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What Obamacare means for your taxes

The next Obamacare controversy: your taxes. Christine Romans explains what hidden penalties are lurking, and the complicated maze of forms you can look forward to.  Play

The world wastes $400 billion in food every year

Over $400 billion worth of food is wasted by consumers each year, according to a new report by a U.K. nonprofit organization called WRAP.  More

Should you tap your Social Security benefits early?

Many people want to get their hands on their Social Security benefits as soon as possible. Others see the benefit of higher benefit payments for life. But which strategy is ultimately best for you?  More

What you need to earn to buy a home in 27 cities

To afford a home in Pittsburgh, you'll need to earn just under $32,000 a year. But if you want a place of your own in San Francisco, you'll need to earn more than four times that amount.  More

Supreme Court to hear case about 401(k) fees

Retirement savers may soon get a boost from the U.S. Supreme Court. On Tuesday, the country's highest court will hear arguments in a case that centers on the investment fees paid by 401(k) plan participants.  More

Obama pushes protections for retirement accounts

The White House unveiled a proposal Monday that would hold financial advisers handling individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s to a higher standard.  More

The proven way to retire rich

Smart investors have a few traits in common. Do you have them too?  More

Threatening letters from a government debt collector

Americans across the country are getting scary debt collection letters -- threatening jail time, suspension of their driver's license or garnishment of their wages -- over what seem like minor offenses.  More

The debt collector doing government dirty work

CNNMoney's exclusive investigation looks at the debt collectors hired by government agencies to go after unpaid property taxes, speeding tickets, even $1 tolls.  More

No dogs allowed: San Francisco's pet housing crisis

The housing crunch in San Francisco isn't just forcing out lower income renters, it's forcing out Fido, too. According to San Francisco animal welfare nonprofit SF SPCA, there's been a surge in owners abandoning their pets due to an inability to find pet-friendly housing.  More

Inside the lives of millionaire debt collectors

Yachts. Mansions. Extravagant dinner parties. Life is good for the founders of one of the nation's biggest government debt collectors.  More

Debt collection nightmares

High fees. Mistaken identities. Traumatizing letters. These six Americans received collection notices from Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson that they say turned their lives into nightmares.  More

How to buy a home when you can't afford it

An innovative program in Vermont helps low- and middle-income people ease into homeownership.  More

Female investors often beat men

Survey after survey shows women lack confidence about investing, but their performance is actually very strong.  More

How weather affects what you tip the delivery guy

Winter weather conditions can cause tips for online food deliveries to jump.  More

My debt collection horror story

Law firm Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson rakes in big money going after everything from unpaid parking tickets to back taxes. But many of the millions of people the firm goes after say they have been unfairly targeted. Here are three of their stories.  More

The debt collector that runs Texas

Through lobbying efforts and generous campaign donations, this debt collector has countless politicians -- from school board members to state lawmakers -- on its side. And these connections have paid off big.  More

A-Rod: Best paid pariah in the history of sports?

Least popular athlete in sports could earn $61 million and millions more in bonuses even if he's reduced to a reserve player his final three years.  More

Protect your retirement from the government's whims

Carefully choosing which investments go into your retirement portfolio and how you withdrawal them can provide a measure of protection against any government actions that might impact your nest egg.  More

How a $1.25 toll became a $300 bill

How ROTC instructor Harry Memnon ended up with a bill for $287 after he was told he failed to pay $1.25 in tolls.  More

Cost of getting a show dog to Westminster

For the love of dogs and breed competition, some people will spend upwards of six figures a year to prepare, primp and promote their favorite pooch on the show-dog circuit.  More

Personal trainers aren't just for the rich

Get the individual attention of a personalized workout, without the hefty price tag.  More

Illegal ways people are nabbing bigger tax credits

Most people out to scam the IRS understate their income. But in some cases, falsely inflating income can net a bigger refund. And like any other lie on your tax return, it's not allowed.  More

Fake IRS phone calls tops list of tax scams

Scammers impersonating IRS agents are targeting the elderly and new immigrants threatening them with arrest, deportation or the loss of their driver's license. And the IRS says this scam is on the rise, topping its list of "Dirty Dozen" tax scams this year.  More

Coming soon: A change in who gets overtime pay

Labor advocates say more workers should qualify for overtime pay after 40 hours because protections have eroded over the years. Business advocates worry changes will be too large and too absolute.  More

Hiding money in a tax shelter can come back to bite you

When someone tries to sell you on a scheme that promises to slash or eliminate your tax bill by putting your money into a complicated financial structures such as trusts, captive insurance or limited liability companie, think twice. It's likely to be a scam.  More

Want cheap airfare? This is the best day to book a plane ticket

Domestic airfare prices change frequently, but a new report from found that 47 days ahead of the departure date was the best day to book.  More

Beware of TurboTax email scams

TurboTax resumed electronic filing of state returns after a fraud scare last week. But now it's warning customers of other problems.  More

Who won the largest Powerball jackpots

The odds of winning Powerball are very long, but the game has made some people very wealthy over the years.  More

You'll pay a lot more to see the doctor with Obamacare

Deductibles, co-payments and drug costs are much higher under Obamacare than for job-based health insurance policies.  More

Banks awarding 'lottery prizes' for savings accounts

Last year, Americans spent more than $70 billion on lotto tickets, while one in four Americans saved no emergency money at all.  More

Your 3 biggest Social Security questions answered

You can't adequately prepare for retirement without factoring Social Security into your plans. Here are answers to 3 questions that will help you make the best decision for you.  More

Americans spend more on the lottery than on ...

