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Get your portfolio ready for 2015 and beyond

Rattled by the rocky markets? Ignore the turmoil and prognostications and focus instead on creating a long-term investing strategy that will see you through 2015 and beyond. Here's how.  More

Novelty gifts for people with money to burn

For those who've got the cash, these holiday gifts can really make a statement.  More

Getting a mortgage is about to get easier

For years now, if you didn't have near perfect credit and a hefty 20% down payment, chances were slim that lenders would give you a mortgage. But that's all about to change.  More

Meet the 'accidental American' with a big tax bill

Israeli citizen Elad Shahar may owe the U.S. government $6,000 in taxes, even though he hasn't lived in America since he was seven and has never earned a penny there.  More

Congress moves one step closer to allowing pension cuts

More than a million current and retired truck drivers, construction workers and other union workers could see their pension benefits cut if Congress passes a proposal aimed at shoring up some of the nation's biggest pensions.  More

Vacationing with grandma and grandpa is all the rage

Going on vacation is becoming an extended family affair. Here's how to plan a multi-generational vacation full of memories, not nightmares.  More

Guess who's expecting a holiday tip this year...

This holiday season Americans will spend more on tipping than last year, according to a recent survey.  More

Top multi-generational family vacation destinations

When your travel entourage includes grandparents, parents and kids, here are the best getaway destinations.  More

Who's winning the price wars? Consumers

The pricing battle is heating up among retailers--and there's no longer a clear winner.  More

Giving up your U.S. passport? It's going to cost you

Thinking about bidding Uncle Sam goodbye? Not so fast. Renouncing your U.S. citizenship isn't cheap, and can result in enormous tax bills for decades to come.  More

24 hours with a Nutcracker Ballerina

CNNMoney spends 24 hours with New York City Ballet principal dancer Maria Kowroski to find out how she prepares for her leading Nutcracker role.  Play

Foreclosure evictions halted for the holidays

Homeowners in danger of getting evicted due to foreclosure are receiving an early Christmas present from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this year. The two mortgage giants, plus some banks, are putting a halt to evictions for the holidays.  More

New York City's most expensive rental costs $500,000 a month

A tenant is paying $500,000 a month for a six-bedroom suite that occupies the entire 39th floor of Manhattan's posh Pierre Hotel -- an all-time high for a New York City rental.  More

Kohl's to stay open for five days straight

Kohl's announced plans to keep its 1,100 department stores open around the clock for the five days leading up to Christmas.  More

Ditch 'The Number' and find a realistic retirement savings goal

You'd never know it for all the attention "The Number" gets in retirement planning. But the fact is that the road to retirement has far too many twists and turns to pin down your savings effort to any single number -- magic or otherwise.  More

You won't want to leave the airport when these amenities hit the terminals

Getting stuck at the airport for a few hours is getting a lot better for travelers as airports introduce new retail options, including yoga and farmer's markets.  More

Senator slams tax breaks to the well-connected'

Retiring Republican Senator Tom Coburn has a parting gift for his fellow lawmakers: A 320-page report detailing wasteful, poorly targeted or misused tax breaks for companies big and small, and for taxpayers rich and poor.  More

The 3% down payment mortgage makes a comeback

In an effort to open up lending to more low-income and first-time home buyers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced Monday that they will start backing mortgages with down payments of as little as 3% of the home's price.  More

College presidents that make $1M or more

Pay for presidents at private colleges rose 2.5% in 2012, according to a new report from The Chronicle of Higher Education.  More

Nobody escapes U.S. taxes - even astronauts

Americans just cannot escape the Internal Revenue Service -- even by strapping on a space suit and blasting themselves into outer space.  More

Your tax breaks in limbo as Washington quarrels

With less than two weeks before they leave town for the year, lawmakers have yet to decide how to handle a host of oft-renewed tax breaks that expired at the end of 2013. At least 7 of those breaks affect individuals directly.  More

Child care costs more than college

The costs of full-time child care can amount to as much as 85% of income for a family at the poverty line, according to a new report.  More

Waiting for a pay raise? You're not alone

Wages are stuck in a low gear as the tepid global recovery keeps a lid on pay -- and without China powering ahead things would be even worse.  More

