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When smart shoppers do dumb things When smart shoppers do dumb things
Got a bad case of buyer's remorse? We've got the cure. (more)
Preparing for holiday returns Preparing for holiday returns
Standards are getting's what you need to know. (more)This story contains video
What to buy
MONEY, FORTUNE, FSB and Business 2.0 have collected the best gifts for everyone on your list. See our gift galleries.
  • Unique gifts from small businesses
  • Gifts for techies
  • Video game buying guide
  • MONEY: Gifts for everyone
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    Ultimate tipping guide
    Love it or hate it, holiday tipping time is here. Read on for how to give, and who to give to. (more)
    Charity for the holidays
    5 ways to make a donation to a worthy cause in the name of someone you love. (more)This story contains video
    How to spoil your rich kid rotten
    Naughty or nice, will Richie Rich get the $30,000 mini-SUV or his very own ATM? (more)
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