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2:40pm: If you're paying big fees to use a financial adviser that emphasizes personal service but you rarely meet with him, then it might be time to walk away. Here are three options. More
Jun 26: Europe's woes have plenty of investors jittery, but cashing out of the market isn't the smartest strategy. More
Nov 22: If I hire a financial adviser to manage my retirement porftolio will it be worth the extra cost? More
Nov 18: Waiting for interest rates to climb before buying an immediate annuity may seem like a solid strategy, but there are several reasons why it could backfire. More
Nov 18: Michael J. Cuggino's Permanent Portfolio has topped the market by profiting from fear and hope -- and investing in gold. More
Oct 25: The head of the Wasatch Funds says cutting-edge companies can be found in all forms and sizes. More
Jul 25: The manager of Artisan International says cheap, profitable stocks can be found even in slow markets. More
Jul 5: Oakmark's Bill Nygren is a pro at finding undervalued stocks with plenty of investing growth opportunities. Here's his latest picks. More
Jun 22: The activist investor worries about inflation, interest rates, and the possibility of another crash. He also sees plenty of poor management -- but that's just opportunity for him. More
May 27: Investor Robert Turner isn't an index hugger. He's a market timer, a stock-picker, and he's betting on stocks climbing higher. More
May 27: With $595 billion to invest, Rieder thinks treasuries are still a good bet. More
May 12: Anne Gudefin, Pimco's top stock picker, sees bargains in the consumer sector and safety in precious metals. More
Apr 22: The management team at Jensen buys blue-chip companies with flawless track records. More
Apr 20: The chairman of Davis Advisors, who oversees $42 billion, is searching for bargain stocks -- and he's finding plenty. More
Apr 12: Where are the opportunities in this high-priced market? Three words: rocks, gravel and Windows. More
Mar 28: The veteran investor thinks stocks will continue climbing - especially those in the energy and technology sectors. More
Feb 14: Tom Marsico of $51 billion Marsico Capital worries about Washington, but likes recovering financials. And Apple too! More
Feb 1: Richard Gao of the market-beating Matthews China Fund is betting on the consumer. More
May 10: Already revered as a market sage, Oaktree Capital chairman Howard Marks added to his legacy by profiting during the crisis. Here's his outlook now. More
Apr 19: Goldman Sachs' Eileen Rominger says a modest economic recovery will boost U.S. stocks and believes bonds will do well too. But she's crazy about China, Brazil, and India. More
Apr 1: The veteran hedge fund investor isn't 'wildly bullish' but expects 10% to 12% returns for the market this year. Here's how he's playing it. More
Mar 9: Wilbur Ross discusses the opportunities in insurance stocks, why it's too early for real estate, and the rising value of expertise. More
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