The money at stake in the tax break fight

A slew of expired tax breaks may soon be renewed retroactively for 2014 at a cost of $42 billion. Not a budget buster by itself, except that it's the kind of money Congress has been spending every year or two when it renews virtually the same "temporary" tax breaks over and over.  More

Brooklyn is the least affordable place in America

One in five housing markets in the U.S. is less affordable than its historical norm, according to RealtyTrac.  More

24 hours with an Ebola worker

Ever since the Ebola epidemic erupted in her hometown of Foya, Liberia, Deboriah Foko has been working with Doctors Without Borders to inform others about this deadly virus. Here are journal entries from a day in her life.  More

Buy Tom Cruise's Colorado getaway for $59 million

After nearly 20 years, Tom Cruise is selling his nearly 300-acre Telluride, Colo. retreat which comes complete with a guest house, tennis and basketball courts and a hockey rink.  More

10 hottest housing markets for 2015

As the jobs picture improves, Millennials are finally going to be buying homes in 2015 -- and these 10 cities are poised to benefit the most, according to  More

For some, gasoline has fallen below $2

Increased U.S. oil production, sluggish European and Asian economies and more fuel efficient cars are driving prices down.  More

Millions of Americans are spending too much on housing

Thanks to rising costs and stagnant wage growth, nearly 40 million Americans are spending more than 30% of their income on housing, according to a survey of by the Demand Institute.  More

Housing guru Shiller: Put your money in stocks

Robert Shiller says renting a home instead of buying one and putting money in the stock market might be a better way for Americans to grow wealth.  More

How I paid off my student loans at 26

I only make $36,000 a year, but all the skimping was worth it to be debt free.  More

Where to put $50,000 in emergency savings

When it comes to the money that absolutely, positively has to be there whenever you may need it -- emergency funds or savings for a downpayment on a home -- safety and access are your primary concerns, not return.  More

How to explain that gap in your resume

Getting laid off. Raising your kids. Caring for an ailing parent. All can mean you have a gap on your resume. But that doesn't have to kill your chances of ever getting another job.  More

24 Hours with a Black Friday worker

While most of America sat down with friends and family for Thanksgiving feasts Thursday, 32-year-old Gap employee, Chris Hill, was preparing for the Black Friday rush.  More

U.S. losing its appeal for foreign students

American universities are becoming less desirable for foreign students, according to a new global migration report.  More

The 12 best gifts to get for the holidays

After spending hundreds of hours trying to suss out the best items that would fit most people's lives, the Wirecutter and the Sweethome put together a list of their favorite gifts.  More

Foreign name? Expect a tougher job hunt

Job seekers with foreign-sounding names have to send out twice as many resumes as other candidates before landing an interview.  More

6 played out holiday gifts nobody wants

When it comes to gift giving, they say it's the thought that counts. But with these gifts, not so much.  More

San Francisco passes retail worker 'bill of rights'

Retail and restaurant workers in San Francisco may soon benefit from an expansive, first-of-its-kind bill of rights for retail workers, which the city's Board of Supervisors passed unanimously this week.  More

With $1 million saved, should we hire a financial adviser?

Building a seven-figure nest egg is no easy feat. But if you're experiencing doubts about your abilities or facing new issues you don't want to handle alone, then it makes sense to seek the assistance of a financial adviser or planner.  More

Prisoners got $70 million from fake tax refund claims

In 2012, nearly 138,000 inmates filed for a total of $1 billion in fraudulent refunds, according to a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.  More

More food banks serve hungry college students

Financial aid often doesn't cover the cost of tuition, rent and food. That's why the number of food pantries on college campuses for students has soared.  More

Big, historic homes for a bargain price

Want to buy -- and live in -- a piece of history? It's not that far out of reach. These historic homes are not only for sale, they are incredible bargains.  More

Black Friday sales: Deal or no deal?

