The military's war on oil

The U.S. Marines are testing renewable energy technologies like solar to reduce costs and casualties associated with fossil fuels. More
Among the many incentives pushing the military to use less oil, reducing the number of casualties it takes to protect vulnerable fuel convoys is one of the most important. More
At a desert base in California, the Marines are testing devices that may help them become a deadlier, more self-reliant fighting force. More
5:31am: Minimizing the armed forces' dependence on oil saves soldiers' lives and the move towards renewables is a lifeline like no other for the green energy industry. More
Jun 14: Over 3,000 Americans have been killed protecting fuel convoys, so the military has a strategy to get serious about energy efficiency. More
Former US Army medic Patrick Padilla explains why his experience serving in Iraq helped him decide to switch to solar power when he came home. More