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Will your nest egg last?

Christine Romans does the math on how to make sure your assets add up.  Play

Higher fees coming for Citibank customers

Starting in January, Citi plans to increase the monthly fees on its checking accounts.  More calls new baby leave most generous in tech

The company that runs the popular petition website announced a new parental leave policy on Monday it called the most generous in the tech industry.  More

Forget oil, there's a baby boom in North Dakota

As North Dakota's oil boom rages on, the droves of job seekers who have flocked there over the past few years are finally starting to move their spouses to the area and settle down. The result? Lots of babies.  More

Boomtown moms

From working mothers raising their kids in RVs to stay-at-home moms who spend their days organizing events for the Oil Wives club, meet the moms of North Dakota's oil boom.  More

One property insurance claim can hike your premiums by hundreds

File just one property claim to your insurer and you can expect to see your premiums soar by hundreds of dollars in some states.  More

Truck-driving mom pulls in six-figures

Helen, a mother of four from California, said goodbye to her family and moved to North Dakota. After living the first four months out of her van, she is now pulling in a six-figure salary as a truck driver.  Play

For $65 million, you can buy Miami's most expensive home

Called La Brisa, this 9-bedroom home in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood sits on nearly 7 acres with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.  More

Sexy baristas tap into economy of men

In response to the massive influx of men in North Dakota, a unique business is flourishing. Boomtown Babes is a coffee stand selling espresso with a shot of sex appeal.  Play

My life as an expat retiree

From super cheap housing to kidnappings, expat retirees share the good and bad of ditching the United States for their retirement years.  More

Will your nest egg last?

Christine Romans does the math on how to make sure your assets add up.  Play

UN asks $1B for Ebola, gets a tiny fraction

But the slow response showcases the gap between what aid organizations say they need to fight Ebola and what donors have provided.  More

Baby Boomers are overexposed to stocks in this rocky market

Many Baby Boomers are betting a big chunk of their retirement savings on stocks -- leaving them exposed to major losses as the market begins to tumble.  More

This town has the lowest unemployment

North Dakota is overflowing with oil and jobs. At first, men flocked here looking to make six-figure salaries, now the women have arrived. Lisa Ling takes an inside look at life in America's modern day boomtown.  Play

Mortgage rates fall below 4%

World turmoil has caused international investors to dump their cash into U.S. bonds and mortgage backed securities.  More

How much should you tip housekeeping? A travel tipping guide

Tipping can be awkward, especially when you're on the road. But here's your cheat sheet.  More

Foreign countries offer U.S. retirees discounts, tax breaks and more

U.S. retirees are a hot commodity for a growing number of developing countries. And to woo seniors to come to their country they're offering perks ranging from travel and health care discounts to tax breaks.  More

Retiree ditches U.S. for 'paradise' abroad

Discounts and tax breaks are enticing Americans like Susan Schenck to live out their retirement overseas.  Play

4 questions to ask before retiring overseas

From beautiful beaches to cheap living costs, the benefits of retiring abroad can be tempting. But there are a variety of questions you should ask before taking the plunge.  More

Seniors lose average of $30,000 to financial scammers

Senior victims of financial abuse report losing a large chunk of their retirement savings to scammers, caregivers, even family members.  More

Investing smart in a rocky market

Don't know whether to buy, sell or hold in this panicky market? Our retirement expert offers three rules for developing a sensible strategy to help you through confusing times.  More

Why women are losing the retirement savings game

Women are more diligent savers and more likely to put a bigger percentage of their paycheck away than men. But when it comes to the final savings tally, women are falling far behind.  More

It pays to be a dad

Fathers earn 40% more than men without children, a new report shows. But mothers have much lower incomes than dads.  More

24 hours with a kindergarten teacher

Waking up at dawn to grade papers hasn't gotten any less grueling for Laura Chiang, who teaches kindergarten at a school in a high poverty area of Albuquerque. But she can't imagine doing anything else.  More