Retailers are promising big deals this Black Friday, but are the savings actually worth the shopping mayhem? Test your deal-sniffing skills.  More

Airfare is still going up, even as costs go down

Jet fuel prices are down about 18% since August, but don't expect a break in your air fare any time soon.  More

How to become wealthy: It's simpler than most 'experts' say

The secret to making a lot of money is to save a lot and invest over many years.  More

This is how Black Friday began

A term coined in 1869 has become an annual event for retailers.  Play

Black Friday: Europe's stores educate shoppers

Black Friday is spreading to Europe -- although some shoppers need a little nudge to understand why they are getting a deal.  More

Angelina Jolie: Mansion tax 'could put me off' U.K. move

A controversial plan to tax expensive properties in the U.K. could keep Angelina Jolie from becoming a Londoner.  More

Watch how Macy's makes a holiday window

New York's holiday windows are pretty fantastic. A lot of time and money goes into making them look so perfect. We take you behind the scenes at Macy's and show you how it's done.  Play

Top 400 richest taxpayers earned an average $265 million in 2010

The richest of the rich earned much more in 2010 than in 2009, and their federal income tax bill as a percent of their income fell.  More

Tribune reverses course on unlimited vacation policy

A week and a day after announcing it would switch to a "discretionary time off" policy that would remove limits on how many paid days off salaried employees could take, Tribune Publishing has rescinded the program.  More

Working over the holidays? Join the crowd

Nearly half of all Americans say there's a chance they'll have to work during a holiday between Thanksgiving and New Year's, according to a new poll. And one in four say they'll have to work whether they want to or not.  More

At this college you build your own dorm

Blackburn College in Illinois has a novel solution to reduce expansion costs and tuition - turn students into builders.  Play

New York's multimillion dollar home sales keep soaring

Billionaires are on a buying spree in New York, with sales of multimillion dollar properties up 120% so far this year, according to CityRealty. And the prices are expected to keep climbing next year.  More

This is how an online college gets made

Here's how a MOOC -- massive open online courses -- gets made.  Play

Unlimited vacation? It may not be as cool as it sounds

Tribune Publishing is the latest company to adopt a vacation policy that lets you take as much time off as you want -- as long as you get your work done. But these new "unlimited vacation policies" may not be as freewheeling as they sound.  More

American Dream homes: Prices in 10 cities

How much does the American Dream home cost? From $2 million in Los Altos, Calif., to $65,000 in Cleveland, here's what you'll pay for a 4-bedroom, 2-bath house, according to Coldwell Banker's annual survey.  More

The smart way to double your nest egg in 10 years

Want to double your nest egg in the final years of your career? Then it's time to get aggressive about your saving strategy.  More

Millennials are closing the gender wage gap

The wage gap between men and women has narrowed among millennials early in their professions, but the good news ends there.  More

Federal agents arrest debt collectors

Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, warns that this could be the first of many such crackdowns.  More

Old foreclosure debt coming back to haunt former homeowners

Thousands of former homeowners have gotten blindsided by debt collectors coming after them for old foreclosure debt on homes that they haven't lived in for years.  More

5 best cities to grow older in

Out of 100 large metro areas, these five cities top the Milken's Institute's "Best Cities for Successful Aging" list based on access to health care, job opportunities, lifestyle factors and more.  More

Forget Florida. The best cities for retirees

Seniors are living longer, craving more fulfilling lifestyles and working well into their retirement years and that has upended traditional notions of where -- and when -- we should retire, according to the Milken Institute's second annual Best Cities for Successful Aging report.  More

10 most expensive colleges

These schools charge the most for tuition and fees, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.  More

These students are paid to go to college

Apprenticeship2000 has a new model for higher education, it's a hybrid program in which students are paid to work part-time at a manufacturing company while taking classes.  Play

Homes are getting harder to afford

Across the nation, fewer homes could be afforded by a family earning the national median income.  More

Cleveland's plan to destroy nearly 6,000 homes

Cleveland and other cities are destroying thousands of homes in an effort to save local neighborhoods from blight, crime and sinking home prices. In their place have come greenhouses, parks, even vineyards.  More

Ready or not, Obamacare 2.0 is here

The start of Obamacare open enrollment last year was a fiasco. What will make it successful this year?  More

'The Godfather' home up for sale

The home used in exterior shots of 'The Godfather' has been listed for sale at $2.9 million.  More
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