductibles, doctor visits and drugs as employer health insurance costs rise.  More

Job-hopping Millennials are losing big on retirement savings

One in four workers who left their job last year lost out on retirement savings because they hadn't been at their company long enough to retain the money their employer contributions to their 401(k).  More

The retirement checklist

Christine Romans explains the most important decisions to make in planning for retirement.  Play

Big Data: Who is buying your personal information?

What do political candidates, debt collectors, insurers and thieves have in common? They are all buying your most personal information from data brokers. Here's what they are using it for.  More

More US families own cats than stocks

Only 14% of US families own stocks directly, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve.  More

Millennials are saying no to credit cards

More than six in ten Millennials, or 63%, don't have a single credit card, according to a new survey.  More

Amazing shipping container homes

Millions of empty shipping containers sit just waiting to be used for other purposes. Architects are turning them into utilitarian masterpieces.  More

Make a shipping container your home for less than $185,000

From buying the container to installing plumbing and electricity, a breakdown of what it costs to make a shipping container your home.  More

Builders race to develop sky-high condo buildings

Aiming to grab the attentions of deep-pocketed buyers, builders are developing condo buildings that are taller -- and skinnier -- than ever.  More

Condo buildings get taller, skinnier

The race to build sky-high residential buildings is heating up, especially in New York City. Check out the condos that are changing the city's iconic skyline.  Play

IRS eyes tax on Silicon Valley's free lunches

The IRS is debating when to tax the free lunches often given to employees at Silicon Valley firms. But tech workers probably won't see this perk disappear anytime soon.  More

He said he was from the IRS, then stole $30,000 from me

A scam where fraudsters impersonate IRS agents has now stolen $5 million from taxpayers, and this woman - who lost her entire life savings -- is just one of its victims.  More

Stocks: Bull market alive for 2,000 days

The stock market rebound from the Great Recession has lasted for over 2,000 days.  More

Help wanted: College degree not needed

Hiring of recent college grads has flatlined, but the degrees are still worth it, says New York Fed report.  More

Baby Boomers face big housing crunch

America's Baby Boomers are facing a housing crunch, with many expected to struggle to afford their homes come retirement.  More

Why it's risky to invest in pot stocks

You're not just being paranoid. It's very risky to invest in marijuana stocks.  More

How to woo a Chinese four easy steps

An insider's guide to how American real estate agents are attracting Chinese buyers and landing lucrative deals.  More

My biggest retirement mistake

Five CNNMoney readers share stories about saving that you can learn from: What they would do differently if they had another chance.  More

Sports betting vs. the stock market

Despite similarities between investing and sports gambling, the stock market is a lot more forgiving than Vegas.  More

America's favorite credit card company is...

American Express and Discover tied for the top spot in annual rankings of America's favorite credit card.  More

Top employees to see big bonuses this year and next

Top performers are likely to clean up relative to their average-performing peers, according to companies surveyed about their variable-pay programs.  More

24 hours with a sheep herder

Mary Fallon, from Durham, Maine, is a mother of three children, two dogs, 25 chickens and a flock of 22 sheep. Here are journal entries from a day in her life.  More

Why I left a job in finance to play video games

Ben Wu is the Bill Walton of video gaming. He's at the forefront of the growing eSports movement.  More

Get your assets in gear! Find the right investment mix

Investing your savings in the right mix of stocks, bonds and other investments is crucial to making your money last throughout your retirement. Here's how to find the right asset allocation for you.  More

Want a great 401(k)? Work for an oil company

Looking for a job with great retirement benefits? Consider working on an oil rig, studying law or signing up for flight school.  More

7 scams that will make your blood boil

All scams are heartless. But these seven schemes, which prey on the nation's most desperate and vulnerable -- from the homeless to the elderly -- will really make you mad.  More

3 reasons why Californians shun quake insurance

Cost, real estate, and mistrust. Three big reasons keeping Californians from buying earthquake insurance.  More

In this state heirs get your online accounts

This month, Delaware became the first state to pass a law giving heirs the right to access the online accounts and assets of someone who has passed away.  More
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