Planning young: a retirement roadmap

What you need to do in your younger years to plan for retirement.  Play

Up to 35% of your cell phone bill may be taxes and fees

Washington, Nebraska and New York levy some of the highest taxes and fees on cell phone customers. And the charges can be even higher in some cities like Chicago. For a cut-rate deal, you'd be better off in Oregon, Nevada and Idaho.  More

Seniors in 49 states are struggling to afford retirement

Seniors in almost every state in the country don't have enough income to get by comfortably.  More

Ebola donations lag far behind need

While the largest Ebola outbreak in history has been dominating headlines, few Americans are opening their wallets to help.  More

Wal-Mart cuts benefits for 30,000 workers

Retail giant says more workers than expected signed up for benefits required by federal law, and that it needs to cut costs.  Play

Car shopping tips for the modern world

New web sites, mobile apps and low interest rates have created an amazing new world for car buyers.  More

3 biggest risks every retirement saver should know about

When it comes to investing and planning for retirement, people often toss around the word "risk" as if there's only one risk we face. In reality, there are a variety of risks that you should be taking into account. Here are the three biggest.  More

Carlos Slim: The 3-day work week will happen

Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom tycoon worth over $80 billion, thinks life would be better with a three-day work week.  More

5 things to consider before tapping your home for cash

With home prices on the rise, more people have been able to tap their home's equity to pay for renovations, consolidate debts or help pay for other big ticket items. But is it a good move for you?  More

The sandwich generation

How to plan for retirement if you are caring not only for your children, but for your parents at the same time.  Play

Putting tuition on plastic? Prepare to pay up!

Even if you avoid the sky-high interest rates, schools charge a fee for using plastic that could cost a private school student an extra $3,000 over four years.  More

Would you move abroad for a job?

A new international survey finds that 64% of us said we would. The United States tops the list of most appealing countries to work among non-U.S. citizens, whereas the United Kingdom and Germany were the favorites of would-be American expats.  More

Crowdfunding your home renovation: Should you do it?

Some people are relying on family, friends and even complete strangers to help fulfill their real-estate dreams.  More

Why can't Ben Bernanke refinance his mortgage?

Former Fed chairman Bernanke says he was turned down when he tried to refinance his home and that it's a sign tight lending standards are 'probably excessive.'  More

Why I quit Wall Street to open a restaurant

These former finance gurus ditched Wall Street for the food business. 'I'm trying to maximize my happiness rather than my income,' one says.  More

24 hours with an Arctic diver

As a commercial diver in Canada, Thomas Anthony Rolfe, regularly puts on 100 pounds of gear and dives into Canada's freezing waters for hours at a time. Here are journal entries from a day in his life.  More

4 things Chase customers should do right now

Are you a JPMorgan Chase customer? Do these 4 things right now.  More

America's top 20 speeding ticket magnets

Car insurance quote site calculates the 20 cars it calls the biggest "ticket magnets." Some pretty unexpected cars draw a lot of tickets.  More

Here are the 5 hottest funds of 2014

It's been an up and down year for many investors, but funds with exposure to these sectors have generated some serious returns.  More

Beware online payday loans

Payday loans of any kind have never had a good reputation, but a new report finds that loans obtained online are even worse than their storefront counterparts.  More

Federal workers lose big by pulling out of low-cost retirement plans

Soldiers. Park rangers. IRS agents. They all have access to one of the cheapest retirement savings plans available. Yet some give up their low-fee plans -- and end up paying thousands more in fees.  More

Linda Tirado: What I miss about being poor

Linda Tirado's post about her life in poverty went viral in 2013. She is now the author of 'Hand to Mouth.'  More

America's oldest workers: Why we refuse to retire!

For these seniors, the best retirement is not to retire. From a 102-year-old Wal-Mart worker to an activist park ranger, these workers have stayed on the job well into their golden years.  More

Unlikely speeding ticket magnets

You'd probably think that the cars with the most traffic violations are all high-horsepower sports cars. But you may be surprised by some that actually make the list.  Play

Stop garnishing my paycheck!