Americans spend more lottery tickets than they spend on music, movies, books, video games and sports teams - combined.  More

A record 3,415 Americans ditch their passports

A record 3,415 Americans gave back their passports last year, queuing up around the globe to renounce their U.S. citizenship. The numbers have spiked a staggering 1,400% since 2008.  More

The lottery game that's bigger than Powerball

Far more money wagered every year on instant scratch off games than on drawings like Powerball or MegaMillions.  More

How to win the lottery ... and lose it all

Some lottery winners are worse off than they were before.  More

Don't file a 'frivolous' tax return

No one wants to pay taxes, but some people fall for scams that convince them they don't owe any - when, in fact, they do. The IRS warns consumers to stay away from so-called "frivolous tax arguments."  More

Odds of winning the Powerball jackpot: One in 175,000,000

Your chances of hitting the jackpot and taking home the entire Powerball winnings are extremely small -- one in 175 million, according to the lottery association.  More

The 300 missing lottery millionaires

More than $2 billion in lottery prizes went unclaimed in 2013, and more than 300 of those tickets were worth $1 million or more.  More

Joan Rivers' lavish penthouse for sale for $28 million

The lavish New York City condo that was home to the late comedian Joan Rivers for 25 years was put on the market Monday for $28 million.  More

Don't make these 2 big investing mistakes

People who lose money on their investments have a few common characteristics: youth, too fearful or too risky  More

Where zombie foreclosures are making a comeback

While the number of zombie foreclosures has fallen from last year, 19 states have seen a resurgence, a recent RealtyTrac report found.  More

Millennials not quite ready to start buying homes

Friday's strong jobs report has several economists predicting a healthier future for the housing market. But it may be several years before the all-important Millennials are financially ready to start buying.  More

Are you investing in too many funds?

You don't need 17 funds to have a diversified portfolio. You can cover all the sectors of the stock and bond markets with just two or three broad index funds or ETFs -- or even a single target-date fund. Here's how.  More

IRS says it's using technology from JFK's time

Budget cuts have hamstrung the tax agency's efforts to modernize its technology, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told a Senate panel Tuesday.  More

Filing a false tax return comes with big penalties

Allow a tax preparer to understate your income on a 1099 or W-2 to lower your tax bill or get you a bigger refund, and you could be in big trouble if the IRS finds out.  More

IRS rehired problem employees, report finds

Hundreds of former IRS employees that have been rehired in recent years were found to have prior performance and conduct issues, including
failing to file taxes, gaining unauthorized access to taxpayer information and abusing the agency's leave policy, an new oversight report found.  More

TurboTax restarts e-filing of state tax returns after fraud concerns

TurboTax said late Friday that it was again processing state tax refunds after a pause to probe increasing reports of fraud.  More

Illegal ways people are nabbing bigger tax credits

Most people out to scam the IRS understate their income. But in some cases, falsely inflating income can net a bigger refund. And like any other lie on your tax return, it's not allowed.  More

Average federal tax refund so far: $3,539

Refunds tend to be bigger early in the tax season, because those waiting on money back are most likely to file first.  More

Comcast calls customer 'Super B----' on bill

For the second time in less than a month, Comcast sends a customer a bill with an insult printed on it.  More

2015: The year to buy a house

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro tells Christine Romans why more people will be able to buy homes this year, and why that doesn't mean another housing bubble.  Play

Money issues are still really stressing Americans out

From credit card bills to student loan debt, worries about money continue to be the top source of stress for most Americans.  More

This country is canceling poor people's debts

The Croatian government has launched a program called 'Fresh Start' that will cancel debts for the poorest people in the country.  More

The Buffett Rule is back

And so are a host of other tax-the-rich proposals in President Obama's 2016 budget blueprint. They join a handful of new ones, too.  More

Julián Castro: Obama's housing chief wants to talk about the middle class, not politics

There's all kind of talk about Julián Castro's political future. For now, the 39-year-old HUD secretary is pushing policies he says will help the middle class get homes.  More

Read a Zillow listing like you'd find a date

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff tells CNNMoney's Laurie Segall that searching through home listings is a lot like using dating apps.  Play

Average 401(k) balance hits record $91,300

401(k) balances reached a record high last year, thanks to a soaring stock market and larger contributions from workers participating in the savings plans, according to Fidelity.  More

Fastest-growing jobs

Demand for IT security consultants are projected to grow a solid 37% between 2012 and 2022. What other careers on CNNMoney and's list of America's best jobs will see big opportunities?  More

Is your job awesome?

Find out if your job is one of the best.  More

Top-paying jobs

Orthopedic surgeons take home a median $410,000 in salary and bonus annually. What other great careers from CNNMoney and's list of Best Jobs in America offer hefty paychecks?  More

IRS to tax cheats: Stop hiding your money offshore

The IRS said it has carried out thousands of audits of offshore schemes and pursued criminal charges that have resulted in "billions of dollars in criminal fines and restitutions." And it won't stop there.  More

5 questions to ask a financial adviser before hiring one

To find a financial adviser who's skilled and trustworthy and not an outright charlatan who just wants to separate you from your money, here are five questions you should ask before hiring someone to help you with your investments.  More

Best Jobs in America

CNNMoney/PayScale's top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work.  More
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