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Car and Driver names 10 best cars
Car enthusiast magazine lists best models in different categories; US automakers have 4 on list.
December 14, 2004: 10:02 AM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Automotive siblings the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum were named two of the 10 best cars by Car and Driver magazine in a list released Friday.

The 300 was named "Best large sedan" and the Magnum was named "Best wagon," by the magazine in a story to be published in the magazine's January issue which will be available Tuesday. The Chrysler 300 had earlier been named Car of the Year by MONEY magazine.

Four of the cars on the list are products of traditionally American car companies, the largest number since 1989. In addition to the 300 and Magnum, the Ford Mustang was named "Best muscle car" and the Chevrolet Corvette was named "Best performance car." This is the 11th time the Corvette has been named on the list. This is the first time for a Mustang.

"The strong performance of the domestic automakers this year represents a determined effort to regain lost ground in car sales," said Editor-in-Chief Csaba Csere. "The Detroit companies have become very dependent on truck sales and profits, and as that part of their business comes under increased assault from the imports, they know that a strong presence in cars is necessary to balance their business."

This was the first year since the list was first published in 1983 that the magazine has named best cars in specific categories.

To be considered for the list, vehicles had to be available for purchase in U.S. auto dealerships by January, 2005 and they had to cost less than $70,000. Manufacturers provided the vehicles for testing and the magazine's staff only considered vehicles they had actually driven.

An earlier version of this story indicated that the Acura TSX had been awarded "Best luxury sedan." It was awarded "Best sports sedan." We regret the error.

The Honda Accord was named "Best family sedan." The Accord has been named to Car and Driver's 10 Best list 19 times. Two car's from Honda's Acura division made the list, the RL as "Best luxury sedan," and the TSX as "Best sports sedan."

The BMW 3-series/M3 was named best "Luxury sports sedan." The Mazda RX-8 was named "Best sports coupe," and the Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 was named "Best luxury sports car."  Top of page

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