This mom of four only makes $29,000 a year and is losing $400 a month because the state is garnishing her paycheck over a debt. Now she is about to be evicted from her apartment.  More

Payday lender cancels over $350 million in debt

The British payday lender Wonga has agreed to forgive £220 million ($355 million) in loans and interest as it works to tighten its lending standards.  More

What to do if your wages are garnished

If you're one of the millions of Americans getting your pay garnished because of outstanding debt, it's important to know your rights.  More

Home prices rise 5.6%

Case-Shiller's national index shows that price gains slowed in July for the seventh straight month.  More

Bank to pay everyone at least a 'living wage'

On Wednesday, 17% of First Green Bank's 66 employees will get a raise under the company's new "living wage" program. The guarantee: At least about $30,000 a year.  More

Wine in a can, a keg, a carton...and it's not bad

Wine in anything but a glass bottle used to get a bad rap. But times are changing.  More

5 investing secrets of the wealthy

Even if your bank account doesn't have millions, you can still employ the investment strategies of the wealthy.  More

Iowa couple's 150% tip goes viral

Despite service that 'sucked,' an Iowa couple leaves a $100 tip for the waiter to prove a point about kindness and the life of a waiter in America.  More

$4.35 to get your own money - ATM fees surge again

In the past year, fees charged for using an ATM not owned by your bank rose 5%, according to a Bankrate survey.  More

Why everybody is moving to Texas

The fastest growing cities in the nation are ones with reasonably priced homes.  More

Biggest retirement mistakes

Christine Romans takes you through the biggest mistakes you make in spending your retirement savings.  Play

U.S. Bank refunding $48 million to customers

The CFPB has now ordered banks, credit card companies and lenders to refund a total of $4.6 billion to 15 million customers.  More

Is student loan debt hurting the housing recovery?

Student loan debt is preventing thousands of Millennials and Gen Xers from buying their first homes -- and that is having a big impact on the housing market.  More

Let your employer get you a cheaper mortgage

Professional services firm KPMG is taking the unusual step of arranging preferential mortgage rates for its 12,000 U.K. employees.  More

What I gave up to save $1 million

They may have million dollar-plus nest eggs, but they had to make some big sacrifices along the way to get there. Here's what these four savers did without in order to save seven-figures retirement.  More

Student loan default rate drops to 13.7%

But Education Secretary Arne Duncan says there are still too many students defaulting.  More

Very few companies offer unlimited vacation days, but these do

Richard Branson announced Wednesday that Virgin Group employees can take as much vacation days as they need. But some companies have been offering this perk for a long time.  More

Student homelessness hits another record high

The number of homeless students enrolled at U.S. public schools is at an all-time record.  More

How much house can you afford?

Tell us how much you make, how much you've got for a downpayment, and your monthly debt, and we'll figure out how much home you can comfortably afford.  More

Banks launch checking accounts, with no checks

A growing number of banks, including Citi and Bank of America, are launching accounts without paper checks.  More

Branson: Take as much vacation as you want!

Billionaire businessman Richard Branson is experimenting with unlimited vacation for staff at Virgin Group offices.  More

World's Top Employers for New Grads

For an exclusive CNNMoney list, research firm Universum Global surveyed college students around the world to see where they most want to work.  More

For rich people, mortgages are getting cheaper and easier

Big pocketed borrowers are paying lower average rates on jumbo loans and lenders are now requiring down payments of just 10% -- and, in some cases, waiving the mortgage insurance, too.  More

Hey Occupy Wall Street, abolish my debt too!

As Occupy Wall Street goes on its debt-abolishing tear, thousands of people across the country are begging them to forgive their loans.  More

24 hours with a super rich family's concierge

A 10,000 square-foot home doesn't take care of itself, and many of the uber wealthy families who own them don't want to tend to them either. So they hire people like Bryan Peele. Here are journal entries from a day in his life.  More

Estate Planning 101

Christine Romans explains how to minimize the tax bill for you and the recipients.  Play

Retirement savings gap widens between rich and poor

When it comes to retirement savings, the gap between the rich and poor is growing dramatically.  More
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